SEO for Plumbers

If you want your plumbing website to get more traffic from search engines, then you need to focus on SEO. Here we'll explain why it's important, how much it costs, what benefits you gain from doing it and some tips for getting started.

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The Role of SEO for Plumbers

To get your plumbing company discovered online, you'll need to include search engine optimization (SEO) into your marketing plan. However, it isn't as simple or quick as posting to your Facebook page or creating a plumbing ad as the plumbing business is extremely competitive, making SEO difficult.

Jumpstarting your SEO journey can seem difficult, but we're here to help. In this article, we'll show you what you need to know about plumbing SEO and easy steps you can take for better performance.

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What is Plumbing SEO?


When a plumbing company improves its website ranking on Google and other search engines, this is called Plumber SEO. The goal is to get more web traffic by appearing higher in search results, which ideally leads to more sales or inquiries. Although ads and traditional marketing can reach customers, research has shown that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective methods for targeting potential buying customers.

There are several components to Plumber SEO, including on-page and off-page optimization, as well as keyword research, which will be discussed in more depth below.

Why do Plumbers need SEO?

The main reasons that recruitment firms need SEO is to acquire more leads and customers. If your potential customers cannot find you online, then you will not gain their business. However, if you use optimizing techniques on your website specifically for search engines, then it becomes easier for individuals to locate your company compared to others. In addition, SEO may help recruitment companies increase brand recognition and exposure, as well as the following advantages:

  • Increased website visibility.
  • Greater ROI compared to other marketing activities.
  • Improved brand recognition and credibility.
  • Greater customer insight and understanding.
  • Increased sales and revenue growth.
  • Improved search engine rankings.

  • The most important feature is that these activities are measurable and trackable: Many tools and analytics can assist organisations in evaluating and tracking the efficacy of their SEO efforts, allowing them to make improvements or modifications where necessary.

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Backlinks are often neglected by plumbers when it comes to online visibility. That's why it's critical to develop high-quality backlinks from respectable sources, such as industry accreditation bodies, vendors, and other contacts you have a good rapport with.

Keyword Research

If you want to improve the online presence of your plumbing company, keyword research is a must. It will tell you which terms people are searching for and how difficult it would be to rank for them. Furthermore, incorporating keyword research into your content marketing plan will help you get organic search exposure, traffic, and ranks.

SEO Plumber Rates

If you're looking for average SEO Plumber rates, they start at £60 per hour and can go up to £150. To rank nationally, businesses usually spend between £1,200-£2,500 monthly; whereas smaller local businesses typically invest £350-£850 each month to rank locally.

SEO Strategies for Plumbers

Check out your competition

A great way to start improving your plumbing business' SEO strategy is by taking a look at what your competition is doing.To find who those competitors may be, try Googling keywords such as “plumber in [my city]” or “local plumber near me” and see which businesses rank the highest.

Take a look at the keywords that these businesses use in their title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and URLs. Is there anything new or different words you should be targeting? Then examine what directories these plumbing firms are listed on, as well as any social media platforms they publish on and what kind of material they provide to their audience.

Write valuable content

Adding a plumbing blog onto your website not only demonstrates to potential customers that you're an credible specialist, but it also improves your search engine ranking. You can either write and publish blog posts yourself or hire someone outside of your company to do so. Afterwards, share this content with others by promoting it through social media channels or email marketing campaigns.


Benefits of working with a Plumber SEO Company

There are numerous SEO businesses that may help you enhance the ranking of your plumbing website in search engines. However, not all of these firms are created equal. You should seek for a business with a solid reputation and impressive outcomes. Working with a plumber SEO firm has several advantages:

  1. They will help you save time.If you operate a plumbing company then you probably don't have the time to enhance your website yourself. It might be quite time-consuming, and it's usually better to hire someone to do it for you. A recruitment SEO firm may save you a lot of time by doing all of the work for you.

  2. They will help you save money.If you try to single-handedly improve your website's ranking, it will end up costing more money than necessary. Experimenting with non functional methods leads to pay per click ads and other unsuccessful attempts that waste needless amounts of money. Fortunately, a recruitment SEO company provides reasonably priced services that improve your website so you avoid these costly mistakes.

  3. They will help you increase your traffic.By optimizing your website for search engines, a recruitment SEO company makes it easier for potential customers to find you. The more visible your website is, the greater chance you have of gaining new clients.

