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If you're searching for an affordable way to enhance your website's search engine rankings in Milton Keynes, SEO Moves is here to assist you. Our team of skilled technical SEO experts has the expertise to guide you through the nuances of local SEO without straining your budget. In the increasingly competitive business landscape of Milton Keynes, it's imperative for organisations to consider investing in SEO for sustained success.

Our Approach to SEO

At SEO Moves, we believe in adhering to a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to SEO, guided by the KISS principle (Keeping It Simple). We recognise that many small business owners may not have the time to delve into the intricacies of Google's organic algorithm. Therefore, our goal is to elucidate the fundamental principles of quality-focused SEO to our clients.

Google's algorithm can be dissected into several key factors, with three overarching elements: Link Building, Content, and Relevancy. Link building primarily takes place off the website, while content and relevancy concentrate on on-page elements. However, within these factors, additional layers come into play, including User Intent, Tone, Quality, Placement, Structure, and more.

By presenting SEO in a digestible and comprehensible format for our clients, we ensure effective communication regarding the complexities inherent in our strategies and the rationale behind our actions. This approach enables our clients to grasp the essence of our work and the reasons underpinning our decisions.

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Organic Search

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Google Organic Search pertains to the natural search results displayed when users input queries into search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google. The results are ranked based on relevance to the search terms, and businesses do not pay for their organic listings. In Google's case, organic search employs a complex set of algorithmic rules to determine website positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google utilizes a bot called 'Google-Bot' to scan the web, crawl and index websites for display in its search engine. The role of an SEO company is to understand the rules used by search engines to display websites in a specific order and implement an appropriate SEO strategy.

How does Google Bot Crawl the Web?

Google Bot is an automated program systematically browsing the web to discover and index web pages. It begins with a list of known URLs, visiting and scanning for new or updated content. As it identifies new links, it adds them to its crawl queue for further exploration. This ongoing process ensures Google's index remains up to date, providing users with relevant and timely search results. Once Google Bot has crawled and indexed a website, Google's Organic Algorithm comes into play.

An Overview of Google's Organic Algorithm

Google's sophisticated algorithm analyses various factors to determine the relevance and quality of web pages in relation to specific search queries. It considers keywords, site structure, backlinks, and user engagement metrics to rank web pages accordingly, displaying the most pertinent results at the top of the SERP. Google regularly updates and refines its Organic Algorithm to enhance the search experience and ensure users find information easily.


Do I need SEO?

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO Services Milton Keynes

SEO is the process of improving a website's visibility in search engine results to increase organic traffic, leads, and sales online. Looking at it from a broad core perspective, the key areas of focus in SEO are people-first content, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO, all of these implementations are what search engines like. Here's a summary of these factors:

  • People First Content: Create valuable, relevant, and engaging content that addresses your target audience's needs and interests. Then, once you've done that, update it regularly to maintain its relevance.

  • On-Site SEO: Optimise both the content and technical elements of your website, such as meta tags, header tags, and alt attributes for images. These are just the very basic elements of SEO. Ensure a clear structure, fast loading speed, and a user-friendly experience which will lead to additional benefits for the end user.

  • Off-Site SEO: Building high-quality backlinks from reputable websites to improve search rankings and online reputation. You can do this via multiple methods such as Guest Posting to PR. Manage your online presence through social media, customer reviews, and industry mentions as well is critical, given just how important it is to highlight positive reviews.

Most SEO agencies provide these core services as they form the foundation for improving website rankings on Google. While each aspect has its complexities, this page is tailored for non-technical business owners seeking a basic understanding of the steps they could take to make the right choice in selecting an SEO Agency in Milton Keynes (which would be us).




Case Studies

Key Results Delivered by SEO Moves


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Keywords in
Google Top 5


Organic Visitors
(Per Month)


Booking Diary Filled
(Months Ahead)

Finesse Windows has continued to show significant growth whilst being placed on our SEO & Web Marketing programme. Since starting with us back in March 2017, Finesse Windows has doubled their fitting teams and tripled the size of the business using out SEO methods and practices.


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Monthly Sales





Through our bespoke eCommerce SEO programme on a custom Zeus CMS web build, monthly sales have seen a considerable increase. Numerous phrases such as 'Rooflights' achieving the top organic ranking (position 1 on Google). The programme has resulted in a more robust online presence.

