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Experienced Designers Finding Your Ideal Solution

The web design digital marketing industry is truly saturated with one web design agency after the other who have driven prices to rock bottom levels. Most of the time however, these agencies tend to be one or two guys who know their way around code. They are able to design beautifully enhanced and graphically balanced websites in a flash for as cheap as chips.

The issue is though, do you really need that? Is your business looking for a flashy website? More importantly are your visitors expecting to see a flashy website? This is a common occurrence that a web design agency will truly overlook and it’s partly down to their inexperience of the online user interface which has direct effect on the user experience.

Therefore a ‘swish’ website may look like the bee’s knees’ but if your visitors aren’t converting, then you may have just missed the last train.

Web Design Development

Specialist Website Design For Your Bespoke Needs

Fortunately our web designers look at it from all angles, and most importantly your customer’s angle. They are the ones bringing the business in each day and so they rightly deserve a design that works with for the majority of them.

The positioning, design, overall feel and look of a website ranked against brand and conversion factors is just one part of our web designing process. In fact we have a 7 phase web design process which incorporates the entire circumference of all elements of design. From analysis through to implementation, we take our clients through every step of the process, ensuring both parties are happy with the way a project is progressing.

eCommerce Web Design

Bring your sales to life with conversion orientated and optimised website services.

Bespoke Website Design

Create the website that you focus on generating sales and conversions with our guidance.

Specialist Web Designers

Our team of in-house designers can work with websites on custom content management systems.


eCommerce Web Design

Use Your Website To Sell Online

When it comes to designing a website that specifically revolves around selling a product online, then our team can help.

We have taken websites from an idea to implementation and have created different themes, styles and designs spanning through most of the major content management systems. Those include the likes of Magento, WordPress (Woocommerce), Open Cart and many more. We can also advise, depending on your situation and how many products you are likely to sell, on the type of content management system we believe will serve you in the long run.

Our team of designers regularly liaise with SEO Moves web developers to identify the perfect strategic fit for moving your business forward, whilst providing a long lasting solution.

To answer this question, it’s first important to understand the purpose of a website. It isn’t necessarily to sell your products, though that may be what you use it for. Your website is to communicate a message; a message which you or your business almost certainly has. Your message may be, for example, “buy what I’m selling, it’s incredible!” This would be the basis of any eCommerce site you visit.

But you may have a different message. You may wish to communicate something different entirely. That’s ok. You may wish to say for example, “we’re a very reliable company with skills that can really be of benefit you.” You may even want to say, “I believe in this idea, and here’s why I think you should too…”

Given that the internet is your best chance to communicate this message to your audience, then yes, it is beneficial for you to have a website. Of course, it does all depend on how much you have the desire to achieve an outcome or communicate something. Seeing as you’re reading this though, we’ll assume that desire is fairly strong.

Well, to answer this question, it’s important to refer back to question one. Remember: website, message — yeah, that’s the one.

Your website doesn’t have to be an award-winning piece of art to be successful, but it does need to be functional. It needs to be functional because, firstly, if it’s hard to use, people won’t receive your message and they if they don’t receive it, they can’t take action on it.

The quality of your website is part of the message you’re sending out. People will judge your expertise by the way you present yourself. Of course, if your website is badly designed, that will affect your credibility. If it’s old fashioned, it may make you and your business seem just a tad out of touch.

If you’ve decided a website is for you, that’s great. You may now be wondering where to begin. Do you have to buy a book on code and learn what confusing terms like “domain registration” and “hosting servers” mean? No, not really, not unless you want to. The process of creating a webpage is surprisingly simple. It’s probably why there are so many around.

First, you have to decide what you’ll use it for. Is it for selling products, collecting information on clients or passing on information? Once you’ve decided, you can begin choosing a name. Your website name (also known as your domain name) will be the address to your site. It will be what users type in to their address bar in order to visit your site. You can buy a domain name for yourself at one of the many retailers online. Alternatively, you can get your designer to buy it for you.

Now, you need to create a diagram of how you want your site to look. Make sure it’s both simple and focused. Keep the main points clear, and keep it targeted and on point.

Finally, before you can upload it to the net, you need to get somebody to build this site for you; you need to get someone to bring it to life. This should only take a few days, perhaps a week or two if it’s complex. You’ll then have your own site and be part of the massive club we like to call the internet.

The actual cost of running your site will probably be quite low. Of course, the bigger it is, the more space you may need to rent. For the most part, a small site can run on just a few pounds per month.

You’ll need to buy a domain name, but these rarely cost more than £10 unless you buy one that’s highly sought after. Along with your domain name, you’ll need to purchase hosting. Again, unless you need a large amount of space, this often costs less than a meal at McDonalds.

The largest fee you’ll probably need to pay is for design. That’s because this is a highly technical speciality which can take many years to master. A designer will make sure you have a great site to look at, as well as one that’s functional and gets results. They’ll be educated on the latest trends both appearance-wise and code-based, and will really ensure you have a site you’re proud of. You may consider designing your page yourself, but this should only be done if you feel really confident in doing so. A site needs to be coded perfectly and made suitable for a wide range of devices.

Your site will cost a different amount depending on what it is you need done. Just as more sophisticated cars cost more money, the same is true with websites. A rough ballpark figure for a good designer is between £600 – £1200 for a relatively simple site.

Yes, it can. It’s very easy to do this and will ensure that you can sell and manage products through your website. You will need to make sure that you get the right kind of protection and security for your website, though. For more help with this, it’s best to speak with the support team for the web hosting package that you decide to go with. If you use a web designer who is hosting the site for you, it would be best to discuss the e-commerce process, to see how they operate.

Specific Design Details

What eCommerce System Should I Use?

WordPress is the most used content management system. The CMS is a free and open source blogging system and is popular among many webmasters for its versatility and ability to adapt to different circumstances – i.e. you can turn your WordPress website into an online shop using WooCommerce plugin.

In terms of design, many of our web designers firstly began on WordPress creating basic themes and templates from 2003 onwards. The great thing about WordPress is the fact that it is about 70 – 80% of the way there when it comes to search engine optimisation, an added bonus if you were looking to have a new website.

If you’d like to modernise your WordPress website, then contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Magento is an eCommerce king. This particular content management system is really used for top end, complex systems that require a variety of key functionalities in order to operate. If you’re in the market for selling a small amount of specialist products, then the complex nature of Magento and sheer system resource required to effectively run the platform wouldn’t be suited for your business needs.

Our web design team actively create, optimise and design Magento based eCommerce themes for small to medium sized organisations throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking for a responsive Magento design or one that converts customers, then the SEO Moves web design team are able to lend a helping hand.



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