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Google Accredited SEO Agency servicing clients utilising a results driven approach for businesses nationally. Starting from only £229.99p/m we assist in improving the quality of traffic to your website via a packaged SEO programme, whilst encouraging sales and providing substantial savings compared to the traditional types of marketing activities.

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What is a Monthly SEO Package?

An SEO Package is a monthly subscription whereby a company employs a specialist agency to carry out onsite and offsite website optimisation activities. Traditionally these activities conform to Google’s Webmaster policies and feature both onsite (Technical SEO, Heading Tags, Robots.txt, Sitemap XML) and offsite (Link Building, PageRank). Prices range from £229.99 up to £1,500+ depending on the competitiveness of your industry and results of the campaign many vary.

The cost of SEO can vary depending on a broad range of factors. If your website has had a troubled past with the likes of a manual penalty or the industry you’re looking to rank in is highlycompetitive, then do expect to require additional hours and offsite support to see your website rank highly on Google. Small businesses such as plumbers, electricians, garden maintenance tend to do well on a Bronze SEO package which is £229.99 per month. Nationwide businesses, offering their services throughout the UK tend to do best on Silver and Gold packages.

SEO Moves Programmes

You may have found us by ‘Googling’ SEO Packages‘ via Google, Bing or Yahoo. Being at the top of Google isn’t a game of chance and you won’t appear near the top of search engines without careful planning and dedicated time invested by a professional. Many webmasters focus on design, usability (UX/UI) but forget that it’s all well and good having a website that looks fantastic, but if no-one is visiting your website, then you’re missing out on sales.

If this is you, we can help! We are a committed search engine specialist providing a variety of fixed price and affordable options that are tailored and suited for individual local businesses needs following closely Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. A schedule of works each month are generated to increase your position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) called Continuous Development – In 2019, Google is continuing to make changes to their algorithm everyday, so it’s vital that your website stays up to date.

Depending on your situation and competition, we have outlined below 3 of our main UK Affordable SEO packages;

  • Bronze Programme – Perfect for small businesses, focusing on a local area (10-20 mile radius) from their address.
  • Silver – Great for small to medium sized organisations looking to take their website to the next level.
  • Gold – For the serious webmasters looking to achieve nationwide coverage and leading in their industry / market sector.

Alternatively we can even plan out and design your own bespoke SEO package to suit your needs exactly. No matter what your experience of online or websites are, let us take the stress out of your digital marketing plans by doing it all for you, allowing you to spend more quality time on growing your business offline.

We even work closely with website designers, software development and social media marketing companies and perhaps you need some help and support to rank your clients websites? Therefore please do check out our White Label SEO services.

What does an SEO Package include?

Detailed list of what’s included in an SEO Package…

An SEO Package can be tailored to a specific website. The below list documents the types of activities that are produced in a Search Engine Programme like the ones featured below.

  1. Local Ranking (or Nationwide) focus depending on budget.
  2. Title Tag & Meta Data Optimisation & Improvements
  3. Robots.txt & XML Sitemap Submission
  4. Google Analytics Setup & Configuration
  5. Advanced Keyword Research
  6. Off-site External Link Building Activities
  7. Focus on Lead Generation / Sales
  8. Monthly Reporting / Account Manager
  9. Onsite Optimisations and Changes
  10. Content Marketing (Content / Landing Page Creation)
  11. Majestic / Moz Reporting
Free SEO Analysis

Choose a Package:

Recommended for Sole Traders
Our Bronze SEO Package focuses on ranking locally
Focused on Ranking Locally (County)
Keyword Research
Google Analytics Setup & Config
Monthly Web Reporting
Title & Meta Data Tag Creation
On-Site Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
Cross Linking (Internal Link Placement)
LSI Keyword & Content Editing
Offsite Link Building
Monthly Web Marketing Report
Monthly Reviews & Calls
No Contract
Sole Traders / Small Businesses
Expand your opportunity by targeting more national keywords
Focused on Ranking Semi-Nationwide
Detailed Keyword Research
Google Analytics Setup & Linking
Advanced SEO Monthly Web Reporting
Onsite Title & Meta Data Improvements
On-Site Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
Cross Linking (Internal Link Placement)
LSI Keyword & Content Editing
Offsite Link Building
Monthly Web Marketing Report
Monthly Reviews & Calls
Monitor up to 250 Keywords
Priority Improvements & Implementations
Dedicated Account Manager
Enhanced Continued Development
No Contract

What are SEO Packages?