An overview to some of the SEO Packages available.

SEO Prices & Costs

Starting from as little as £329.99 P/M for small local businesses looking to make an impact.

Bronze Package

Recommended for
Sole Traders

£329.99 per month

  • Free Setup
  • up to 10 Keywords
  • Perfect for Small Business SEO
  • 2 Hours SEO Optimisation P/M
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite Optimisation
  • Local / National SEO
  • Technical SEO (Robots, XML, HTML)
  • DA20+ Link Building
  • Monthly Call & Update
  • No Contract

Gold Package

Small / Medium
Sized Business

£1449.99 per month

  • Free Setup
  • up to 100 Keywords
  • All Benefits of Gold & Silver
  • 10 Hours SEO Optimisation P/M
  • Nationwide Ranking Focus
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Task Completion
  • Full Suite SEO
  • Continuous 24/7 Monitoring
  • Cross Linking
  • Elite Content Creation
  • DA40+ Link Building
  • High Quality Directory Links
  • Content Auditing & EEAT Guidelines
  • Monitor up to 1000 Keywords
  • Highest Success to Rank Position 1
  • No Contract

Silver Package

Sole Traders and
Small Businesses

£649.99 per month

  • Free Setup
  • up to 40 Keywords
  • All Benefits of Silver
  • 6 Hours SEO Optimisation P/M
  • Local / County Ranking Focus
  • Advanced SEO Monthly Report
  • Full Onsite Improvements
  • Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
  • DA30+ Link Building
  • Regular Reviews & Catchups
  • Monitor up to 250 Keywords
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No Contract

Why Local SEO Is So Important

Specialist SEO Agency Milton Keynes

Being at the top of Google also greatly helps small businesses stand out against larger competitors by giving them a local relevance and edge when it comes to online ranking. This can lead to increased competitiveness and differentiation, making it easier for small businesses to reach their target audience and stand out in the crowded online marketplace. A study by Search Engine Journal found that localised organic search results receive a higher click-through rate than non-localised results, demonstrating the importance of local rankings for small businesses.

At SEO Moves, we pride ourselves on delivering client-centric SEO services in Milton Keynes to ensure the best results for your business. It's one of the reasons why we can show our gleaming 5* only reviews. We always ensure to over-invest in our client, delivering results far more than expectations. How do we do it? Let's breakdown our SEO service into expanded summaries

SEO Case Studies

Moving Costs Calculator

Moving Costs Calculator is the epitome of SEO Milton Keynes success! This brand new domain joined forces with SEO Moves back in 2017 and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. We built this website from the ground up using our state-of-the-art content management system, Zeus. Designed with award-winning SEO at the forefront, this PHP/Laravel system has exceeded all expectations and propelled Moving Costs Calculator to the top of its game!

Dots vector


Organic Visitor Increase

Summary of Results

Are you ready for some serious SEO results? With just a micro budget, Moving Costs Calculator has taken on the big dogs and come out on top! This website is now holding its own against industry giants like Nationwide, Rightmove, and Zoopla. And the best part? We started from scratch with zero organic visitors, but now we're consistently seeing over 5,000 organic visitors per month! That's right, the power of organic rankings can provide a massive boost for businesses looking for exposure with online marketing services. Get ready to dominate the competition just like Moving Costs Calculator has!


Bounce Rate Reduction


Enquiry Increase

SEO Key Details


What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, encompasses the practice of enhancing a website's visibility and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engines rely on intricate algorithms to determine the hierarchical placement of websites within their extensive databases.

These sophisticated algorithms are crucial for sorting websites in a manner that satisfies users' specific search queries. The significance of this alignment is evident through the frequent algorithm updates by major search engines like Google, striving to refine the search experience continually. Consequently, SEO involves improving and optimizing a website to closely align with the precise search queries of users.

Numerous strategies and tactics are employed to enhance a website's visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), typically falling under categories like link building, content enhancement, and relevance. Each of these categories comprises detailed sub-sections and layers of complexity, collectively representing the core aspects of SEO.

Navigating this intricate process can be daunting, particularly for small business owners lacking the resources or time to stay informed about the latest content matching patents from Google or promptly address website changes following core algorithm updates. This underscores the essential role of SEO agencies and consultants in guiding businesses through their SEO endeavors.

