SEO Reseller Programs: A Starter's Guide

When clients request SEO services, agencies not specializing in SEO face a dilemma. The prospect of extra revenue is attractive, but without SEO expertise, challenges soon arise. You risk disappointing the client and stretching your team thin on unfamiliar tasks.

This is where 'SEO Reseller' services become essential. They enable your agency to offer expert SEO services without needing to build an in-house team. You maintain client relationships and revenue without overextending your capabilities.

Partnering with an SEO Reseller means you hand off SEO tasks to those with the skills and processes already in place, leaving you free to focus on your agency's core competencies.

Our guide explains the advantages of SEO Reseller services and helps you identify the right provider for your agency's needs.

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What are SEO Resellers?

An SEO reseller is an agency that specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO) and white-labels its services, meaning they are rebranded by other agencies to appear as their own. These other agencies often focus on design, development, or broader marketing services.

This arrangement is essentially hiring a dedicated team of SEO professionals who bring proven processes and experience in enhancing search rankings across diverse industries.

The Workflow

SEO resellers maintain strong partnerships with publishers, editors, and content creators to secure quality backlinks effectively and efficiently. They generally house a team of skilled writers tasked with generating optimised content that boosts SEO efforts.

Premier SEO resellers offer their client base accessible dashboards for initiating link and content requests and for monitoring SEO progress. Many also provide branded reporting, enabling client transparency and the ease of showcasing campaign successes.

In essence:

  • SEO resellers enable agencies to extend SEO services to their clients without the need for in-house specialists.
  • They handle the entirety of the SEO process, ensuring clients reap the rewards of a robust SEO strategy, while your agency gains the financial advantage.
  • However, SEO's complexity means there are considerations and potential challenges to review, which we will address in the subsequent sections.

Make sure to factor in these clear and precise insights when considering an SEO reseller for your search engine optimisation needs.

Why Outsource SEO to Resellers

There are many benefits to using SEO resellers, prominently rooted in three critical advantages they offer:

This arrangement is essentially hiring a dedicated team of SEO professionals who bring proven processes and experience in enhancing search rankings across diverse industries.

1. SEO's Undeniable Importance:

As an agency leader, you're undoubtedly aware of the integral role SEO plays in the digital marketing landscape. To put it into perspective, a staggering 53% of web traffic is driven by organic searches.



This statistic alone underscores the necessity for websites to be thoroughly optimized for search engines.

Without a strong SEO foundation, a website may become obscured in the vast ocean of online content, missing out on valuable opportunities for visibility and engagement.

Considering the high stakes, ensuring that clients' websites are primed for organic discovery is not just a service—it's a vital lifeline to their online success.

The evidence is unequivocal: SEO stands as a fundamental pillar for marketing triumph, with businesses steadily amplifying their investment in this domain. As the trajectory of digital marketing evolves, the call for SEO services is set to surge further in the foreseeable future.

2. The Cost of SEO

SEO costs can certainly raise eyebrows when you first glance at the figures. Numerous studies puts the average hourly rate for an SEO consultant at about £15.86 for salaried costs and agency selling costs at £60p/h+. It's essential, though, to consider the value behind these numbers.

You might come across SEO consultants on platforms like UpWork offering their services for less than £25 an hour. However, expertise and results typically correlate with price, and for solid outcomes, you're realistically looking at over £80 an hour.

On the flip side, you might be thinking about hiring an in-house SEO professional. It's not necessarily the more cost-effective route. Indeed data shows that even an entry-level SEO specialist commands an annual salary of around £25,445.

But the bigger challenge?

Finding the talent that will deliver results. SEO requires that meticulous process of continually changing, adopting and analysing events and changes made to a website. That's where there's a significant gap in the market – Marketing Week highlighted SEO as one of the top three most sought-after marketing skills in 2023.



For many agencies, stacking their team with in-house SEOs or taking on freelancers to train or certify isn't the most practical move. There’s a discernible gap in readily available, skilled SEO pros to lead an SEO department effectively.

3. Generating SEO Results is becoming more challenging

As Google’s algorithm has morphed into an intricate web of intelligence, so has the craft of SEO become increasingly complex. Gone are the days of simple tricks like keyword stuffing and accumulating backlinks to climb the search rankings.

