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Our thoroughly individual and tailor made Bedford SEO Services have great benefits for a variety of small local business, helping them to rank for local search phrases.  Bedford is home to around 80,000 people who want to be able to buy services and products near to them rather than having to travel for things found on Google.  If your company in Bedford isn’t seeing a great number of local customers, and the people in the area are tending to look elsewhere for their goods, you need to find out why!

A primary reason for people to shop elsewhere is that businesses in large cities tend to have a greater online presence.  This means they have a further reach on social media and usually have great websites which are easily found on search engines.  You might be wondering how or even if you can compete with these companies, and the good news is, yes!  You can!  We are here to help you.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is a way to improve rankings and Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Our Bedford SEO Consultants can help you to really skyrocket your business, as we have done for so many clients, most of whom are operating in tough, challenging industries.

Look at our UK SEO Packages that could be the perfect for your business.

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Free SEO Health Check

Offering a free website Health Check report to your website (normally worth £85)!

Customer Testimonial

5 Star SEO Packages

SEO Moves are the real deal, I have worked with many SEO Agencies over the years and I can honestly say these guys are on another level. Their reporting is incredible and the team are fantastic to work with.

The websites I have been working on with SEO moves have gone from strength to strength in search engine positioning due to the teams efforts. I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you’re already on the fence.

Shaun Preece (Marketing Director)

How much does Bedford SEO services cost?

Google uses a highly complex Organic Search Algorithm, which is made up of numerous factors.  A modest budget of £250 per month may not be sufficient to be able to build the links required to compete and see a tangible difference in your rankings.  Also, if you are selling on a national basis you’ll have a very different strategy and plan to those businesses who are concentrating on targeting the local markets.

This short 2 minute long video explainer of how Google’s algorithm operates on a top level viewpoint will give you a good idea of just a few strategies we use to boost your Google rankings. Whether your website needs on-site optimisation, off-page optimisation, or perhaps LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords to determine sub-related search phrases to a topic, to improve your on-sites content quality score and improve relevancy for your product or service, then we can help.

What is SEO? 2 Minute Video Explainer.

SEO Services Company Bedford


SEO Services

Our SEO Services are for businesses and organisations small and large in Bedford and surrounding counties starting from £289.99p/m

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing

Content Marketing can help boost your websites ranking and improve visitor sales. Improve your content to match with your Bedfordshire customer profile.


Pay Per Click Management

Our PPC Bedford Services can help you improve reach, reduce cost (CPC) and generate increased sales and conversions for your website.


Web Design

A slick and professionally designed website can convert those visitors into sales, once SEO is delivering improved reach to the local area.

SEO Social Media

Social Media Services

Social Media in Bedford is growing in popularity due to its versatility and is important for sole traders and smaller businesses.

Web Development

Web Programming

Web Programming and a defined web system can turn those administrative nightmares into a slick, streamlined process that allows you to focus on more of the important areas.

Local SEO Services in Bedford

Let’s see how good your current SEO is. Load up Google and type in your main product / service. Does your website rank high in the search rankings? No? Then you are potentially missing out on thousands of people that don’t know about your offering! Without SEO you’ll be losing out on the following;

  • Lost opportunity for new business
  • Giving away market share
  • Loss of brand awareness

Our Bedford SEO team can get your website back on track. Whether it’s a visitor engagement issue, conversion rate problem or penalty risks, we can help you step up your game online.

All we ask is to either pick up the phone or fill in the contact us form on our contact page.

Increase Visitors from Bedford via SEO

Increasing the amount of visitors to your website from Bedford based businesses and customers can be done in a viarety of methods such as SEO, PPC, Social Media advertising, press releases and more. There isn’t a ‘one-size’ fits all method when it comes to it, but we can help you come up with the strategy that works best for your business.

Whether you require more social followers, more visitors or to improve your brand awareness in Bedford, SEO Moves can help you with this and form a strategy which is bespoke and tailored to your individual requirements. Join some of our clients in SEO and reach your goals and aspirations in Bedford today!

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Google’s Guidelines and Your Business

Google’s algorithm works in many ways; sorting websites based on a number of factors. It’s a constantly changing process, with Google expanding, reworking and changing their parameters frequently. What that means, in simple terms, is that there is no one sure fire, guaranteed way to boost your rankings and views. There are, however, ways in which you can optimise your website to embrace Google’s algorithm and safely work your way up the ranks.

SEO Moves doesn’t exploit these guidelines and run the risk of plummeting your website’s ranking. We work carefully within the guidelines to boost your ranking and deliver your targets. Those results can come in various forms; from an increased page ranking, to an increase in page views or more email signups. The ultimate goal, however, is to increase your sales.

Included Strategies:

  • On-site optimisation
  • Conversion & Display Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Natural Link Building

SEO Service

Social Media Service

Content Marketing Service

Web Design Service

Local National SEO in Bedford

87% of people don’t navigate to the second page of Google. With that in mind it’s very important to be specific about your company’s appeal. Are you competing nationally? Or are you trying to specialise in Wellingborough? Questions like this are crucial to determining your clientele and working out how to attract them to your business. A quick consultation with us will give us an idea of who you’re looking to attract, and how we’re going to help.

How does this work for you?

You might have read through all of this and thought it sounds nice on paper, but wondered how it works in practice. That’s fine, it’s a question we get asked a lot. Hitting the first page on Google can be a lengthy process; so if you’re being told that a company can get you to page one within a week, you might need to have a rethink.

Our goal isn’t to just get you to page one and leave you to it. Our goal is to help your business grow; we want you to have more followers on Twitter, more likes on Facebook, we want to see you sell more products and we want to see your online footprint grow. We can’t do that without you though. While we understand the online space, you are the experts in your field. Tell us about your industry, your work and what your company offers and, most importantly, why people should come to you. With a thorough understanding of your business, your competition and your products we can sit down and design a thorough plan of action.

Send us a message and talk to us about your company today.

SEO Bedford FAQs

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is a digital marketing strategy used to get your website more visible on search engines.  The reason it is important for your business in Bedford is that local people may search for your services within the Bedford area – it is important that you are visible to your local area on search results for local pages.

SEO Moves are a local SEO company who offer a wide range of digital marketing services, alongside web design, social media marketing and content marketing.  Our friendly SEO team will be able to help you understand more about how SEO could help your business in the Bedford area, pulling more traffic to your website with a good marketing strategy.

Primarily we deal in what is known as organic search engine optimisation, which is the most well known SEO tactic.  We also manage Google Adwords campaigns to help you get the most from your pay per click advertising.  Having an SEO consultant who is Bedford based will help you to get the most from your local businesses, opening up your brand to a wider audience and generate more sales or conversions.

Although there are no formal qualifications in SEO, we feel our results speak for themselves! We have many happy clients on our books, and can show you real term successes which they have had over the years and months.  Ask to see our case studies for evidence of our expertise!  We are also Google Partners, which means we have passed the stringent Google AdWords and Google Analytics exams in order to become certified.  We have also been recognised by Google as one of their “Top 30 digital marketing agencies” earlier in 2017.

The cost of SEO services in Bedford very much depends on what your aims and aspirations are.  We work with a wide range of clients, with differing needs and goals, therefore we price our website SEO bespoke for each client.  With high quality online marketing, our clients soion find that they are acheiving an excellent return on investment, making our services extremely valuable.  If you aren’t sure what we can do for you, why not take up our free seo analysis where we can show you exactly where your site is falling down from an expert seo perspective?

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