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How do modern estate agencies benefit from SEO?

We are a Google Accredited SEO Agency servicing clients utilising a results driven approach for businesses nationwide. Starting from only £329.99p/m we assist in improving the quality of traffic to your website, whilst encouraging sales and providing substantial savings compared to Google AdWords and Paid Search!.
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Search Engine Optimisation for Estate Agents

When it comes to understanding the finest practices and best performance indicators for SEO on a website, the distinctions can quickly become blurred. Understanding how to best manage SEO campaigns takes experience to know the types of tactics and strategies that can be used online for Estate Agents. At SEO Moves, we offer the kind of effective treatment planning that you need to really jump-start and improve your estate agency Google rankings. Unlike the general SEO marketing processes that most individuals use, real estate agent SEO strategies need to vary significantly from the norm.
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Real Estate SEO Services

Real estate SEO is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and grow your business. It’s a complex process that requires expert knowledge and experience, but it’s well worth the investment.
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Improve Google Rankings for Estate Agents

As an estate agent, it's important to make sure your website is ranking high in Google search results. After all, potential clients are more likely to find and contact you if your site appears on the first page of results.
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Local SEO

Anyone involved in SEO will know that local search is becoming increasingly important. For estate agents, this is especially true, as more and more people are using online resources to find their next property.

The 10 Best Ways To Boost Your SEO ranking

1) Optimise Content & Keywords
Have relevant, valuable content that people want. This doesn't necessarily mean writing about what interests you or your business--it means producing information with credibility and authenticity so it will be seen as an authoritative source by search engines like Google who then rank these sites higher on their SERPS (search engine result pages).

2) Use Video's & Rich Media
Video is important and something not many estate agents are using. Multimedia files like video, audio slideshows that will help you to build trust with potential clients as well increase time spent on your page which helps Google determine how relevant you actually are in their eyes. It is shown that more people prefer videos over any other type so if this sounds good for business then definitely give us a call.

3) Use Meta Data [Titles]
The meta data is what shows up in search engine results for your website. This includes things such as the headlines and descriptions, so it's important to make sure they're optimised effectively, either when you optimise them on a page or site-wide level (and not just for robots). The best way we've found to do this? Use keywords! For example: "Purchase a Brand New Build Home with us today." You can fix this by simply taking one of those extra few words and rephrasing it to "New Build Homes for Sale".

4) Page Load Speed (Google Lighthouse)
Page speed is a major ranking factor in Google's algorithm. If your site takes too long to load, visitors will abandon their browser and so you'll lose out on traffic. In addition, slow websites may also negatively affect how quickly pages can be found via search engines like Google bot.

5) Image Optimisation (Page Load Speed)
To ensure that your images don't slow down the loading of a website, you should optimize them for SEO purposes by adding keywords in their file names. You can do this with title and description as well--keywords are most effectively communicated this way because search engines use these pieces when ranking pages based on content quality factors such as relevance or popularity .

6) Heading Tags (H1 to H6)
The first reason to use headers in your content is that people generally don't like reading huge blocks of text. The advantage here, though? You can separate individual pieces into shorter chapters which are easier on readers and allow them stay engaged longer! Google loves these too- so it's another win situation overall when using this clever strategy for SEO purposes.

7) Fix Broken Links
Sending someone to a page like this is probably one of the quickest ways to lose them. Google doesn't like it, and you can use Dead Link Checker (or other tools) for broken links on your site so that they don’t damage SEO or make visitors feel lost when trying find their way around!

8) Easy to Read Content
Your content needs to be easy-to read and formatted well so people can easily consume the information you’re providing them with. This means that your copy shouldn't use any jargon or complex sentences, as this will make it difficult for readers who don't know what these terms mean which could put off future customers. Make sure everything is simple enough where even someone without knowledge on how websites work would understand what's being said without having trouble following along.

9) Mobile Optimised Website
The mobile web is becoming increasingly popular, with 60% of Google searches being performed on smartphones and tablets. This means that your site must be optimized for these devices if you want to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs). Penalized websites are not only less usable but also reduce time spent by visitors who use them - which could eventually lead people away from clicking through all together! It’s important therefore hire an expert who understands how SEO works so they can make changes accordingly without compromising quality or accessibility, an agency like us.

10) Contact Us Page Optimised
Your contact page should include (at least) your company name, phone number and email address. Having a clear way to get in touch with you via one of the major platforms will make it easier for Google's search algorithm recognize who is relevant when someone searches on something related to yours.

SEO Tips for Estate Agents

We all know how hard it can be to stay on top of search engines. With so many factors changing, from new algorithm updates and link-building techniques evolving every day - not even the best SEO experts are able to stop their company's ranking from dropping down lower with each passing week! Luckily there is help available for those who want a more permanent solution: quality tips provided by professionals at SEO Moves, whose decade long experience studying this industry has given us the insight into what needs doing when everything else fails; helping clients permanently improve ratings while also gaining valuable knowledge along way.

Become a Primary Estate Agent Online

You know how it’s always a challenge to get on the map and be noticed? Well, we work with real estate agencies all around town who are looking for help getting themselves out there. We've helped many different people find their way through this process--and now you can too! Let us show what sorts of services will make your business stand apart from others in its field; whether that's finding more clients or improving ranking among search engines like Google.


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Very pleased with the work produced. Over 70% of new enquiries originate from Organic visitor channels. We look forward to continuing to see a prosperous future and improvement in rankings.


Sam Dudley - Director: Eden Tree Specialists

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Really pleased with the work so far. Even though we’re at the beginning of our campaign, the work, extra effort and dedication Jason and his team have gone to ensure we’re on the right track is phenomenal. Very impressed.


Mark Pelowe - Director: Mark Pelowe

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We employed SEO Moves Ltd approximately 6 months ago and have seen very positive improvements on searching our company on Google. They have always been quick to respond to any queries and continue to improve our on-line presence. We have recently renewed their commission and will continue to use. Would highly recommend.


Peter Munns - Director: Consult Construct

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Chuffed with the excellent SEO services that have been provided along with the advice and work which has led to a significant improvement in sales. We noticed this positive change only 6 weeks into the campaign.


Richard Sneath - Marketing Manager: UK Oak Doors

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Absolutely spot on, forget anyone else for Google Rankings – If you value your business and want quality link building with un-rivalled reporting these are the guys to use!


Shaun Preece - Director: Watches of Wales

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Currently working on a new large scale website project for Slim Thinkers Ltd and have enjoy the company. So far, the project is on schedule and the expertise really shines through on both development / programming and on-site optimisation.


Paul Knight - Director: Slim Thinkers

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The results seem to be moving in the right direction. Keep up the amazing work you are doing on my website marketing.


Liana Alexendar Raye - Director: Inspirational Living Centre

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