If you have an SEO consultancy business, you’ll know how important results are. That’s what you’ll be judged on no matter how good your customer service skills are.

If your SEO service isn’t providing the results you’d like it to, you may need to do something about it. If you’re unable to offer a stellar service to clients, they’ll soon decide to stop using your model of SEO.

As many clients won’t understand the ins and outs of search engine optimisation, they’ll look only at the final results achieved and the speed in which you achieve them. If these results aren’t too inspiring, it’s unlikely you’ll be given more time to improve the site’s ranking or online reputation.

As SEO is expensive and a relatively unknown marketing tool to most clients, you can be sure that they won’t keep investing in your business if you don’t provide them great results initially. Some customers will be naturally skeptical about the whole search engine optimisation process thanks to rumours flying around. Your job is to give these clients tangible results in order to keep them investing in their own SEO campaigns.

What Happens if Clients Don’t See Results?

Investing in a good SEO campaign isn’t cheap. It can cost anywhere between £350 – 650 per month. For that amount of money, a business is going to want to see improvements in their site’s ranking. They’re going to expect increased visibility, otherwise they’ll think your service wasn’t worth the money.

If your clients invest in your search engine optimisation service and don’t see changes to their levels of traffic or their profitability, they’re going to be disappointed. There’s a chance that they’ll pull out of your agreement, or even go online and leave a bad review about your service. Either way, your business will suffer./p>

An SEO Moves Consultation

At SEO Moves, we offer a consultancy service for businesses providing SEO services to their customers. If, for whatever reason, your SEO business isn’t succeeding in the way that you’d like it to be, a consultation with us will likely put things right.

We’ll not only be able to spot any blackhat techniques you might be using and advise you against them, but we’ll also be able to train you in order for you to improve your own knowledge of SEO. Our expert advice will be sure to set you on the right path and give you all the tools you need to make your search engine optimisation business a success.

What We’ll Teach You

Our specialised training course will teach you how to run an SEO business, as well as exceed at what you do. We’ll improve your foundational knowledge of SEO, and also teach you about targeting keywords, using webmaster tools, navigating PPC, making sense of analytical reports, and more.

Advanced SEO Skills

We’ll even teach you some advanced skills when it comes to SEO. Our company has helped countless clients improve their search engine ranking. We’d like to help you provide the same service to your customers. All you need is our help.

This cost-effective training program will allow you to walk straight into a profitable niche and make ground in it.

Short-term and Long-term Training

If you’d just like an audit, something that will identify areas you need to improve in, then we can certainly do that.

What we’ll also do is train you long-term too, should you need it. You’re welcome to start off with an audit and move into more in depth training later, or you can start off with in depth training. It’s up to you.

Either way we’ll pass on the knowledge that will be most valuable to you and your SEO business. Rather than just run a structured training program, we’ll make an individual one for you that will help you progress.

To find more about our SEO knowledge, contact us today using the contact details on our site. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our work and our previous experience. We’ll also be able to give you a quote for our consultancy. You’ll find it’ll be extremely reasonable.

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