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One of the most basic principles of a website is that visitors to the internet see your brand, service, or goods. If you're a local business owner, it's possible that your marketing strategy is only concentrating on attracting consumers in Northampton or perhaps the wider region of Northamptonshire. Is your website beautiful, but isn't bringing in the numbers you want? One of the many reasons for this could be the lack of on-site and off-site customised technical SEO optimisation. The need to rank highly in search engines is essential for a company's success.

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SEO Agency Northampton

SEO Moves is one of the UK's top SEO agencies, working with clients from a range of sectors. Our Search Engine Marketing services have helped businesses in Northampton to really benefit from the power of ranking highly for competitive terms connected to their products and services on Google. Working with over 50+ clients all around the world, we've allowed organizations to truly leverage the power of ranking high on Google for keywords relevant to their goods and services.

Our unique SEO solutions are developed to help businesses increase the number of inquiries and purchases via their website. Northamptonshire SEO services assist businesses grow their client base by improving their online presence and more. Google AdWords to Web Design (conversion rate optimization) and Software Development are examples of such services, all of which is intended to aid in the growth of sales for clients in the Northamptonshire region.

Not sure if SEO Moves are the right agency for you? We understand that you'll want to have complete confidence in your digital agency which is why we have plenty of current client reviews on our testimonial page and come highly rated on Google with 5* reviews across the board!


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98% of searches carried out on Google don't navigate past page 1 of search results. It is imperative that your business in Northampton ranks high on Google for products and services related to your company.

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Are you a digital agency in the Northamptonshire area looking to service your clients with lead SEO growth programmes? Speak to one of our professional consultants today regarding our White Label SEO services.

SEO Costs

Costing a customised SEO plan for businesses in Northampton can be very challenging. We've outlined why it is so difficult to cost good Search Engine Optimisation due to the various variables involved in a website.

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Search Engine Marketing can be confusing, especially for people who do not understand all the different methods and strategies. With our FREE SEO analysis, you can find out exactly how SEO Moves may help you enhance your website and start generating better quality leads, more sales, or increased brand recognition. We'll thoroughly examine your website for common performance problems and provide a custom quote for our expert, ongoing SEO services. It's completely free to find out how your site is performing right now.

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SEO Packages

We are professional SEO Consultants delivering SEO Packages that can be customised to your business needs. By ranking highly on Google in Northampton, your website will see a boost in sales and leads..

SEO Consultancy

The probable business returns from a website ranking highly in Northampton on Google are vast. Depending on your websites architecture, you may need specialist SEO Consultancy services.

SEO Services

Good SEO takes into account a websites onsite and offsite development. Businesses who are based in Northamptonshire need to consider both practices. Typically websites need help with link building (offsite development).

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We hope that you can appreciate how essential good SEO efforts are for your website (emphasis on effective!) There are a lot of various agencies claiming to have the greatest services and providing apparent discounts, so it's difficult to know who is telling the truth and which firms genuinely provide the greatest services. We are confident that our success will speak for itself. The fact that we have so many repeat customers throughout Northampton and across the country demonstrates that we have the knowledge, competence, and ability to deliver real results to your company.

Northampton SEO Service

If you want to learn more about the different SEO solutions we provide for your firm, have a look at our UK SEO Packages, which may be ideal for your requirements. We understand that various companies will have varying budgets and requirements when it comes to marketing, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all technique. We offer a variety of cost-effective options to help you get a monthly digital marketing service at a price that works for you. Of course, we would be delighted to give you with a personalized quotation as well, please feel free to let our staff know how they can help!

Benefits of SEO

Increased exposure for your brand, service or products

Expand your local marketing strategy to wider areas

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Finesse Windows

Since starting with us back in March 2017, Finesse Windows has continued to see organic growth throughout their website, ranking in over 50 locations in and around the West Midlands for a wide variety of competitive search phrases.

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Summary of Results

Finesse Windows has continued to show significant growth throughout our SEO & Web Marketing programme. The business has seen such significant value from SEO that over the years they've had to hire new installation teams and bought additional product lines to sell such as Garden Rooms, Garage Doors and Conservatories, all of which also benefit from high rankings on Google.


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We understand that many individuals like to research, purchase items and services, as well as learn about local businesses and organizations, using the internet. It's critical that your company website not only looks attractive to potential consumers, but also performs well in search engines. SEO Moves is a one-stop digital agency which provides a wide range of digital marketing services. Our digital services include SEO in Northampton, Web Design, Content Marketing, Social Media and Paid Search too, we can provide a fully customised solution to suit your business needs.

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Google Accredited & Qualified

Our team are fully accredited with qualification from Google in all aspects of digital marketing and SEO. We work to maintain our status as Google Partners work to follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines With improvements to your site comes better rankings, and more clients through the door. There’s a reason why we are an award-winning digital agency!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Paid advertising campaigns are not always necessary. Some clients find that a short term PPC campaign can give them a boost, especially when launching a new product for example. On the whole, we try to avoid paid adverts as they are not an effective long-term strategy with Google AdWords.

We are always honest with our clients – no SEO company in  company could rank at number 1 one day, but then drop down a few spots the next day.  We work to ensure that your site has the best possible chance of obtaining and holding on to the top ranking spots through a combination of strategies both onsite and offsite.  Ongoing SEO work is the only way to get the good results you are looking for from your site.

This is an internet marketing question that we are asked all of the time here at SEO Moves. Search Engine Optimisation takes a considerable amount of time to get right, whether that’s looking at the keywords we’ve chosen for you at the start of the process or determining which search engine is best suited for your audience (most of the time Google), once you’re on board with us, we will ensure that all of the necessary long tail phrases and content marketing processes we have in place are done on time to ultimately improve traffic to the website.

You may have heard that it takes between 3-6 months to rank well for a broad range of phrases. It ultimately depends on the industry and competitiveness within your marketplace. Our case studies will give you a good example of how we rank in a broad range of industries. Search engines are clever systems and they are continuously updated each and every day to ensure a website is playing by webmaster guidelines and rules set out by the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Link building is just one area that occurs on a regular, ongoing, and monthly basis. We need to ensure that your website remains on top form and in the top first 5 positions of Google, for a broad range of phrases that are pertinent to your business. As Google operates a vote-based linking algorithm, we ensure that links that are built to your website are of white-hat origins and are quality, related to your specific industry and business. Given that link anchor text, diversity is an area on which many search engine robots are continuing to focus on, we provide all of the safety barriers and nets to ensure that your website has very little risk of your website being penalized.

SEO or formerly known as Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of implementing work to ensure a website can be found on a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) when potential customers try and find you using keywords that are related.

The end result of ranking highly on search engines is increased visibility in the form of visitors to your website. 

Typically from 3 months and onwards for most businesses in . Our fastest ever recorded achievement was in 3 weeks with a website that was newly built and ranking in position 1 for their main service based keyword. The length of time is determined by how competitive an industry is and the current state of your website. We can provide estimated achievement times via our Free SEO Analysis




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Speak to an SEO Consultant for a free 30 minute discussion on how we can help you rank highly on Google.

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