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About Our White Label SEO Service

Boost your service offerings and increase your profits with our White Label SEO Services! Specialising in Local SEO, we manage all the complex work behind the scenes, allowing you to save time while keeping client confidentiality intact. As one of the UK's leading search agencies, we offer competitively priced Link Building solutions suitable for all industries. Our dedicated account managers provide personalised, one-on-one service to ensure your success at every step.

  • Local SEO
  • Citation Link Building
  • Organic SEO
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Indexation & Crawl Budgets
  • Meta Data Analysis

Our Approach to White Label SEO

With a wealth of experience across a variety of SEO projects, including national, international, and local campaigns, we tailor our efforts to meet your clients' unique needs, boosting rankings and driving sales. Our approach is flexible, allowing us to enhance local visibility or expand reach on a global scale, and we adjust our strategies to deliver impactful results.

Our white-label partners enjoy a 20% discount on our standard SEO services, providing you the flexibility to offer high-quality services at competitive rates. We handle each enquiry with meticulous attention to detail, regardless of whether it comes directly or through white-label agencies.

Experience the effectiveness of our white-label SEO with a complimentary SEO analysis. See for yourself the transformative impact a well-executed SEO strategy can have. Get in touch today to unlock new potential for your clients.

SEO Industries & Businesses

The core principles of SEO are universally applicable, though they often require minor modifications to accommodate specific industry nuances or language differences. As experienced white-label SEO service providers, we have spent over two decades helping businesses across a spectrum of industries improve their rankings. Our expertise spans a diverse range of sectors, including but not limited to coffee shops, business consultants, steelworking, cafes, plumbers, and electricians.

No matter the domain of your clients' businesses, we have the knowledge and experience to enhance their presence in the ever-evolving world of SEO. Trust us to support and contribute to your success in this dynamic field.

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See the Benefits of Using us for your White Label SEO

As a national white label SEO service provider, our team of dedicated consultants is committed to delivering impactful SEO and internet marketing solutions that boost the profitability of small to medium-sized businesses.

We focus on demystifying the core principles of SEO, empowering our clients—business owners—to fully grasp the importance of leveraging search engine optimization in today's dynamic digital world.

When you partner with us, we integrate seamlessly as your dedicated marketing team, constantly striving to exceed expectations through ongoing developmental initiatives that expand the potential of your online presence.

Consider us your strategic SEO partner. Our operational philosophy is simple: we only succeed when our clients thrive in the online realm.


Improve Your Client's Rankings on Google with our White Label SEO

Operating nationwide, our SEO white label service features a team of seasoned SEO consultants dedicated to boosting the digital marketing efforts and online visibility of local businesses across the country. With extensive experience and expertise in SEO content and page SEO, we specialize in devising customized strategies that meet the unique needs of businesses everywhere. Our aim is to increase targeted organic traffic, enhance brand visibility, and ultimately improve the online success of businesses on a national scale through effective SEO campaigns.

  • Enhancing online visibility on search engines.
  • Diagnosing reasons for your current ranking positions.
  • Driving local traffic to your website.
  • Attracting new customers who are currently unaware of your brand.
  • Boosting the bottom line with increased footfall.

In today's digital age, achieving high rankings on search engines is critical; over 90% of online searches do not go beyond the first page of search results. Our agency utilizes a comprehensive array of SEO tools and tactics aimed at helping businesses target and rank for locally driven searches, especially those with "near me" intent. We focus on optimizing Google Reviews for reputation management and refining Google Business Profiles to enhance local visibility, integral parts of successful page SEO.

Using advanced AI techniques, we identify the most relevant keywords with high commercial intent for your business. This method ensures that the targeted keywords match the specific preferences and needs of potential customers likely to convert into sales. Additionally, our seasoned SEO consultants, with expertise dating back to the early days of search engines in the 1990s, effectively analyze and explain why your competitors may be outperforming you. With this in-depth understanding, we develop robust strategies that help you overtake them and secure a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. Our SEO reports provide comprehensive insights into the SEO campaign performance, enhancing content creation and refining SEO white label services to meet your evolving needs.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here's just a quick few commonly asked questions and answers that we receive regularly:

How Do I choose a White Label SEO Company?

Answer: When choosing a white label SEO company, it's important to consider their experience and expertise in SEO, the breadth of their service offerings, and their ability to communicate and report progress transparently. Ensure that the company has a solid track record, offers comprehensive SEO services that fit your needs, and provides clear, consistent communication and detailed reporting. Checking client testimonials and case studies can also provide insights into their efficacy and client satisfaction.

Is white labeling illegal?

