eCommerce SEO & Conversion Rate Improvement

Trying to build a business around the world of the web can be hard work, and usually poses a significant and fresh set of challenges that many may not have considered until now. Whether it’s making sure that your eCommerce website can do well on the search engines through quality content and well positioned product placements right through to making sure you have the widest selection of unique content possible, SEO Moves offers the kind of reliable eCommerce SEO programs that are available on the web.

This, in turn, makes it far easier for people to start preparing and planning their way forward, including how they intend to make the most of Google along the way. We’ll deliver a range of useful services and solutions to your business, capturing each and every great post in the right frame to make sure that your website is positioned in the right place at the right time. We use so many different skills and subjects that, when we are done, you will be left with a business that is widely revered on the search engines and can bring in a significant amount of attention and understanding from various locations.

From social sharing buttons being added to your eCommerce site to having a link building strategy built around authentic and engaging information, you can trust us to get the job done and leave you with something that is very easy to manage and also something that is likely to grow stronger and improve over a significant period of time – we don’t offer poor and cheap solutions to your SEO needs, we only offer the kind of help needed to make the whole program come together in a positive and friendly manner.

What are the SEO downfalls of eCommerce websites?

Mass Duplicate Product URL's

Typically off-the-shelf eCommerce content management systems such as Magento, has the ability to create both a long and short version of an individual product URL. In following best SEO practices, eCommerce websites should only have 1 product URL which is indexed by Google. This will stop duplicate content problems from occurring which are potentially harming the ranking of your website. 2 product URL’s in from Google’s view point flags duplicate content.

No Social Media Sharing Integration

Did you know that the majority of content management systems have had their own Social Media sharing extensions already created for them? If you don’t use Social Media to allow your visitors to share your products on their Facebook, Twitter of Google+, then you’re throwing away a large opportunity to gain business from referral marketing channels and improve brand awareness.

Issues on Filters & Category Listing Pages

Does your eCommerce website use filters and categories to categorise products in order to provide the visitor with a better user experience? You most likely do. Have you made sure that those individual filters of a certain category has a set of fresh content specifically designed for that page? Probably not – Again, this is potentially signalling a mass amount of duplicate content issues for Google and therefore, the search engine will typically ignore or even de-index these filtered pages.

No Built-In XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is list of links which Google’s robot (Google-bot) scans each time it visits the website. The XML sitemap is there to provide the structure of the overall website and allow Google an overview to new pages that have been added and/or ones that have been deleted. Most eCommerce off-the-shelf systems don’t come with a pre-build XML sitemap generator and therefore you are forcing Google to understand your site hierarchy in a long winded process, typically meaning Google might not ever pick up those new products you’ve recently uploaded.

SEO De-optimised URL Structure

Without a relevant PHP programmer at hand, we haven’t yet found one content management system which has the ability to create a perfect URL structure. WordPress, Magento, Opencart and others all require some custom programming in order to have the URL structured in a way to gain maximum SEO exposure such as;

Our eCommerce Solutions
SEO Social Media

eCommerce Social Media

Social Media provides a vast opportunity to be able to generate social signals, a important Google algorithmic factor and allows visitors to share your products with their friends / family. However, most eCommerce websites forget to do this.

Search Engine Optimisation

Duplicate Content Solutions

Duplicate content occurs on all eCommerce websites. However, does your website hold the same PageRank as the likes of John Lewis to overcome this problem? We highly doubt that. Contact us today to have a full-site content audit.

Web Design

eCommerce Content Marketing

Sometimes product content really doesn’t cut the mustard. You’re there to excite and entice potential buyers, not to tell them how long that oak table is, or how brilliant your hairstyle has become over the years. Content is your main selling tool. Use it well.

Our eCommerce Service is to help you overcome these issues…

We help you deal with any and all duplicate content issues, ensuring that you have a website that is going to be well received by the locals and by those who are looking for what you can offer them online. It makes a big difference in so many different ways, helping the whole thing stand together and offer a service that can really help any kind of eCommerce website take off using the power and advertising strength that SEO brings to the table in an effective manner.

We offer the kind of high-end eCommerce SEO that you need, ensuring that things will come together and provide your store with the kind of customer volume and satisfaction that it requires. Hungry buyers make all the difference in the online market, and we do everything that we can to bring them right to you so that you can start benefiting today.

The SEO Moves Team

By having the right people onside, you will have a much easier time to creating a website that can offer you all the help and assistance you could require.

We’ll give you help with improving conversion rates, targeting specific products, improving product categories to bring it all together expertly and also add a whole host of detailed analytics that we can use to further improve the condition and performance of the website for many years to come.

These kind of changes can, when used properly and done in the right fashion, provide the kind of spark that any eCommerce SEO service can provide to ensure that you have people checking out your products all the time, making purchases, and thoroughly enjoying themselves along the way – for more help with eCommerce, simply contact us today.

Trusting the Experts

Our team of experienced SEO experts will be able to manage the situation, improve upon it, and deliver something far more effective for the benefit of your business. Our wide range of knowledge and experience in terms of using eCommerce tools can help you get the kind of help that you need in making sure your products are going to be noticed in the long-term.

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