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As technology advances every single day, competitors and businesses alike are finding ways to streamline their business processes. These can be the likes of automatic invoicing, bespoke CRM tailored to your business, stock programming builds and many many more.

Web development can help in answering all your business day to day ‘time demanding’ tasks and therefore help in giving you more time to dedicate on the more important aspects, such as your customers.

SEO Moves offers a full web development solution to any problem or issue you may be facing with your day to day running’s of your business. From sophisticated management systems, WordPress or Drupal design to ecommerce websites and blogs, we can handle anything. On top of our effective service you can take one step further and take advantage of another set of benefits for your enterprise whether your a small, medium or large organisation.

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Complex Web Development

Fully customise a content management system to work around how your business operates.

All Programming Languages

Our team of expert web programmers can program in all languages, meaning no job too complex.

eCommerce Web Development

Create bespoke eCommerce websites suited to your requirements and customer expectations.

Web Development Services

Here are just some of our web development services available from SEO Moves:

  • WordPress Development – customised theme design and support to suit your business requirements
  • Drupal Development – advanced web design projects on Drupal
  • Multi-staged process – efficient and reliable methodology that saves time and resource
  • Integrated Systems – bringing you effective solutions via custom built software to ease the strains from your day to day requirements.

Website Programming

We offer full web development solutions whether you work in the holiday industry or selling water pumps, our team of web developers can programme a solution for you. All of our programming follows the latest SEO guidelines set by the SEO team here.

the newest technology trends and best practices. In addition, you will receive top quality support 24/7. Our seasoned web developers can lead every project to success by employing accurate skills and amazing speed. Make your winning bet on the best in the branch. From sophisticated management systems, WordPress or Drupal design to ecommerce websites and blogs, we can handle anything. On top of our effective IT services you can take one step further and take advantage of another set of benefits for your enterprise. Get a specified service full appropriate for your project, such as eCommerce development or appealing brochure website.

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Specific Web Programming Details

Do you run or use WordPress as your main content management system? Well you’re part of a massive network for WordPress users spanning the globe. In-fact over 60 million websites use this system.

However, all content management systems do have their benefits and negatives associated with them. WordPress, for example, is a target for hackers and regularly WordPress.org are continually having to update their core system to combat new techniques used by hackers. Not only has this but the system relied heavily on plugins which become outdated regularly.

It isn’t all bad news however, our team of experts are able to create custom plugins to work directly with the core function of WordPress. Coupled with our inexpensive support packages of just £80 per month, we are able to keep websites up to date regularly whilst avoiding an easy target by hackers.

If WordPress isn’t providing you with what your business requires, then it may be time to look at moving or to a custom content management system (CMS) or a heavily customised WordPress alternative.

Magento, to put simply is a bit of a beast. It requires a web programmer who knows the code inside and out to avoid bringing down complex eCommerce websites. However, once built and configured, Magento is one of the better performing and approachable ‘free’ content management systems suited to the online shop and eCommerce world.

SEO Moves web developers originally studied and began working in Magento since its first beta release back in 2007 and since then the original developers have come up with some neat, time saving operations to help complex online shops perform what would take hours of work, into a click of a button.

However, if you’re in the market for selling 10-20 products then Magento may not be for you. Either or, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Get in touch with one of our Magento developers today.

If you run an online shop and you are finding that the process of uploading new products or updating product descriptions a bit of a drag then we’d recommend a discussion with SEO Moves.

We have created custom made PHP programmes that significantly reduce the time taken to do these types of tasks. This is one instance out of hundreds in which we have helped small to medium sized businesses streamline their business processes.

Are you finding that invoicing your customers or clients is also a drag? Chasing up for monies? We have the systems that can take this hassle out of your day to day working life and automate this process, giving you daily updates and summaries of your progress.

It’s these types of issues and timely processes which don’t allow businesses to expand in an efficient and effective manner. The SEO Moves web development can help out.

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Frequently Asked Programming Questions

Can you create a program that automates invoicing?

In short: Yes!

Our team of expert programmers and developers can even customise ‘off-the-shelf’ PHP programs and tailor these to your individual business needs.

We mainly carry these types of tasks out for small businesses, who don’t necessarily have the resource to truly be able to cope with the chasing up of invoices. We can create a step by step program that can identify if the invoice has been paid (or not), which can then lead onto a process of email send-outs which can then evolve into legal action (depending on the way you run your accounting departments).

What is your hourly programming rate?

Our team of programmers are charged at at £50.00 p/h support and basic rate. For large more complex and defined jobs, this charge may vary depending on the complexity of the task.

Basic WordPress works typically see this charge lowered, whilst multi-site eCommerce Magento developments will typically see a higher price solely based on the time required to deliver well written code.

Do you offer responsive websites?

All of our websites that we design and program are responsive. Following a recent Google Algorithm update, which saw a large scale change in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Page) specifically focused around mobile, we seriously recommend to all of our clients that they either ensure that they are equipped with a responsive website or have one custom codded.

If you are unsure whether your not your website is responsive or mobile optimised, then please contact us today for a Free SEO Analysis.

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  • Very pleased with the work produced. Over 70% of new enquiries originate from Organic visitor channels. We look forward to continuing to see a prosperous future and improvement in rankings.

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    Digital Marketing Client
    Sam Dudley
    Director: Eden Tree Specialists
  • Really pleased with the work so far. Even though we’re at the beginning of our campaign, the work, extra effort and dedication Jason and his team have gone to ensure we’re on the right track is phenomenal. Very impressed.

    Last Updated on

    Digital Marketing Client
    Mark Pelowe
    Director: Mark Pelowe
  • We employed SEO Moves Ltd approximately 6 months ago and have seen very positive improvements on searching our company on Google. They have always been quick to respond to any queries and continue to improve our on-line presence. We have recently renewed their commission and will continue to use. Would highly recommend.

    Last Updated on

    Digital Marketing Client
    Peter Munns
    Director: Consult Construct
  • Chuffed with the excellent SEO services that have been provided along with the advice and work which has led to a significant improvement in sales. We noticed this positive change only 6 weeks into the campaign.

    Last Updated on

    Digital Marketing Client
    Richard Sneath
    Marketing Manager: UK Oak Doors
  • Currently working on a new large scale website project for Slim Thinkers Ltd and have enjoy the company. So far, the project is on schedule and the expertise really shines through on both development / programming and on-site optimisation.

    Last Updated on

    Paul Knight
    Director of Slim Thinkers
  • Absolutely spot on, forget anyone else for Google Rankings – If you value your business and want quality link building with un-rivalled reporting these are the guys to use!

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    Shaun Preece
    Director - Watches of Wales
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