Answer: White labeling is a completely legal business practice utilized across various industries. It allows companies to offer additional services without having to invest in developing the technology or solutions themselves. However, it's crucial to adhere to all relevant laws and industry standards to ensure that your white label practices are above board. This is why partnering with a great SEO agency like SEO Moves is the best option.

Why do people white label services?

Answer: Companies choose to white label primarily to expand their service offerings without the significant cost and time investment required to develop new products or services from scratch. This practice allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while quickly bringing new offerings to market under their brand. It also helps in building and extending the brand’s reach by increasing the visibility of their services.

Why should I offer SEO to my clients?

Answer: Offering SEO to your clients is beneficial as it enhances your service portfolio, making your agency a comprehensive solution for digital marketing needs, which can improve client satisfaction and retention. Additionally, SEO services can be a significant and consistent source of revenue. Providing these services also offers a competitive edge by differentiating your agency from others that might not have the same comprehensive offerings.


Case Studies

Key Results Delivered by SEO Moves


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Keywords in
Google Top 5


Organic Visitors
(Per Month)


Booking Diary Filled
(Months Ahead)

Finesse Windows has continued to show significant growth whilst being placed on our SEO & Web Marketing programme. Since starting with us back in March 2017, Finesse Windows has doubled their fitting teams and tripled the size of the business using out SEO methods and practices.


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Monthly Sales





Through our bespoke eCommerce SEO programme on a custom Zeus CMS web build, monthly sales have seen a considerable increase. Numerous phrases such as 'Rooflights' achieving the top organic ranking (position 1 on Google). The programme has resulted in a more robust online presence.




Prices & Packages

White Label Prices & Packages

White Label Packages

We have two packages available for our White Label SEO service. Full Management and Partial Management. Both of these packages are explained in further detail below.

Prices of SEO

The prices of SEO varies depending on a broad range of related factors but typically most campaigns fall between £500 per month up to £5,000 per month. With all clients whether they approach us direct or through another agency, our first step is to carry out a Free SEO Analysis. Once we've determined the level of complexity, the aggressiveness of the competition, link equity, technical seo, onsite factors can we then effectively quote an appropriate SEO Package to the client that'll lead to effective results.

White Label Price Discounts

Depending on which package you select, our Full Management white label SEO offers a 10% discount on all quoted prices, allowing the agency to mark up our prices by atleast 20%. There is no hard or fast rule on how much we request agencies mark up our prices, however a level of reasonableness and common sense prevails approach is recommended. If you select our Partial Management white label SEO, we offer a 20% discount on all quoted prices.


Our invoice works simply. SEO Moves will invoice the agency (depending on which White Label Package selected) either 10% or 20% discounted price on our quoted service. The agency is then free to markup this price to their client (on a degree of reasonableness).

Full Management: Reseller Package 1#

Our Full Management reseller package is exactly what it says on the tine. From top to bottom, we will manage the client communication (emails, telephone calls, monthly teams/zoom meetings) whilst delivering our SEO service in your branding, your digital agency style and colours. We do have the option to facilitate utilising your own domain name in email correspondence as well. All correspondence, reports, changes, tweaks will always include a staff member in your agency.

  • Top to Bottom Client Management
  • 10% Discount on Price Quoted
  • Unlimited Markup on our Price
  • Fully Branded Reports, Documents, Emails
  • Typical Prices: £500 - £5,000p/m +VAT

This package is perfectly suited for those agencies looking to earn a fee each and every month with little to no involvement in the process.

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Partial Management: Reseller Package 2#

Our Partial Management reseller package is there for agencies who are looking to retain the client communication part, but have us work in the background on delivering the 'SEO' service. This is the more popular choice. We will of course be happy to suggest client responses and questions to any queries relating to SEO that are presented by the client, however we will not be involved in the monthly meetings or calls that form part of the usual client management service agencies provide.

  • 20% Discount on Price Quoted
  • Fully Customised Service
  • Unlimited Markup on our Cost
  • Fully Branded Reports & Documentation
  • Typical Prices: £400 - £3,000p/m +VAT

This package is perfectly suited for agencies looking to manage the client relationship part, whilst having us work as a 'background partner' in anything relating to the clients website and SEO.

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What do our clients say?

Customer Reviews

Some of the positive reviews we've received over the years:


Pete Gypps

Had my free SEO Review from SEO Moves and i have to say even as an SEO person myself, i was impressed with the thoroughness and clear message this company gives compared to most SEO companies. They literally go over and above. So, 5 stars to a competitor company (eek what am i thinking)...Great work Jason.