Our range of SEO packages are designed to offer maximum benefits without the hassle. Put together to work for specific budgets, each package features a set process to ensure we get great results for your site. Here is a brief over view of the different parts of each package.

Initial Review/Analysis

We start off each of our SEO packages with an in depth review of your site in it’s current state. We take a look a wide range of factors, beginning with a technical audit to establish any areas of concern technically with the site. This can show up things like broken pages, missing robots.txt file, if there are any redirects set up on your pages and more. Once we have completed this, we also look into the backlinks of your site and at the onsite elements too.

Rolling Contract

We never tie our clients into lengthy contracts. We simply offer a rolling 30 day contract!

Keyword Research

Spending time to make sure we monitor and track the right keywords is an important step in our SEO packages. We work closely with you to ensure we cover the right types of keywords as well as finding all those different permutations your users and customers might be searching in order to find your site.  There are no real upper limits on how many keywords we can monitor, however we usually stick to between 10-30 main keywords to focus our efforts on in terms of ranking.

Internal Page Audit

As well as your homepage, most websites have multiple other landing pages which should be completely relevant for the keywords they are assigned to. We check over your internal pages to make sure they are optimised to the best standard, utilising onsite SEO strategies, long tail keyword phrases and semantic content. We also check that your internal pages are linked well using internal linking structures.

Backlinks & Link Building

Everyone knows that backlinks are a crucial part of a successful SEO campaign, but not many understand the strength of their backlink profile. We thoroughly check that your backlinks are working in your website’s favour rather than damaging it and we plan in link building activities to help boost your backlink profile. We know it is a good idea to steer clear of dubious black hat style link building, so we are very careful about the types of links we establish for our clients. We actually have a wide range of link building partners we work with, from bloggers and subject enthusiasts to other businesses and website owners.

Content Creation

The content of your site is what users read to understand what you are offering and search engines use it to be able to interpret your site effectively. We generally aim for around 700-800 words of good quality content on main landing pages, and we use a clever algorithm to establish the perfect ratio of keywords for the content so as to appeal to both search engines and real customers.  We produce all our content in house with our own team of content writers.

Monthly Web Report

Our customers rightly want to know what we have done during the month to get the SEO results they are looking for! We send out a personalised web marketing report on the first of each month which details our work during the previous month along with detailed SEO ranking results, easy to understand data from Google analytics and any other reports as necessary such as ECommerce or PPC. This helps our clients to fully understand HOW we get the amazing results we do rather than just taking our word for it.  Your report is sent out electronially with a secure link for you to follow and view your report online, anywhere and any time.

Customer Testimonial

Client: Watches of Wales
Start Date: 01/05/15
Result: 147%+ Visitor Inc.
1st Page Rankings: 80+

5 Star Google Reviews

SEO Moves are the real deal, I have worked with many SEO Agencies over the years and I can honestly say these guys are on another level. Their reporting is incredible and the team are fantastic to work with.

The websites I have been working on with SEO moves have gone from strength to strength in search engine positioning due to the teams efforts. I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you’re already on the fence.

Shaun Preece (Marketing Director)

SEO Packages FAQs

An SEO Package is a monthly subscription whereby a company or individual pays a specialist search engine optimisation company to improve their Google Organic rankings via the process of website optimisation tactics in both an onsite and offsite fashion.

We offer three main SEO packages to help provide that ultimate flexibility depending on the type of business you run. For example, a small local electrician would benefit greatly off of using the Bronze SEO Package whilst a nationwide retailer or a business that wants to appear nationwide in the SERP’s would be best suited with Gold / Silver package.

Yes – we’re proud to offer full reporting for all of our clients no matter what package you are specifically on. This allows the SEO company to provide you with a fully transparent field of view of how well your Google rankings are progressing.

We are able to offer custom SEO packages via our Free Analysis web form, which will allow us to take a far greater look at your website and determine exactly what is required to see Google Rankings improve. A custom SEO Package allows us to specifically pinpoint and define key areas of work that are required to see a high level of return from this digital service.

At SEO Moves we work with a broad range of websites including eCommerce when it comes to ranking highly on Google. We work with clients in the construction industry, digital industry, manufacturing, cars and many many more. In-fact over 50 industries throughout the UK.

Yes – All of our SEO Packages come with an account manager who’ll introduce themselves as your main point of contact. If you require any help / assistance or perhaps to run through your SEO report, our account managers are here to help you.

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