Location: Hinckley
By: SEO Moves

What’s the point of having a shop but no-one walks past it?

Not quite Leicester, not quite Coventry and not quite Birmingham. Hinckley, like many towns around the UK, suffers from being a bit too close to cities with major commerce. After all; why would you shop in Hinckley if you could go to one of those hubs? That’s the kind of thinking that we at SEO Moves are trying to challenge. We want to help small and medium sized businesses in these smaller towns fight the image of high streets filled with charity shops and stand on their own merits. Get yourself online and get yourself noticed by the people of Hinckley so they don’t go elsewhere for your business.

SEO is a foreign concept to many business owners though. The idea that a company can specialise in helping you move up the ranks of Google is a strange one. But here at SEO Moves we have seen it happen and seen just how much difference it can make to companies bottom lines.

So what is Google looking for when it ranks my website?

There are many elements that Google takes into account when determining where to place your website. A lot of it sounds like jargon (and a lot of it is!) but you need to be aware of Google’s guidelines. Many companies will try and exploit those guidelines for immediate boosts in rankings; but any change to Google’s algorithms, or if you get caught, can see a massive drop in your rankings, rendering your website irrelevant.

SEO Moves works within Google’s guidelines to promote sustainable growth in good time.

Become Known On Google

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Bespoke Marketing resources available online via digital means. Press releases, newsletters or affiliate marketing services available through SEO Moves partnering websites. Enquire today to discover a way to market your business online.

How does working with an SEO Company affect me?

We’re not going to tell you how to run your business. After all; you might be the sharpest business mind the world has ever seen. There’s no shame, however, in asking for help once in a while. In this modern age maintaining an online presence is absolutely essential for both sales and brand visibility. If you want people to do business with you and not travel into Leicester, Coventry or Birmingham then they need to know that you exist.

That’s where SEO Moves can help you. We specialise in promoting small and medium sized businesses up the search rankings on Google.

Included Strategies:

  • On-site optimisation
  • Conversion & Display optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Natural Link Building

What are the benefits to my business?

87% of people don’t go to the second page of Google. That alone should tell you that getting onto that first page has the potential to increase your business dramatically. You’ve made it this far, you’re interested, but you want some cold hard truths about SEO? It’s not going to be easy. Your competition might be using it or the level of competition for your desired search terms could be enormous. Don’t be disheartened though; with a little knowhow, some elbow grease and some outside of the box thinking we can get there.

Your goal might be “get me to page one of Google!” but ours will be slightly different. Sustaining a high ranking is just as difficult as getting there; but if we see you getting more Facebook likes, getting more Twitter followers and maybe even more email signups then we’re happy, because that means the plan is working; your visibility and your brand recognition is improving.

We need you though. Without your business then we have no SEO campaign. We need to know why you’re the best, we need to know what your company is about and, most importantly, we need to know why people should come to you.

If any of this has caught your attention then get in touch with us and tell us what your company can bring to Hinckley.