Today, Google’s algorithm is a formidable powerhouse of code complexity, interwoven with a multitude of Google's own services—everything from Android to Gmail, Drive, and Docs. And with technology ever-advancing, it’s a given that this complexity will only escalate.

What does this mean for an SEO professional?

It's a challenging landscape, to say the least. The expectations are high, and the tasks are multi-layered, including keeping abreast of Google's continual updates, seeking out fresh link-building avenues, and producing top-tier inbound marketing content.

As ever, it's crucial to keep readers engaged with your content. With the up and coming Generative AI by LLM's (Language Learning Models) and with soon Google's launch of Generative Search Experience (SGE) it's important to realise that leveraging these technologies will naturally surpress the need for Content Writers and SEO Executives, thus ultimately landing on the role of the SEO Manager or Techincal Specialist.

The fact is, working on all of these areas, simultaneously and understanding the root of Generative Search AI is no small feat.

To summarise: SEO can be as intricate and costly as it is sought-after and potentially profitable. If you lack hands-on SEO experience or the bandwidth to develop it as a core skill, delivering it at scale can be daunting.


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Benefits of Partnering with SEO Resellers

Understanding why SEO reselling is a critical move for your business boils down to two principal advantages: enhanced profitability and reduced costs. Yet, the benefits extend far beyond these essentials.

Now, let’s consider a handful of these added values.

1. Stay Focused on What You Do Best

For design and development agencies, your strength lies in your specialty.

SEO can be a complex beast, and diving deep into backlink strategies and keyword research can sidetrack your core mission. Your primary goals should be a) securing new business, and b) delivering high-quality work to your clients.

With an SEO reseller handling all SEO tasks, you can keep your eyes on the prize and deliver the quality service your clients expect.

2. Achieving Scalable SEO Success

Distinguishing between typical "results" and "scalable results" is crucial for your business's growth.

Consider the scenario where a freelancer procures 10 quality backlinks for a client. Impressive, but what if your client's aspirations grow to needing 500 backlinks? A freelancer may find this overwhelming.

This is where SEO resellers excel. They're entrenched in a process-driven approach, which includes sourcing link-building opportunities, crafting content, and tapping into editorial connections. Thanks to these established methods, they deliver results that can scale in line with your demands.

The beauty of SEO reselling lies in its adaptability. Both modest and extensive requests, from 10 to 1000 links, are within their capacity. With an SEO reseller as your partner, scalability is part of the package.

3. Leverage Expertise on Demand

When faced with client demands for niche-specific SEO services, like E-commerce or local search, where your expertise may be limited, how should you proceed?

Enter the SEO reseller, your ace in the hole. Given their broad experience with diverse clients, most resellers bring specialized knowledge to the table. This enables you to effectively cater to clients in E-commerce, local search, or any other specialized sector, thus broadening your profit margins.

4. No Need for Networking from Square One

Typically, as an agency boss, you've already laid the groundwork with a network of editors and creators, particularly if you serve specialized markets like legal professionals.

Imagine landing a client outside your usual scope. To extend your SEO services to them demands the time-consuming task of forging new editorial contacts and hiring niche experts from the ground up.

This scenario played out across various industries hints at why many agencies play it safe, pigeonholing themselves into a single market and capping their growth prospects.

Enter SEO resellers like us. They’re already entrenched across numerous markets. Capitalise on their diversified networks to propel your clients' rankings, no matter their industry.

5. Access SEO Expertise as Needed

Quality SEO freelancers often require a retainer, which might not align with your intermittent SEO needs. Employing a full-time SEO specialist is financially viable only when you have a consistent demand for substantial SEO work.

SEO resellers offer a more adaptable approach. They operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, eliminating the need for long-term commitments or monthly retainers. You invest in professional SEO services only at the point of need.

The outcome?

You enjoy reduced fixed expenses and an uptick in your profit margins.

Risks of SEO Reseller Services

While SEO reselling can streamline your operations, there's a flip side: potential risks. These risks primarily stem from a lack of direct control over the SEO process, potentially leading to subpar outcomes for your clients. After all, top-tier agencies need equally top-tier SEO support.

:Pay attention to these potential pitfalls when considering SEO reseller services:

1. Possible Use of Spammy or Black Hat Tactics

Although Google's algorithms have evolved, quality link-building remains a cornerstone of SEO. Under duress to meet targets, some SEO resellers may cut corners using dubious black hat tactics.