  4. They will help you improve your conversion rate.You can earn more money by increasing the number of people who visit your site and use your products or services. With the aid of a recruitment SEO firm, you may enhance your conversion rate by ensuring that your website is optimized for search engines.

These are just a few of the numerous advantages that working with a plumber SEO company may provide you.

Why us?

There are several benefits to choosing us for your SEO needs. We have a track record of success in assisting our clients in reaching their goals, and we are totally committed to providing the finest quality of service possible.

We understand that it might be difficult to put your business goals in someone else's hands. That is why we provide free consultations so you can get to know us and see how committed we are to assisting you in achieving your objectives. After all, our goal is for your online business to flourish! So please don't hesitate and contact us right now for additional information about what we do and how we may assist you in growing your company online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction SEO FAQs

We are always honest with our clients – no SEO company in  company could rank at number 1 one day, but then drop down a few spots the next day.  We work to ensure that your site has the best possible chance of obtaining and holding on to the top ranking spots through a combination of strategies both onsite and offsite.  Ongoing SEO work is the only way to get the good results you are looking for from your site.

We start all new SEO campaigns off with a quick SEO analysis, which is a bit like a health check for your site. This is only part of the broad picture when it comes to our service. We look at several areas, including the domain strength, the backlink profile and the onsite SEO elements. We grade each area so you can clearly see how your site is currently performing. We also include our suggestions for improvements, along with a full quote for SEO work.

No one knows Google’s search algorithm as well as we do. True, no one knows the exact ins and outs of Google’s algorithm and how it fully operates, because if they did, you’d be wealthy very quickly. Search Engine Optimisation has been categorised into two main blocks;

On-site SEO: This includes writing content that is relevant to your business. For example, the content that you read throughout this homepage is specifically orientated around ‘Leicester SEO Specialists’. Heading tags including h1 to h6 are important to help define what your page is talking about. The title tag is the most important on-site element, of which Google assigns relevancy points and ranking benefits depending on how relevant it believes you are specific to a search phrase.

Off-Site SEO: This is formed of link building. No longer can you use directories to build links. Think outside the box via viral campaigns and content marketing to build natural, white hat links to seed content, or by spreading the word.

Amalgamate these two factors together and you end up with insight into the technical level of how Google operates. These form part of Google’s algorithm also known as ‘updates’ which are formed into a range of systematic areas (some of which, you may have heard of);

  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Panda
  • Pigeon
  • Payday
  • Pirate
  • Exact Match Domain
  • Top Heavy

To name a few. These aren’t all of them and Google has confirmed that their algorithm(s) are continuously rolling out and updating day in day out. Our search engine optimisation team has helped businesses in Leicester dissect and provide them with the tools and improvements needed to see healthy gains online. Best to get in contact with us to see how we can assist with your rankings.

To be put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s (Google) algorithm. A [adj business] in visibility and organic traffic. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the rank a website is on Google (Page 1) the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

The SEO UK Moves search engine optimiser team partners with small to medium sized organisations to help improve their websites ranking on Google.

SEO for plumbers is the process of working on your plumbing website's code and content to make it more likely to come up high in Google and other search engine results. For your website to rank well on Google, it needs to be fast, secure, mobile-friendly, and full of interesting content.

Organic SEO is the process of achieving a natural ranking and obtaining resulting data via tried-and-true methods such as developing high-quality, highly relevant content, boosting keywords, using meta tags, and backlinking.

Summary of Results

When we began the campaign, the most essential 17 phrases requested by the customer were position 59 (page 6 on Google). The average ranking of these 17 terms has improved from position 59 to 2 over a year span. This suggests that the overall rank of these key search phrases has risen from page 6 to page 1.


Keywords in Google Top 5


Organic Visitors (Per Month)

Hawes Skip Hire

Hawes Skip Hire ranks number one for 'Skip Hire Oxford', their main target phrase.



Year on Year Visitor Improvement

House of Flags

The House of Flags sells custom-made flags, banners, and outdoor advertising stations throughout the United Kingdom. Their visitor counts had stabilized and growth had slowed for the firm.



Visitor Increase

Summary of Results

After just three months, position 1 rankings for "Custom Flags" and organic visits had doubled compared to statistics from last year, taking a website with 4,000 monthly organic visitors to over 8,500.


New Enquiries (Per month)


Bounce Rate






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