Things All Business Owners Need to Know about SEO


Things All Business Owners Need to Know about SEO

Many businesses look to agencies such as SEO Moves to get their websites ranking higher on Google. It is a highly specialised field which can be fairly overwhelming for the uninitiated! On the other hand, some agencies have a tendency to over simplify the processes for SEO, meaning that some business owners do not really know how complex SEO can be. The fact that much of SEO is rather mysterious and unknown also leads to misunderstandings and frustration for CEOs. Understanding the key aspects of SEO success can help business owners to have the right expectations from their SEO agency. Here are some of the top things we think all CEOs should understand about SEO.

The Layout of the Results Page
The search engine results page (SERP) has changed over the past few years. Generally, the SERP used to have a standard layout, including ten blue links, which were the organic results. This layout also included adverts aboce and to the side of the organic results, plus any news, maps or other relevant content.

Nowadays, we see varying layouts which are designed to provide the best experience on mobile devices and other devices. The number of adverts varies as other information is pulled into the results page. You don’t always see the ten organic results and sometimes you see more or less of the mixed content.

The most important thing to understand about the SERP is which results are paid (adverts) and which are organic, as well as what sources the other items come from, such as videos, images, news, shopping ads etc.

Timing Expectations for SEO
SEO never offers the same instant results as paid search. There are often some quick wins to be had, however SEO should always be looked upon as a long term strategy. For highly competitive search queries, time and work have to be invested into your site to move up the rankings. Search algorithm updates and competitor updates create an ever moving target which takes a great deal of time and effort to acheive!

Here at SEO Moves, we never make guarantees about performance, unlike some companies who claim to be able to get you to position #1 in a matter of weeks. On the whole, we generally say that it can take anything from a couple of months up to a year or more to see results, depending on the industry and competition we are working with.

Search Engine Influence
Sometimes, businesses do not see the results they expect within the time frame they expect to see them. Sadly, we are not able to just call up Google and pile on the pressure for a better position within the SERP! As organic search is not a product which Google can sell (unlike their ads, Google MyBusiness, Analytics etc), there tends to be very little support in place for the organic SEO.

Much of our information and knowledge comes through experience, industry blogs and sources, as well as hearing directly from Google as well. When there are large algorithm updates, Google often confirms the existence of the update, but does not say exactly what has changed, or how we can fix any fluctuations in results!

Brand and Generic Terms
When we plan keywords for your SEO campaign, you will often see that we include a huge range of various types of keywords. We include brand name terms (which usually perform well without much SEO thanks to your brand being individual and unique), as well as more generic terms including mis-spelt words – these can often get quite a high search frequency! By factoring in many different types of keyword, we can get a broad view of how your site is performing, and it allows us to pick and choose the best search terms to focus in on according to your goals.

Time Commitments
SEO is definitely not a one time job. It is not something we can just do and then forget about! Many business owners are under the impression that optimisation tasks can be performed once and that is it, they will quickly rank at #1. SEO should more be thought of as constant testing of techniques and strategies. The word optimisation is an important one, as we are working to get your site seen as higher quality than before. We are looking for the optimum conditions for your individual site.

We understand that it can be disheartening to hear that you need to invest a number of weeks or months into getting the perfect conditions for your site, however over the long term, those increased visitor numbers, higher clicks and sales will make up for the time spent!

We hope this gives you more of an idea of how SEO works and why we do things the way we do to get results. We always work to make sure we make clients more profitable, and we go the extra mile to make sure the SEO campaign works well for each client. If you want to find out more about our SEO services, or you would like to check out our monthly SEO packages, we have all the information you need on our site. Don’t forget our Live Chat facility, where you can instantly speak to one of the team!
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