In the event of poor-quality links, familiarize yourself with Google's "Disavow Tool". Use it to flag and disassociate from any link that doesn't meet your stringent quality standards.


2. Enhancing Value Perception in SEO Reselling

Your role as a middleman in SEO reselling doesn't have to be a point of contention.

Cement Your Role as the Expert Liaison. Clients typically seek a seamless experience, valuing a sole contact over the mechanics of your partnerships.

There will be times, though, when a client questions the reason for your slice of the pie. Be ready with a compelling pitch that underscores your added value. Make it clear that your contributions extend far beyond mere backlinks; you’re providing expertise, strategy, and streamlined communication, optimizing their SEO investment.

The lure to cut corners with link-building can lead you down a problematic path:

Beware of Questionable Link Sources. Links from dodgy sites may seem harmless at first glance; however, they carry risks that can dent your reputation.

Clients and Google alike may not quibble over minor grammar slips on linking pages, but a line does exist—it's one you can't afford to cross.

Future-Proof Against Google's Changing Rules. Algorithm shifts like Google Panda v1.0 have historically turned the tide, deeming innocent links as 'spam'. Staying ahead requires diligence.

You're responsible for ensuring your SEO reseller upholds stringent quality control on content and link origins.

Proactive Vetting of Your SEO Reseller. To safeguard integrity, consider subscribing to a backlink checker tool. Requesting a sample list of the reseller's clients to scrutinize recent backlinks is wise.


Spot a pattern of inferior links? It's time for a candid conversation with your reseller about their standards.

Our link building and white label SEO services stay well above the needed level.

SEO Reseller Offers

Clearing up a common misconception: SEO resellers are not limited to link-building services.

In fact, they function similarly to full-service SEO firms, offering an extensive suite of services that cover:

On-page SEO Audit

An essential first move for any new SEO campaign, resellers deploy comprehensive checks to assess your site's health and pinpoint immediate improvement opportunities.

Indeed, link-building is a fundamental offering. Resellers employ diverse strategies—from remedying broken links to crafting guest posts—to establish robust backlink profiles.

Local SEO

Beyond the traditional scope, SEO resellers manage the tedious, yet crucial, components of local SEO, such as crafting citations and fine-tuning your Google Business Profile for maximum local exposure.

"Google Business Profile isn't just a tool – it's the cornerstone of local discovery. It offers businesses a powerful platform to not only be seen but to actively engage with their community. By consolidating client feedback, showcasing services, and enhancing local search presence, GBP is the silent salesman working 'round the clock, driving leads straight to your door."

- Jason Burns, Director of SEO Moves

Efficient Content Production

Leveraging your in-house content creators or trusted freelancers can effectively scale up your content output. While it may not match a dedicated content marketing agency's finesse, it satisfies SEO requirements competently.

Streamlined Keyword Strategy

Forget wrestling with SEMRush analytics. SEO resellers excel in unearthing high-value keywords, merging these findings with your clients' visions to formulate a robust keyword strategy.

Selecting the Ideal SEO Reseller

An SEO reseller is not just an outsourced vendor but a vital extension of your agency – a partner instrumental in your clients' online success. Remember, subpar SEO can lead to more than poor search rankings; it risks complete removal from Google's search results.

Consider these factors when selecting an SEO reseller::

Seek Genuine Feedback of the Reseller

Trusting online reviews can be risky when it comes to SEO partners, as they may be embellished or even fabricated. What you need is authentic validation.

The solution? Directly connecting with bona fide businesses that have enlisted the reseller’s services. Social platforms like Twitter can be excellent resources for this. Identify clients, and then ask for their real-world experience and outcomes via a private message.

This approach gets you credible insights, far surpassing the potentially biased narratives found in blogger reviews, which are often tied to affiliate gains.

Experience Counters with SEO Reselling

Recognizing the right fit in an SEO reseller involves assessing their time in the industry.

SEO's fast-paced environment means methods are constantly evolving with each search engine update.

A reseller with 5+ years under their belt likely has sound processes to manage SEO campaigns effectively. While tenure doesn't always mean top-notch quality, it does indicate stability and adaptability—valued traits in the ever-shifting landscape of SEO.

Keep this in mind when selecting an SEO reseller plan.