How much does SEO cost?

The pricing of SEO services is variable, typically contingent upon a thorough analysis conducted by SEO agencies to ascertain the cost factors. The process often involves evaluating the client's backlink profile using auditing tools like Moz or Majestic, assessing current technical SEO issues on the client's website, compiling a comprehensive list of commercially viable and user-intent-focused keywords for targeting, and creating a Sitemap based on these keywords to strategize content and expand into new areas and keywords.

This initial assessment is fundamental in determining the appropriate investment required for SEO services. Price ranges for SEO agency services vary from £100 to £10,000 per month, with costs influenced by various factors. For more fundamental packages involving tasks such as basic meta data enhancements, localized content creation, and rudimentary link building activities, prices typically span from £200 to £500 per month. Our Bronze Package offers these services at a rate of £329.99 per month.

For businesses seeking SEO services aligned with aggressive growth goals or strategic objectives, a higher level of investment is required. Our Silver Package, encompassing keyword research, content development, and link building, falls within the £600 to £1,000 per month range, catering well to small to medium-sized businesses aiming to bolster their online presence on Google.

Larger companies operating on an international scale or within fiercely competitive niches, like the holiday and insurance industries, may find themselves investing upwards of £1,200 per month or more for a robust SEO campaign entailing continuous monitoring and maintenance. This premium service offering is encapsulated in our Gold Package.

Do I need SEO?

Determining whether you need SEO is a personal decision based on your specific needs and goals. For instance, if you run a coffee shop and notice a decline in foot traffic, dedicating time and effort to optimize your Google Business Profile could be instrumental in enhancing your local presence. This may involve launching special promotions, updating business information, and providing more details about your offerings.

The necessity of SEO hinges on your business objectives and aspirations. Effective SEO offers the following advantages:

  • Increased and targted traffic landing on your website.
  • Increased exposure for your products and services.
  • Low cost-of-sale compared to that of Paid Search and Paid Media.
  • Long-term and effective digital marketing practice.

Strategic implementation of SEO is crucial for maximizing its benefits. While some self-proclaimed 'SEO experts' may promise first-page rankings, it's essential to note that guaranteeing such outcomes is unrealistic. The intricacies of search engine algorithms, particularly those of Google and Bing, remain largely undisclosed.

Nevertheless, for businesses operating in regions like Russia aiming to rank on Yandex, the search engine's algorithm source code has been released, offering opportunities for optimization.

Leveraging the services of an SEO agency like ours can steer you towards achieving high rankings on Google for pertinent search queries.

What should I avoid with SEO?

It is crucial for small businesses to steer clear of critical SEO mistakes. Ventures that have experiment with SEO in the past often end up causing more harm than good. The historic emphasis on backlinks in organic algorithms led many website administrators down the wrong path, as they resorted to purchasing large quantities of spammy links from domain brokers.

Here are some key pitfalls to avoid in SEO:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Over Optimisation
  • Link Schemes / Buying Poor Quality Links
  • Duplication Content (Directly Copied)
  • Poor User Experience
  • Ignoring Local SEO

By eschewing these outdated, black-hat SEO approaches, you ensure your adherence to best practices. It's important to understand that improving your website's ranking is a gradual process that requires ongoing commitment and a focus on user-centric content to achieve enhanced rankings.

Is SEO worth it for small business?

Small businesses significantly benefit from enhanced visibility. Our clients have witnessed these advantages firsthand through scenarios such as recruiting new teams to manage heightened workloads and adjusting prices to meet the demand for their products or services.

According to a recent study by Clutch, 91% of survey respondents reported a surge in website traffic after investing in SEO services. Moreover, 80% of participants noted an increase in lead generation (more inquiries) as a direct outcome of these efforts.

However, the advantages of SEO for small businesses extend beyond increased website visitors. Here are a few benefits realized when SEO is executed effectively:

  • Compete against larger rivals
  • Increased exposure and brand recognition
  • Cost of sale far below that of paid media
  • Continued long-term growth and improvements
  • Sustainable digital practice

Arguably, small businesses derive more substantial benefits from local SEO compared to global or corporate entities due to the distinct strategies and tactics employed in local SEO efforts.

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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK

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