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We know that all the data can be extremely complicated, so we ensure our reports are as straightforward as possible, clearly showing how your campaign is moving forward.

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Organic Rankings

Our main target is usually improving your organic search rankings, as this is where you want the majority of your visitors to come from. We track visitors and where they come from through Google Analytics.

Clear SEO Reporting

We have developed our own reporting system which allows us to share your results with you each month. We break down the often confusing and complex data to make it more understandable in real terms.

Reponsive SEO Management

We are always happy to adjust and edit our strategy to target different products or services to suit your requirements. Your SEO account manager can help you to decide the most effective course of action.


Our Search Results

We recommend taking 5 minutes to watch our SEO service video (must have sound!) which provides a brief introductory overview of our SEO Service, along with client examples and analysis, a run through of best practices among many other proven methods we adopt to rank our clients highly on Google.

After watching the video, take a look at the below project profiles and examples of just some of the achievements we’ve made to clients throughout the UK, including the types of success they had achieved by having us as their SEO agency.


Our SEO Service


House of Flags house-of-flags-logo-1

House of Flags Graph

Visitor Increase 115%+

New Enquiries (3 months) +60 P/M

Bounce Rate 36%

Summary of Results

House of Flags provide custom made flags, banners and outdoor promotional stands throughout the UK. Upon joining SEO Moves, their visitor rates had stabilised and growth had slowed for the business. However only 3 months into the campaign saw position 1 rankings for ‘Custom Flags’ and organic visitors doubling compared to statistics last year, taking a website that was receiving 4,000 organic visitors a month to well over 8,500.

Hawes Skip Hire hawes-group-logo


Keywords in Google Top 5 55+

Organic Visitors (Per Month) 4,500+

Year on Year Visitor Improvement 105%

Summary of Results

Hawes Skip Hire ranks number one for 'Skip Hire Oxford', their main target phrase. When we first began the campaign, the average ranking of the most important 17 phrases the client asked us to look at was position 59 (page 6 on Google). The average ranking of these 17 phrases 1 year later is 2 (page 1). This means that the average ranking of these 17 key search phrases has improved from page 6 to page 1.

NDC Garage Doors ndc-garage-doors-logo


Visitor Increase 230%+

New Employee's (To Keep Up)5

Enquiry Increase (P/M) 60+

Summary of Results

NDC Garage Doors have been a client since 2015. Over the years they have continued to grow, expand and improve on profitability. We have continued to maintain no.1 organic ranking position for 'Garage Doors Surrey' for the last 5 years which has lead to a substantial increase in enquiries and more importantly, bottom line for the business. We now serve 3 other websites for this client who is exploring new markets and industries.

Eden Tree Specialists eden-tree-specialists-logo


Local Enquiry Increase (P/M)120

Keywords in Position 1 (Google)88

Organic Visitors (P/M)1000+

Summary of Results

Eden Tree Specialists came to us spending close to £2,000 per month on Google AdWords. The quality of leads and enquiries was very questionable and they believed that they were wasting money. Since recommending our SEO programme to them, they now rank no.1 for 'Tree Surgeon Bedford' and also 'Tree Surgeon Cambridge' among 50 other local locations that are contained within their target area. Since this increase and improvement, they now spend £0 on PPC / Google AdWords and their marketing budget consists of a £550 p/m SEO organic package with us.

Moving Costs Calculator moving-costs-calculator-logo-1

Moving Costs Graph

Organic Visitors 5,500+

Bounce Rate Reduction -30%

Enquiries Increase (Forms Filled In) 385+

Summary of Results

Moving Costs Calculator started as a brand new domain and client to SEO Moves back in 2017. We built the website from scratch on our Zeus based content management zeus, a PHP / Laravel system focused with SEO in mind. On a relatively micro SEO budget for the industry, the website now competes with substantial competitors for 'Moving Costs' against the likes of Nationwide, Rightmove and Zoopla. Now achieving over 5,000+ organic visitors per month regularly from '0' when we first started provides indication of the substantial leverage that organic rankings for businesses looking for exposure.

Finesse Windows finesse-windows-logo-1


Keywords in Google Top 5 380+

Organic Visitors (Per Month) 4,000+

Booking Diary Filled (Months Ahead) 8

Summary of Results

Finesse Windows has continued to show significant growth throughout our SEO & Web Marketing programme. Since starting with us back in March 2017, Finesse Windows has continued to see organic growth throughout their website, ranking in over 50 locations in and around the West Midlands for a wide variety of competitive search phrases. The business has seen such significant value from SEO that over the years they've had to hire new installation teams and bought additional product lines to sell such as Garden Rooms, Garage Doors and Conservatories, all of which also benefit from high rankings on Google.

Our Results

SEO Results

eCommerce SEO


Increase in monthly sales with a custom made eCommerce SEO programme, ranking no.1 organically for many phrases such as 'Rooflights'.

r&s logo-1

Local SEO Campaign


Local visibility measured with organic visitors and impressions now dominating the local area on Google.

cw logo-1

National SEO Campaign


Improvement per month of sales via a nationwide SEO campaign utilising bespoke web development and locations module.

wk logo-1

Local SEO Campaign


Enquiries received per month, meaning the business has had to employ two further installation teams to keep up with demand.

ndc logo

Local SEO Campaign


Daily increase in number of contact form enquiries received. Client now receives activity from 15+ lead generating channels.


Nationwide SEO


Increase in organic visitors since beginning the campaign has enabled UK Private Investigators to benefit greatly from increased rankings.


Competitive SEO


Starting from scratch, this client now benefits regularly with 30+ enquiries per month up from 0 when we first started in the insurance industry (very competitive).


Technical SEO


Of all enquiries received per month now comes solely from organic SEO. This client has benefitted substantially from a technical SEO locations approach.


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