Selecting The Right Reseller for Your Niche

When it comes to SEO, one size does not fit all. The type of SEO service – whether it's local, E-commerce, B2B, and so on – changes drastically in application. You need an SEO reseller that knows your industry inside out.

Prioritise resellers with a track record in your specific domain. Verify their portfolio for previous or current clients that align with your most significant clientele.

Understanding Payment and Pricing

The price tag—what will SEO services set you back?

Identify the sweet spot for SEO service pricing that aligns value with quality. Your pricing should be competitive enough to keep reselling lucrative but not so cheap that you're micromanaging every detail.

Equally critical is the reseller’s payment framework:

  • Is there an option for a monthly subscription?
  • Are contracts part of the agreement?
  • Can services be selected a la carte, or are there package options available?

Clarity on these points will ensure you're choosing a service that fits your business model without compromising on quality or your profit margins.

Communication Channels

Effective communication is a pillar of any strong partnership, particularly in SEO reselling. Assess communication quality through these decisive factors:

Assurance of Quality Communication Gauge the responsiveness during the initial interactions. How quickly do they address your inquiries? Is the support team well-informed and capable? In the face of pressing issues, is there a system for emergency support?

Weigh these criteria carefully when choosing your SEO reseller partner.

Conduct a Preliminary Trial

Evaluate a reseller's services firsthand before committing.

Purchase link-building services for a low-stakes domain to gauge performance quality.

Patience is key here—the results may not be immediate, as link acquisition can take weeks. It's a necessary phase, however. Ensure the reseller's quality stands up to scrutiny before finalizing your choice.

Tracking Performance of SEO Resellers

To ensure accountability and transparency when working with an SEO reseller, it’s crucial to have robust tracking mechanisms in place. Here's how you can effectively keep tabs on their results:

1. Regular and Clear Communication

It's standard for a diligent reseller to provide a weekly briefing on your campaign's progress. However, to collaborate effectively, you must maintain ongoing communication. Both short-term activities and long-term strategies need to be discussed openly. Your reseller should be well-informed about any upcoming intensification of link-building efforts or other significant shifts in strategy.

Equally, it's the reseller's responsibility to alert you to any industry shifts that could influence your rankings, like the latest search engine updates.

Vigilance over the backlinks acquired for your brand is non-negotiable. You must ensure that the links match the agreed-upon quality standards, such as domain authority (DA) benchmarks. If there's a discrepancy in quality, or if backlinks are broken, it falls upon you to identify these issues.

Additionally, always verify that there's a strategic approach to content sharing and linking in place. Schedule periodic reviews of content to gauge performance in relation to traffic, backlinks, social engagement, and lead conversion, and be prepared to optimize as necessary.

As recommended by Oliver Hanson at SEO Moves, a seasoned SEO strategist, employing reliable tools can facilitate this review process, enabling more seamless monitoring and adjustments.


3. Traffic Analysis

At the heart of SEO lies the pursuit of improved rankings—crucial metrics of success. An impeccable SEO strategy is meaningless without a rise in ranking positions.

For transparency and control, leverage top-tier keyword ranking tools. This empowers you to directly monitor your clients' site performance. Elevate your reporting with white-label keyword ranking reports that not only impress clients but also provide you a window into your SEO reseller's effectiveness. Trust but verify; use your tools to validate the analytics provided by your reseller.

You can try out our Free SEO Analysis tool which will be able to provide a detailed overview to your backlinks and equitable value of your domain.


SEO Reseller Service Examples

In the vast sea of SEO reseller services available, making an informed choice can seem daunting. With a multitude of white label SEO programs a mere Google search away, it's essential to sift through the options judiciously.

We underscore the importance of due diligence; it's crucial to vet SEO partners thoroughly before entrusting them with your clientele's needs.

Allow us to simplify your selection: SEO Moves stands out as a powerhouse, delivering tailored SEO solutions that propel your client's rankings while you stay focused on your business growth.

SEO Moves is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of search engine optimization, streamlining your path to success with top-notch strategies and results.


SEO resellers are the grease in the gears for agencies looking to expand their profit streams. Delegating the SEO workload means your agency can double down on its strengths, ultimately boosting your own and your clients' earnings.

Choosing the Right SEO Reseller. Picking a suitable SEO reseller is critical. Dedicate time to vet providers thoroughly. Weigh real-user feedback and 'test drive' their services before settling on your partner in SEO.

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