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Custom SEO Packages

Get the best results for your website with tailored SEO strategies!

Getting your business to be more successful online, to grow and to gain recognition on search engines can sometimes seem like a massive challenge, because most marketing teams are not experts in search engine optimisation.  Here at SEO Moves, we can put together the perfect bespoke SEO package for your business needs and goals.  Using a wide range of tools from our selection of bespoke SEO packages, we can pick out the most effective technqiues for your specfic website in order to get the greatest results. Why not start your journey with a free SEO analysis?

Custom SEO Exclusive Features

All our bespoke SEO packages are completely individual to your business. We understand that not one business is identical to another, so performing all the same techqniques and strategies will not always guarantee the best results.  Our bronze SEO package, silver SEO package and Gold SEO packages all feature similar optimisation techniques, at differing levels.  When we plan a customised SEO package for your business, we always consider the onsite SEO elements such as [meta] descritpions, [title] tags and effective [heading] tags.  We also ensure your website content is the best it can be.  Off site SEO is the final piece of the puzzle, with effective link building playing an important role in the overall ranking of your website.

Without SEO…

  • Few website visitors
  • Lack of orders or sales
  • Not visible on search engines

With SEO…

  • Increase visitors to your website
  • Increase in sales/leads/orders
  • Showing up clearly on search engines

Did you know that we have no sales staff in house? We don’t need to employ any sales people at all because our website does all the selling for us. We can help you get your website working for you, and taking the pressure off your sales staff by positioning your products or services directly in front of the people who are searching for them. Clever, eh?

Bespoke SEO Packages

A customised SEO plan is a great way to get the best results for your website.  Being able to take the most effective techniques for your specific website means that we can quickly see changes and begin making your website the most effective it can be.  Our team of expert SEO consultants are on hand to fully analyse your website, plan out a detailed calendar of tasks each month and work to get your website ranking highly on search engines.  With affordable monthly price plans, our range of bespoke SEO packages are exceptionally good value for the expertise we offer!

Fixed Price Custom SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is sadly not a one hit quick fix.  We are not able to just do a few optimisation tasks and suddenly you will be ranking at #1 on Google.  It actually takes weeks or months to see positive changes, which is why we have designed our SEO packages to be an affordable monthly fixed amount.  This allows our business customers to simply allow us to work our magic while you have more time to focus on the important things like your customers and sales!

Customised Digital Marketing

Think of SEO as a long term marketing program which will brind consistently great results, as long as you give it the time to get to work. Google takes a little while to develop trust with businesses, and by working on your SEO over a longer period, Google will soon realise that your website it a good source of information about your topic and that you are a trustworthy business! If you still aren’t convinced, why not take a look at our testimonials from our many happy clients?


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Customer Testimonial

Client: Cornish Wave
Start Date: 01/02/17
Result: 87%+ Visitor Inc.
1st Page Rankings: 40+

5 Star Google Reviews

After many years of worrying and disappointing use of SEO agencies finding SEO Moves has been a whole new experience.

Treated as an individual and not just another account, the team at SEO Moves have been continuingly providing an excellent service for over 12 months for us. Month after month of excellent results and account management is why we continue to trust our business with this agency. Highly recommended for SEO services.

Jay Massingham (Director) Cornish Wave

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