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As we begin to carry out our search engine optimisation service, you will be able to see that there are multiple factors that influence the ranking of your website, but among those, authority and relevancy are some of the most important.

It’s very important to know that Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines are continually providing you with new and better ways to improve your search engine optimization, but the reality is that the main goal here is to obtain an experience that the user will value and which he will want to experience again.

If you have relevant results and bring authority in, then you have to optimize your website the right way and SEO helps with that. No matter if you are into web marketing or just made a blog to connect with other people and share your opinion, you have to oblige to the rules of SEO in order to obtain authority and relevancy, which is very important.

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User Friendly Website Design

Let’s face it, despite the fact that search engine optimisation is created to help websites achieve the best results and cater to the requirements of the search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, the reality is that the main focus at all times has to be on providing a user-friendly experience.

After all, you didn’t create a website for the search engines, instead you made it for the visitors, so make sure that you have pages which are easy to browse and which do include the keywords you want to rank for, because this is a very important thing to take into account. If you do have a user-friendly website, people will be more inclined to become repeat visitors, because they like your website and want to repeat the experience again. This is why it’s so important to focus on making your website user-friendly, because not only you will have a higher number of visitors, but they will also get a much-better visiting experience, so basically everyone has to win from this!

Another important thing that applies to web marketing as well as blogging is that a user-friendly website has to be easy to browse, so in order to achieve such a result, you need to focus specifically on having a clean layout, menus that are intuitive and easy to reach and a fresh way to promote content with its keywords. The user experience should definitely be the main focus if you want to achieve search engine authority.


Mobile Responsive Optimisation

For SEO purposes, you need to focus on having a mobile-friendly as well as user-friendly website. You can easily do that if you implement a responsive theme or at least create your website to be responsive right from the start. Having a responsive website means that it will scale the content and layout based on the resolution of the device it’s currently used on, so it’s crucial to ensure that the website is relevant and easy to use.

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Copywriting & Content Marketing

The writing quality is yet another main focus that you have to think about when you perform SEO. The user experience is definitely influenced by the way you write your content, so you can either try to get copywriting done on your own or hire a professional to do this job.

The main idea is that copywriting is an integral part of any website, and if the content is good, relevant, with many hits, then you will be able to obtain the desired authority in the online world and just be more relevant, which is a great goal to say the least. Copywriting should be targeted towards SEO to achieve the best efficiency possible, and once you do that you can definitely bring in extraordinary results, you can count on that. Be sure to insert the keywords you want to rank for in your copywriting efforts so that you will gain the best results!

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Off-Site Optimisation

Search engine authority is also influenced by the way you perform off-page optimization. It’s crucial to generate backlinks towards your website as this will directly provide you with the relevance you seek in the online world. Rest assured that this is not something easy to do, and it does require quite a lot of practice, but at the same time the results you can obtain from such an endeavor are extraordinary, not to mention that they will last for a long period of time.

As you can see, search engine authority and relevancy are directly tied to the content you add, the keywords you use, the amount of visitors you have and the way you promote it. If you want to get the best results out of SEO and become relevant in the online world, you need to be helpful, follow the ideas above and the results will not cease to appear!

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