Search engines don’t mean to be discouraging, but sometimes they need to hand out penalties. In the past, these penalties were only given to websites that broke the terms of service search engines like Google and Yahoo had in place. Penalties were saved for extreme cases only, and only given out when Google and co. thought someone was trying to game the system and break the rules.

As search engines have progressed though, and their algorithms have become more detailed, the amount of penalties handed out has increased. The introduction of the Penguin, Panda and EMD upgrades has required Google to become much stricter in the way it hands out penalties. Duplicate content can now be enough to land you with a black mark against your site. You may feel bad about it, as if you’ve done something terribly wrong, but the truth is that these penalties are now being handed out like candy by Google. Websites can pick them up for minor things, things you didn’t even think were that serious.

Received a Penalty?

Have you recently found out that your website is under penalty and sales and visitors are down significantly? Whether this comes under links, content or structure of the website, we can help get you out of this and have done for many client websites.

The Consequences of a Google Penalty

So, a penalty is just like a warning, right? A “don’t do it again or you’ll get told off,” sort of thing?

Unfortunately not. Google penalties can cause such a sharp decline in traffic that many websites have actually gone out of business. And sadly, we’re not even talking about a few here either. We’re talking about thousands of websites.

Google penalties are completely avoidable if you use good, clean SEO and respect the web. Sometimes though, due to bad advice or a desire to see results fast, you can become misled and end up doing something the search engines don’t like. Just like that you can receive a penalty that will completely change the way you go about your business. Your traffic levels will change, and in all likelihood so too will your income. Your only hope is to get rid of this black mark from your record and start again, this time on the right path. But how?

SEO Moves, Helping You Move Passed Penalties

At SEO Moves, we offer a unique service that helps you put penalties behind you once and for all. As our team members have been studying everything web related for the past couple of decades, they know exactly what to do to get Google to forgive your site and give your business a second chance.

If you’ve made a marketing error somewhere along the way or have entrusted a company to work on your SEO for you and they’ve messed it up, there is a way back from the search engine wilderness.

Hundreds of companies have come to SEO Moves in order to have their search engines penalties recovered. These companies have committed all kinds of disallowed behaviours, yet have still been able to recover their businesses. The truth is, Google does want to forgive you and it does want you to be a success online. You just have to know how to prove to the search engine giants that you’ve “changed”. While you can’t do this with a letter or an email, you can do it by letting us put into practice our special techniques, which so far have helped countless other websites just like yours.

Trusting the Experts

If you’re reading this now, don’t think this service means you can commit all the internet fouls you want. It doesn’t. It just means if you were unlucky or made a mistake, you can have it put right.

The Advantages of Recovering Your Penalties

If you’ve received a penalty against your site, you may have seen your search ranking plummet. You may also have noticed far fewer visitors are frequenting your site. Both of these things are normal symptoms of a penalty, and can be career-ending for your site.

When your penalty has been recovered, your search engine ranking will go back to normal, and may even improve, especially if you’re using organic SEO techniques. You’ll also enjoy normal traffic levels again, which should spell great news for your bank balance. Some sites find traffic drops by 95% after a penalty, which can be devastating for business. This should be put right too when you make use of our service.

To find out exactly what we can do for you, why not get in touch today? Our friendly team would be happy to hear from you.

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