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We are a Google Accredited SEO Agency servicing clients utilising a results driven approach working closely to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines for businesses globally. Starting from only £329.99p/m we assist in improving the quality of traffic to your website, whilst encouraging sales and providing substantial savings compared to the traditional types of marketing activities.

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Who are we and what are SEO Packages?

Hi! – We’re SEO Moves, a UK Digital Marketing Agency specialising in search engine optimisation services.

You may have found us by ‘Googling’ SEO Packages UK’ via Google, Bing or Yahoo. Being at the top of Google isn’t a game of chance and you won’t appear near the top of search engines without careful planning and dedicated time invested by a professional. Many webmasters focus on design, usability (UX/UI) but forget that it’s all well and good having a website that looks fantastic, but if no-one is visiting your website, then you’re missing out on sales.

If this is you, we can help! We are a committed search engine specialist providing a variety of fixed price, affordable packages that are tailored and suited for individual businesses needs following closely Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. A schedule of works each month are generated to increase your position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) called Continuous Development – In 2019, Google is continuing to make changes to their algorithm everyday, so it’s vital that your website stays up to date.

Depending on your situation and competition, we have outlined below 3 of our main UK Affordable SEO packages;

  • Bronze Programme – Perfect for small businesses, focusing on a local area (10-20 mile radius) from their address.
  • Silver – Great for small to medium sized organisations looking to take their website to the next level.
  • Gold – For the serious webmasters looking to achieve nationwide coverage and leading in their industry / market sector.

Alternatively we can even plan out and design your own bespoke SEO package to suit your needs exactly. No matter what your experience of online or websites are, let us take the stress out of your digital marketing plans by doing it all for you, allowing you to spend more quality time on growing your business offline.

We even work closely with website designers, software development and social media marketing companies and perhaps you need some help and support to rank your clients websites? Therefore please do check out our White Label SEO services.

Just some of the benefits…
Leading the way in marketing

  • Greater Savings: Traditional types of marketing are becoming less and less effective.
  • Long-Term Sustainable Growth: High Google Rankings will continue to deliver leads & enquiries.
  • No Hidden Price Increases: Honest, open and transparent pricing throughout.
  • Analysis & Data Tracking: All return on investment is tracked thoroughly.
  • Monthly Reporting: Accurate reporting allows you to fully understand your current position online.
  • Reduce Pressure on Sales Staff: A list of enquiries coming through your website day by day will relieve your sales staff.

Choose a Package:

Recommended for Sole Traders
Our Bronze SEO Package is perfect for targeting local keyword phrases.
In depth Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Focus on 10 Keywords
On-site SEO Optimisation
Ongoing Link Building
Monthly Ranking Report
8 Hours of Monthly SEO Improvements
Monitor up to 100 Keywords
Continuous Development
Dedicated Account Manager
Social Media Posting
Blog Posts
No Contract
Sole Traders / Small Businesses
Expand your opportunity by targeting more national keywords
In depth Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Focus on 25 Keywords
On-site SEO Optimisation
Ongoing Link Building
Monthly Ranking Report
2 Hours of Monthly SEO Improvements
Monitor up to 250 Keywords
Continuous Development
Dedicated Account Manager
Blog Posts
Social Media Posting
No Contract

Long Tail Keywords – Increased Visitors

Does your website suffer with any of the below common issues with new websites? Perhaps you’ve recently had your website updated in terms of design, new content and all together new software, but it hasn’t gone the way you’ve liked and sales have dropped considerably? We regularly see this occur in the industry with web design agencies not applying even the most basic guidelines on a website including broken 404 pages to canonical tag issues. The reasons could be vast, from multiple issues that require fixing by a web developer, to that of a website that still has the no-index tag applied (oh yes, we have seen this happen…).


  • Low visitor count
  • Low web sales & orders
  • No awareness online

With SEO…

  • Increase visitors to your website
  • Increase visitors to your website
  • Sustainable digital marketing model

Did you know that we have no sales staff in house? We don’t have to. Our website is our selling machine and we help small, medium and large sized businesses do the same by removing the pressure from their sales team via a targeted marketing strategy to position your business in front of a user who is actively searching for your service / product.

Local & National Packages

The SEO industry is unfortunately tainted with many so called media marketing agencies promising the world, but delivering very little value. Most of our customers have been stung in the past and come to us with a cautious mind. We can show you proven results – you wouldn’t be on this page if we didn’t rank highly for “SEO Packages” in the first place? Our business is focused on competitor analysis to deliver a service which involves content marketing, engine optimisation, link building, social media and much more to formulate a plan to make your small business generate the needed sales through search engines. Our silver SEO package is a great choice for national campaigns. We do all of this in the most cost effective way possible, offering truly affordable SEO packages to our clients every month.

