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Our fully individualised bespoke digital marketing and Cambridge SEO packages really do benefit a range of small local businesses, by helping them rank for local keyword phrases. Cambridge houses well over 120,000 people who do not want to travel further afield to buy their goods and services that can be found via Google search. If your company is based in Cambridge, but you are seeing your potential clients choosing to shop elsewhere, you need to understand exactly why.

One of the primary reasons we see customers looking elsewhere is that bigger businesses from larger cities generally have a greater online presence. This means they have a wider reach on social media platforms and a great website which is found easily by their customers. You might be wondering how you can compete with these larger companies, and the good news is that you CAN compete and we can help you do so!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is a way of improving your ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our online marketing agency team and SEO Cambridge consultants can really help your business to thrive online, as we have done for many of our clients who also operate in highly competitive industries (such as perfume and interior design). Whether you’re looking to come out from a Google penalty, perhaps need some case studies / examples to prove we’re the real deal or need extra support in your content marketing, we can help and assist in your web profile.

Have a look at our UK SEO Packages which could be of real benefit to your business needs.

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Customer Testimonial

Client: Avro Energy
Result: 138%+ Y/Y Visitors

5 Star SEO Packages

Avro Energy has shown impressive performance within 6 months of signing up with SEO Moves. We started with SEO Moves signing up 500 customers a month to our energy saving plans. We now hit almost 3000 sign ups a day and are making real headway against the big six competitors.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending SEO Moves to anyone who needs that extra support in sales and website marketing.

Jake Brown (Director)

How much do Cambridge SEO services cost?

If only there was a simple answer to this question!  Unfortunately, as much as we would LOVE to offer a one-off price to make your digital marketing work effectively, we can’t.  Google uses a highly complex Organic Search Algorithm, which is built out of many factors, so an example budget of £250 p/m might not be sufficient to build enough links in order to see you move onto the first page.  Similarly, if you sell on a national basis, your online strategy will look vastly different from a smaller company who only really sell to the local community.  The SEO strategies and techniques used to rank these different sorts of websites will vary depending on individual circumstances and need.

However, in order to give a rough estimate of budgetary figures, here are some example SEO package costs outlined below:

Secured 1,000's of Google 1 Keywords

Compete in competitive industries today!

Expert service without the London price tag!

SEO Services starting from £289.99p/m

Recommended for Sole Traders
Our Bronze SEO Package focuses on ranking locally
Focused on Ranking Locally (County)
Keyword Research
Google Analytics Setup & Config
Monthly Web Reporting
Title & Meta Data Tag Creation
On-Site Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
Cross Linking (Internal Link Placement)
LSI Keyword & Content Editing
Offsite Link Building
Monthly Web Marketing Report
Monthly Reviews & Calls
No Contract
Sole Traders / Small Businesses
Expand your opportunity by targeting more national keywords
Focused on Ranking Semi-Nationwide
Detailed Keyword Research
Google Analytics Setup & Linking
Advanced SEO Monthly Web Reporting
Onsite Title & Meta Data Improvements
On-Site Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
Cross Linking (Internal Link Placement)
LSI Keyword & Content Editing
Offsite Link Building
Monthly Web Marketing Report
Monthly Reviews & Calls
Monitor up to 250 Keywords
Priority Improvements & Implementations
Dedicated Account Manager
Enhanced Continued Development
No Contract
Cambridge SEO Services

SEO Services

SEO services suitable for businesses and organisations of any size, small to large within Cambridge and the surrounding area, starting from only £289.99 p/m

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing

Cambridge content marketing can give a strong boost to your site’s ranking and increase sales.  Ensure your content matches your customer profile!


Pay Per Click Management

PPC Cambridge services can boost your customer reach, lower the cost per click (CPC) and help you to generate increased sales from your website


Web Design

A well designed and slick website can really convert visitors into sales, especially once SEO is delivering a greater reach to the local area.

SEO Social Media

Social Media Services

Social Media is a growing industry in Cambridge due to the versatility it offers for sole traders and small local businesses

Web Development

Web Programming

Effective wen programming and a defined web system can transform administrative nightmares into a streamlined process which allows you to focus on the important stuff

Local SEO Services in Cambridge

Why not do a little test and see how good your current SEO is?  Load up Google and search for your main product (not including brand name).  Is your website high up those rankings?  No?  You might be missing out on hundreds or thousands of people who don’t even know about you!  Without SEO you’ll miss out on:

  • Opportunities for new business
  • Market share
  • Brand awareness

Our Cambridge SEO team can help you to get your site back on track.  Whether it’s an issue with visitor engagement, conversion rates or penalty risks, we can help you to step up your online game.


All you need to do is either pick up the phone or fill in the contact us form on our contact page.

Growing visitors from Cambridge to your website can be done through a wide range of methods like SEO, PPC, Social Media advertising, press releases and more.  There’s no single solution when it comes to marketing, but we can help you develop a winning strategy for your business.

You might be after more follows on social media, more website visitors or to increase your brand awareness in Cambridge, SEO Moves can work with you to develop the strategy bespoke to your business and individual needs.  Join our clients in SEO and smash your goals in Cambridge today.

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Google’s Guidelines and Your Business

Google’s search algorithm works in lots of different ways; indexing websites based on a range of factors.  It’s a continually evolving process, with Google expanding and reworking their parameters often.  This basically means that there’s no definite way to increase rankings and views.  There are, however, different ways you can optimise your website to work with Google and safely work your way up the search results.

SEO Moves does not exploit Google’s guidelines and run the risk of damaging your website’s ranking.  We work well within the guideleines to boost your ranking and to deliver your targets.  These results come in various guises; from increased page rank, to increased page views and email sign ups.  The main goal is always to increase your sales!

Some strategies we might use:

  • On site optimisation
  • Conversion and display optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Natural link building


Scroll up if you’ve made your decision.

SEO Service

Social Media Service

Content Marketing Service

Web Design Service

Local National SEO in Cambridge

Amazingly, around 87% of people do not look past page one on Google.  Taking this into consideration, it’s clearly important to be specific about your company’s appeal.  Are you competing on a national scale?  Or are you attempting to specialise in Cambridge?  Questions like this are vital to identifying your clientele and working out the best ways to attract them to your company.  A short consultation with our experts will give us a clearer idea of who you are hoping to attract, and how we can help.

How does it work for your business?

You have probably read through all this information and thought that it sounds good in theory, but how does it work in reality?  That’s fine, we get asked it a lot!  Getting that first page ranking can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process, so if you are being promised page one in a week by other agencies, you should steer well clear!

Our main goal isn’t just to get you up to page one and leave you to it!  Our goal is to continually help your business to grow and improve.  We want you to have more followers on Twitter, more Facebook likes and we want you to sell more products whilst your online footprint grows!  We can’t do this without your input though.  While we understand the online space, YOU are the experts in your field.  Tell us about your business and industry, what your company offers and most importantly, WHY people should come to you!  With a strong understanding of your business, the competition and your products, we can sit down and design a brilliant plan of action.

Talk to us today about your Cambridge company!

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