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What is social media and how can it help your business?

Social media is one of the prime sources to connect with an audience, having presence on social media opens you up to a much wider and larger audience. You can boost your companies profile by interacting with users, which is a good method of increase your brand and overtaking competitors.
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Bespoke Social Media Services

Social Media Marketing & Management

Over recent years social media services have emerged as one of the primary sources for customer engagement in modern business. It’s not quite as simple as creating a Facebook page with your company logo on though; running social media marketing services can be expensive and extremely time consuming.

You need to engage with people, answer queries, deal with complaints and boost your profile through numerous events and avenues in order to genrate a social media network that will be good enough to overtake competitors. It’s a full time job for many; forcing companies to hire Social Media Managers to oversee all their channels. SEO Moves, however, offer a package close to this which is best to ease your company into social media.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social network sites in the world; if you’re not on there you’re missing out. SEO Moves will set up and manage your accounts and put money into advertising your page to help build it. There is more privacy today which helps develop your campaign when you place limits to what the audiences will see, which will improve your brands success. We can help you to generate a better conversion rate by giving you certain goals and strategies to stick to which wil make the amount of traffic increase.

How can Social Media services help?


Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing Services

Blogs can engage visitors and provide them with a story which can work towards increasing the number of conversions a website sees per month. This is on of our social media services known as ‘content marketing’ the strategy approach focused on developing and distrbuting valuable, relevant and continuous content to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience whilst ultimately driving profitable consumer action.

Becoming a more personal company has been a focus for many businesses over the past decade. It’s much easier to sympathise and connect with a person than a company, much easier to relate to a personal tweet or response to a Facebook message than to a stock email. One area that SEO Moves will look to help your business is in managing a blog; writing and scheduling posts that give a little more personal insight into the day to day running of your business. By engaging visitors to your website you have the potential to make them customers.

Strategic Brand Management

Fully customise a content management system to work around how your business operates.

Community Building & Management

Our team of expert web programmers can program in all languages, meaning no job too complex. Experts in digital marketing and social media management.

Social Media Consultancy

Create bespoke eCommerce websites suited to your requirements and customer expectations.


Facebook for Business

Succeed With Facbook For Your Business

Long gone are the days where a simple advert in the Yellow Page and the local newspaper were enough to get punters rolling through your door. As the world of business shifted online the ideas about customer attraction and customer retention changed as well. The Yellow Pages adverts have been replaced by clever use of hashtags on Twitter, and the advert in the local newspaper is now a well managed Facebook page.

It’s not as simple as just setting one up though. You’ll need a strategy, you’ll need someone to manage it, you’ll need to be clever and you’ll need to be engaging. By engaging people you turn a view into a “Like,” and a like has the potential to turn a visitor into a customer.

Using social media as a way to help your business link up with your customers is one of the most effective ways of getting your business out there and heard by the masses. The main benefit, then, is that you can get answers from real people – and answer their questions – without having to and visit them directly, pick up the phone, or release an expensive marketing campaign. It’s like a 24/7 line of contact to your business, making sure you always have a response for any customer or potential new client that messages you.

Yes, most definitely – Twitter is one of the largest social media organizations and allows you to easily connect with people from all across the world. Finding people who are interested in what you are selling or providing is incredibly easy, and you can easily amass a large following of people who had never heard of you before just by getting yourself out there and engaging with the masses. Tweet links to interesting content, share cool videos and facts get involved with your followers and try to offer some insight regularly to really see Twitter’s true potential.

If you want to use Facebook as your main form of social media advertising, then you definitely should. It’s vital to give off the right impression on as many sources as possible, and a business page has far more control in terms of marketing power in comparison to a normal Facebook profile. You can represent yourself far easier if you are using Facebook as a business tool, so you should definitely have one if you want to reach as many people as possible.

Yes, very much so. YouTube gives you access to an incredible amount of potential – roughly 1 billion unique users – so you can find that your videos on YouTube have the potential to hit an unbelievably high marketplace. It does not matter what you are offering or what you provide, you will find that it is possible to make an interesting and exciting video about it. look around for inspiration and advice about how to create something that is specific and engaged within the industry that you work in, and you should notice a significant growth in your views and view count across YouTube, helping your brand grow.

The most effective thing that you can do when using social media is to vigorously share information and advice with your readers. Sharing content that is insightful and passionate is an absolute must if you want to see things taking off in a positive arc; if you aren’t sharing interesting links and information with your users you will struggle to grow. Avoid becoming a sales page, too, as you don’t want to make it obvious that the main idea for social media is to help build revenue and get you even more sales.

Specific Social Media Details

Social Media That Can Be Helpful To Your Company

Twitter is a useful tool for many businesses, industries and market sectors. Whether you’re established on social media or just starting out, Twitter can help communicate with your potential customers in an effective and brand engaging manner.

Building your organisation on Twitter is fairly simple with the right products and resources. We see some of our clients obtain 75% of their sales through Twitter, which mainly orientates around the B2C markets.

Twitter allows you to create or manage a Twitter presence, grow a specific and action orientated follower base, drive website clicks that lead to conversions and discovering leads on Twitter. These can only be achieved if you have the skill set and knowledge to fully take control and understand the technology. If you’d like to gain a better engagement from your Twitter campaign, then contact an SEO Moves consultant.

Running Facebook for commercial purposes is a difficult and hard to understand arena. It unfortunately isn’t a case of just throwing a few posts up here and there and hoping for the best, the tactic that many organisations employ. It requires hours of hard work, planning and strategic thinking to get the most out of platform.

The overall aim in every post or update to your Facebook community is deliver some valuable and meaningful to your followers. A post to simply promote a new product may not cut it. How about embed that new product into a blog post which talks about the common problem that the product solves? We then begin tapping into the world of soft selling through these social platforms.

To start making your social media work for you, then contact an SEO Moves social media consultant to discuss your plans and ideas.

Like all social media platforms, each one requires due care and attention to ensure that your branding and content marketing strategy is working flawlessly with one another. Pinterest is an interesting kettle of fish when it comes to social media and it truly depends on the type of industry sector your organisation is based in whether or not it’s worth investing a large proportion of time into.

If you’re based in the service industry, then it can sometimes be difficult to show that in a pictorial format without having to use stock images. However if you operate in B2C markets selling giftware, kitchenware and home accessories, then ‘pinterest’ could be a real winner, especially if you sell particularly lucrative and highly desirable items.

Either or, with many of these types of platforms it all about having a balance and spread of workload to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing budget.



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