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A small, distinct online marketing agency SEO Moves offers you services from SEO to Web Development to complete inbound marketing for a successful online presence. Our proven marketing strategies allow our clients to turn visitors into prospective leads which turn into loyal customers who later promote your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

There are over a billion websites on the Internet. The question that arises here is how does a prospective lead discover your website?

SEO Moves employs a talented and experienced pool of consultants who help our clients get their website discovered using the Search Engine Optimisation services. We work together to make our client’s online presence stronger by:

  • Increasing the visibility of our client’s website in the popular search engines
  • Increasing qualified traffic on our client’s website
  • Enhancing keyword rankings

With our SEO services you can present your website in front of as many people as possible. We believe in offering lasting results that is more than a quick and temporary increase in the page rankings.

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Our tailored UK SEO Packages can be customised to bring you exactly what your business requires. Starting from £149.99 p/m, this cost effective method of improving search rankings for your website couldn’t be better.

National multi-site, multi-user eCommerce systems using a bespoke content management system to basis brochure websites using WordPress – Our range of expertise spans across two ends of the web development spectrum.

Marketing & PR
Bespoke Marketing resources available online via digital means. Press releases, newsletters or affiliate marketing services available through SEO Moves partnering websites. Enquire today to discover a way to market your business online.

SEO Moves’ Gamut of SEO Services

Search engines present those websites which allows the visitors outstanding user experiences and informative content. At SEO Moves, we concentrate on building websites that people would like to visit and search engines would like to crawl. We believe that your business is unique with distinct goals, requirements and customers. Hence, we offer tailor-made Search Engine Optimisation services that cater to your business as well as budget.

Our SEO services include:

  • Initial Website Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Keywords or Data Alterations
  • Consultation of Front Page Content
  • Scrutiny of Internal Text Links
  • Content Writing
  • Scrutiny and Implementation of Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics
  • Ranking or Status Reports

Apart from these SEO services, SEO Moves offers Link Building, Local SEO and Image Rankings.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Consumers prefer searching for local businesses online before making any purchases. At SEO Moves, we engage in widespread research relating to specific keywords your prospective customers use to look for your business.

Allow your customers to get access to the information they need at one location. The Google+ Local pages features your address, contact number, website URL, reviews, Hours of Operation, Photos, Special Promotions and Videos.

SEO Moves Local SEO package consists of:

  • Setting up a Google+ account
  • Creating and optimizing Google+ account
  • Uploading of photos and videos on Google+ Local page
  • Listing distribution services

Image Optimisation

If your website includes images then you should take full leverage of them. Though the images make your website attractive to the visitors but it is hard for search engines to see them. If search engines are not storing your images then you may lose promoting your business and new visitors.

Just like you hire services to optimize your text and other website features, you can also optimize the graphics of your website to increase the online presence. It is essential to optimize the graphics of your website because:

  • Every optimized image will rank your website
  • Images that are not optimized will result in poor load speed
  • Optimized images will make your website easily accessible to visually impaired people

SEO Moves image optimisation services help more visitors find your business through the images and graphics. Our team of SEO consultants will scrutinise your website and determine the best way to optimize your images for increased traffic.