Ryan Yates

Having spoke to numerous other companies regarding our needs no others filled me with any confidence and I’d almost given up on the idea until I stumbled across Jason. His professionalism was clear from the outset and he sent an excellent 30min detailed video explaining everything in great detail which made the process a lot easier to understand. I then rang Jason and bombarded him with questions which he was more than happy to answer. Our journey starts here and we look forward to what the future holds. Highly recommend


ABC Service

Had a wonderful initial experience with this company. I have only taken out the preliminary insights and keyword research which is a complimentary service (available on their website at the time of writing this review). They hit the nail on the head with what I am trying to achieve and with the feedback they have supplied me. I do a lot of the work in-house myself so will implement the fixes noted BUT when I am ready to deepen my SEO efforts and improve my ranking a lot more online I know the company who I am coming too!


Andrea Ursini

The guys at SEO Moves provided us with an in-depth analysis of our SEO, demonstrating deep industry knowledge. They were really responsive and keen to answer detailed technical questions throughout the pitching process. Thank you!


Rick Farrell

When it comes to marketing and design I have experienced the Good, the Bad and the Ugly over the Years. They've all promised the Earth but all they can really deliver is a monthly invoice and excuses for not being able to do what they said they could do. SEO Moves couldn't be any different from any company we have dealt with since 2012. They are EXCELLENT! I can say hand on heart that they are the only people who not only deliver on what they have promised, they actually exceed it. I couldn't be happier.

SEO Key Details


What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, involves enhancing a website's visibility and ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These search engines utilize sophisticated algorithms to determine the order of websites within their extensive databases.

The primary objective of these algorithms is to deliver search results closely aligned with users' specific queries. The importance of achieving this goal is underscored by the frequent updates search engines like Google implement in their quest for optimization. SEO focuses on optimizing a website to match user search queries effectively.

Elevating a website's visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) requires employing various strategies and tactics, typically falling under categories like link building, content enhancement, and relevance. These broad areas encompass numerous detailed components, rendering SEO a multi-faceted and intricate process.

For small business proprietors, navigating this intricate landscape can prove daunting. Staying abreast of Google's latest patent filings regarding semantically matched content or adapting to significant core algorithm updates may pose challenges for those with limited resources and time. Agencies and consultants specialize in providing guidance and support to businesses seeking to optimize their online presence efficiently and effectively.

What is White Label SEO?

White-label SEO refers to a service model in which an agency offers SEO services to another business, allowing the latter to rebrand and sell the services as their own. The term "white label" originates from the practice of removing the original branding (typically the agency's logo) from the deliverables, with the reselling business incorporating their own branding.

For instance, consider a scenario where you operate a web design business and aim to introduce SEO services. By collaborating with an agency specializing in SEO, you can provide their services to your clients under your brand. Consequently, your clients remain unaware that you are not directly handling the SEO work, perceiving only your branding on the final outputs.

How Much does White Label SEO Cost?

The cost of white label SEO services can vary based on the chosen package. We provide two options: Full Management and Partial Management. Typically, SEO prices range from £500 to £5,000 per month, depending on factors like campaign complexity, competition level, link equity, technical SEO, and onsite factors. To establish the best SEO package for effective results, we conduct a Free SEO Analysis initially. With our Full Management white label SEO package, we offer a 10% discount on all quoted prices, enabling agencies to mark up our rates by at least 20%. For the Partial Management white label SEO package, a 20% discount on quoted prices is provided. Invoicing operates straightforwardly: SEO Moves invoices the agency at the discounted rate, allowing the agency to apply a reasonable markup for their clients

What is Reseller SEO?

Reseller SEO is a service model where an agency offers SEO services to another business, which in turn sells these services to their clients. In contrast to white label SEO, reseller SEO does not include rebranding the deliverables. The agency's branding is retained on the work, and the reselling business functions as an intermediary connecting the agency with the client.

Is SEO worth it for small business?

Small businesses experience substantial advantages from heightened visibility. Our clients have directly observed positive results, including the necessity to hire additional staff to accommodate increased workloads and adjusting prices to align with the heightened demand for their offerings.

In a recent study conducted by Clutch, 91% of participants noted a surge in website traffic following their investment in SEO. Furthermore, 80% of respondents reported an uptick in lead generation, leading to an augmentation in inquiries.

Nevertheless, the benefits of SEO for small businesses encompass more than just increased visitor counts. Here are further advantages that manifest when SEO strategies are executed proficiently:

  • Compete against larger rivals
  • Increased exposure and brand recognition
  • Cost of sale far below that of paid media
  • Continued long-term growth and improvements
  • Sustainable digital practice

Local SEO can indeed bring more impactful benefits to small businesses compared to larger international or corporate firms. This is because local SEO focuses on optimising a business's online presence specifically for local searches and targeting a localised audience.

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Speak to an SEO Consultant for a free 30 minute discussion on how we can help you rank highly on Google.

Speak to a member of our team at a time suited to you.