Google Keyword Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation takes times to get right. When we analyse your website we select a range of both short tail and long tail keywords. This means that we cover all basis, from different search behaviours and targeting types to user groups and more. Ranking highly on Google via SEO copywriting can deliver a range of benefits such as substantial increases in visitors, which then lead onto additional sales, leads and enquiries that your business experiences. If you’re looking to climb the “Google Mountain” then get in touch, at-least all we can offer you in a totally free SEO analysis report.

Customer Testimonial

Client: Watches of Wales
Start Date: 01/05/15
Result: 147%+ Visitor Inc.
1st Page Rankings: 80+

5 Star Google Reviews

SEO Moves are the real deal, I have worked with many SEO Agencies over the years and I can honestly say these guys are on another level. Their reporting is incredible and the team are fantastic to work with.

The websites I have been working on with SEO moves have gone from strength to strength in search engine positioning due to the teams efforts. I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you’re already on the fence.

Shaun Preece (Marketing Director)

What is an SEO Package?

An SEO package is a monthly subscription whereby a business pays a digital marketing agency a fee each month to make modifications to their website, to improve the communication between the website and Google’s search engine algorithm. These SEO Campaign modifications can come in the form of blog posts, on-site optimisation, link building, Google Maps placement, keyword optimisation, long tail keyword analysis and many more. These tactics help your website to appear on page 1 of Google.

Depending on the marketplace and competition, the results produced from basic SEO will vary from industry to industry and we advise our clients on what we are comfortably able to achieve. For example, a small sole trading business would see best fit to be on our bronze SEO package, whilst a retailer of products selling nationwide would be best suited for gold packages. If you are unsure which monthly SEO package is best suited to you, then please send us a message using the contact form button below, or see if our bespoke SEO plans are more suitable for your needs.

Yes! Small businesses tend to thrive on improved Google rankings. Focusing on a broad range of keywords related to your product or service is a good way to start because it helps broaden the reach of your website to pertinent search phrases. Perhaps you need a new base / website to start off your search engine optimisation subscription? No worries, we can also help out that with too, typically offering our web design service at a discounted price to help you make a good step in the right direction.

SEO can vary from business to business. Lets say you’re a small online perfume retailer and you’d like to rank highly on Google for ‘Perfumes for Men’. You’ll notice a number of predominant competitors come up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Depending on how much SEO they are currently engaged in, decides on the activities that are required to make a positive flux with yours. As there are over 200+ variations to Google’s algorithm, depending on the current state of affairs with your website, we may need to work on 100+ on-site elements to get the ball rolling for you. Best to leave it to us to determine those elements, by requesting a free analysis.

Another great question – unfortunately one that can’t be answered within a short paragraph of text. No-one can guarantee you first page rankings, let us just clear that up. You are essentially being lied to if they do, as they’ll know the exact ins and outs of Google’s algorithm (which is highly unlikely!). Why not trust an agency which has over 30+ years of combined experience and has been working with Google for the last decade. To give you some specific examples, we have achieved 1st page rankings for a Bricklayer in 3 months for county based search phrases, whilst on the other hand, our second hand luxury watch reseller took over 8+ months to achieve rankings for. It depends on a broad range of on-site and off-site factors which many of Google’s algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and more pay attention to.

Yes! We have over 55+ clients operating throughout the UK and worldwide. Our Google Reviews and Facebook reviews provide a good illustration of our happy customers and clients. We currently hold a 100% 5 Star Review Record rate currently and we’re super proud to have achieved such a good feat!

What happens when you sign up?

Once you have decided which package suits your business and have subscribed to our monthly service, a member of the SEO Moves team will contact you to introduce us / the team and finalise contact / login details to your website.

We then focus on getting our head stuck in by carrying out a competitor analysis, analysing areas for opportunity, creating a keyword list and begin optimising your website to a set given list of keywords that we would’ve approved with you in the initial stages and tying up any loose ends or questions you may have for us.

Time is against us to provide you with noticeable benefits from the moment off as SEO is a long and drawn-out process, so please don’t expect to be millionaire overnight.

We contact our clients on a regular basis, ensuring that we keep up to date with your latest business news / new products/services that we can implement onto the website. Our aim is to become a one-stop shop. We’re just a phone call away.

Improve Rankings with Monthly SEO

We are confident that you will be pleased with the results you receive by investing in SEO Packages with SEO Move, on our dedicated advanced or basic search engine optimisation program. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and this is reflected within our results. Whether you’re a small catering firm looking to expand the reach in your local area or a construction company looking for more business online, SEO Moves can tailor the above monthly packages to suit your needs.

Please call us on 01933 594 002 and speak to an SEO Consultant today.


  • No Contract!
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Improve Google Rankings
  • UK Based SEO
  • Account Managers Available
  • Monthly Ranking Reports
  • Includes Programming Works
  • Boost Online Income
  • Web Design Services Available
  • Content Marketing Services Available

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