Search Engine Optimisation for Travel & Holiday Markets

For those who are looking to find help with travel SEO assistance, you will find that SEO Moves has all the expertise and knowledge necessary to help you out. We understand what makes a website tick and what kind of search keywords people are likely to put into play when they are looking for what you offer.

Due to the competitiveness of the travel industry online and depending on the size of the organisation, SEO for this particular marketplace requires skills more advanced than the norm. We begin by capturing the most effective ways of giving your business a strength and foothold in the online world, we offer you a wide range of effective and modern digital solutions, such as unique content that will be worth a read from your visitors, improving your reputation and visibility on search engines.

This helps to offer the kind of legitimate and knowledgeable SEO process that your website requires, making sure that we use the right keywords along the way to bring the whole digital campaign together like never before. By improving the view that people will have of your site, too, we make sure that it’s going to get stronger in the future and will be capable of delivering the kind of future that we want you to achieve.

By using various different digital marketing solutions, we’ll help establish your business solidify near the top of Google for keyword phrases that see over 15,000 searches per month.

We work in various different formats for travel SEO, helping those in the travel industry make themselves as attractive as possible and ensuring their visitors are engaging with a website to ensure the conversion is met. By using the right kind of keywords travel expert are going to be looking into when trying to get the best deals and value online we’ll have you connected up with the search engines to guarantee you will have the kind of attention that you need.

What are the SEO downfalls of holiday websites?

Complicated Navigation

The majority of holiday and travel websites are cluttered and over complicated. We tend to take a simplier approach and this has proven to us, on many occasions, that keeping the visitor engaged, directing them down a particular path leads to better conversion rates.

No Social Media Sharing Integration

Did you know that the majority of content management systems have had their own Social Media sharing extensions already created for them? If you don’t use Social Media to allow your visitors to share your products on their Facebook, Twitter of Google+, then you’re throwing away a large opportunity to gain business from referral marketing channels and improve brand awareness.

Issues on Filters & Holiday Listing Pages

Does your holiday website use filters and categories to categorise holidays in order to provide the visitor with a better user experience? You most likely do. Have you made sure that those individual filters of a certain category has a set of fresh content specifically designed for that page? Probably not – Again, this is potentially signalling a mass amount of duplicate content issues for Google and therefore, the search engine will typically ignore or even de-index these filtered pages.

No Built-In XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is list of links which Google’s robot (Google-bot) scans each time it visits the website. The XML sitemap is there to provide the structure of the overall website and allow Google an overview to new pages that have been added and/or ones that have been deleted. Most off-the-shelf systems don’t come with a pre-built XML sitemap generator and therefore you are forcing Google to understand your site hierarchy in a long winded process, typically meaning Google might not ever pick up those new products you’ve recently uploaded.

SEO De-optimised URL Structure

Without a relevant PHP programmer at hand, we haven’t yet found one content management system which has the ability to create a perfect URL structure. WordPress, Magento, Opencart and others all require some custom programming in order to have the URL structured in a way to gain maximum SEO exposure such as;

Our Travel SEO Solutions

Website Management

A website that goes down or is unable to process transactions can be a REAL nightmare for organisations, potentially loosing them thousands of £’s each time. Our dedicated server providers stop this from happening to ensure maximum uptime.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Improving rankings is a long-term process and no-one, not even Google themselves could flick a switch to beam you right to the top. For an industry as competitive as yours, we’d look at a 12-24 month plan before any real results would occur.

Content Auditing

Sometimes holiday content really doesn’t cut the mustard. You’re there to excite and entice potential holiday go-ers, not to tell them how long the flight is, or how brilliant your hairstyle has become. Content is your main selling tool. Use it well.

Travel & Holiday Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing and search engine optimisation services will also help to make you a far more reputable name, an algorithmic factor in Google’s organic search (authoritativeness) which will help to turn to for these holiday go-ers, ensuring that you will have everything from travel bloggers and experts checking out your website trying to get the best deals and choice.

For help in moving up the search engine rankings in an organic whilst dropping cost of conversion in PPC, you only need to get in touch with us for further details about how we can help you become a key part of the one of the most competitive industries in the online world.

When trying to manage and prepare a business moving forward, it’s important to understand the importance of using SEO to make it possible. A holiday provider such as yours, for example, will need to think about the various changes that need to be implemented so that your website can communicate with Google in an effective and efficient manner > This in-turn is essentially the nuts and bolts of Search Engine Optimisation. However, it is always easier said than done and this can be a real challenge, of course, but with the help and expertise of SEO Moves it can become far more likely just by putting everything in place as soon as possible to deliver a far more consistent and readily developed digital marketing plan.

The SEO Moves Team

The web can be a massive challenge at the best of times but with the right team working on things in the background for you, it can become a whole lot more effective for you. At SEO Moves, we specialise in offering the kind of services that companies such as holiday planners, hotels and resorts would look to as a way of improving their overall drive and their exposure on the web.

However, we also understand that travel pages can be extremely seasonal and require a lot of changes – with our expertise, though, this becomes a whole lot more simplistic to manage. We’ll help you work out things like your average booking targets, your service integration with the latest changes to digital marketing in general, and just making sure that your business has the kind of movement it needs to start realistically progressing and changing for the better starting today – we know what is required, so you can rely upon SEO Moves’ services.

Bespoke Travel SEO Packages & Plans

Our travel SEO plans will always deliver something that has a big difference in your CPA targets being met, your demographics being discovered and your most popular locations and offerings appearing high up on the search engines. Getting things right in this manner will, naturally, make a significant difference to your overall chances of success.


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