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Is PPC worth it for my business?

PPC can be one of the best and fastest digital marketing strategies if managed correctly, however it can lead to a massive loss and waste of money if it is set up inefficiently. Use SEO Move's paid search management to make sure you are getting the most optimised campaigns which have the greatest chance of return on investment.
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PPC is one of the best and fastest methods of digital marketing to bring clients and leads to your business. It provides you with the right people who look for the exact service or product that you offer. Pay per click campaigns are easy to control and usually they return the investment. Our analytics reports studies from our current clients show that the performance of an e-commerce site can vary from company to company depending on the industry they're in.

However, there are numerous cases when such campaigns can easily collapse and turn into a huge expense. Leaving how much you spend on sales terms in the hands of a inexperienced PPC management agency, the potential loss of money, time and efforts can be devastating for most businesses. That's why smart players don’t take any chances and ensure they have a professionally handled PPC agency. Market reporting can be testing difficult to manage, even for people with careers based in marketing, that's why we're a good partner for any case of PPC.

Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch with our PPC consultancy team who can walk you through the process of improving your AdWords campaign. We've achieved the best value for money with our managed service.

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Pay Per Click Services

Get Traffic Relevant To Your Site

Pay Per Click can be a costly route for many, that's especially so if a campaign isn’t well optimised. Typically, we've found that we can improve the cost efficiency of our clients campaign by at least 30%+.
Our team of PPC consultants are AdWords certified Google partner, regularly contribute to Google Developer forums and assist and advise businesses on the best use of their investment within paid channels.
Our PPC management service, depending on the complexity of the campaign, can begin for as little as £150 – £250 per month.
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Cost Management

Improve quality score and thereby generate better value for money on your campaigns.

PPC Management

Bespoke, fully managed PPC Management services available to tailor.

Landing Pages

Create tailored squeeze pages to significantly improve conversion rate.


Google AdWords & Bing Ads Management

Optimise your AD campaigns

PPC is one of the best and fastest ways to bring clients for your business. It provides you with the right people, who look for the exact service terms or product that you offer. Pay per click campaigns are easy to control and usually they're a good return of investment.

However, there are numerous cases when such campaigns can easily collapse and turn into a huge expense. In the hands of the inexperienced PPC marketers, the potential loss of money, time and effort can have a knock on effect that's devastating for most businesses. So the smart players don’t take any chances, they're sure they have a professionally handled PPC operation. We can analyse your Google ads metrics to see which of your campaigns are successful and what areas could be improved.

Feel free to call or use the contact form to get in touch with our PPC consultancy team who can walk you through the process of improving your AdWords campaign. Achieve best value for money with our managed service.

Pay Per Click advertising, otherwise known on the short hand as PPC, is a type of online advertising used on many search engines and website networks across the world wide web where an advertiser is charged only when their ad is clicked on. The purpose of PPC is to aid in driving quality and targeted traffic to a website in a cost-effective manner.

However, unfortunately if the right mechanisms and pathways aren’t adopted in the beginning planning stages, then this form of advertising can be a costly experience and should be managed by a PPC certified specialist.

Pay Per Click ad positions, particularly on Google are located in the top bar (underneath the search field) and in the sidebar. These business owners are actively paying Google each time their advert is clicked.

On the other hand, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of gaining ‘organic’ (natural) positions in the rest of Google’s search engine result page. Search Engine optimisation techniques are used to help improve these organic rankings such as improving the quality of a websites content, natural link building and many more.

Google AdWords and Bing Ad Centre both provide a detailed level of raw statistics available to web masters. These include the likes of ‘quality score’, which is one of Google’s PPC algorithms measuring the quality of a destination URL after the ad has been clicked (along with many other factors). Cost per sale, per conversion and per visit are also shown and calculated.

However, the know how to process these vital statistics is where the material benefit is gained for website owners. Are you asking yourself why I you are paying so much (CPC) per keyword? Well it could be due to a low quality score.

Have an SEO Moves PPC Consultant analyse your PPC Campaign today.

Remarketing is the process of showing a bespoke set of ads to people who have already visited your website. When visitors leave your website without buying anything, remarketing allows you to reconnect with them by showing relevant and targeted ‘hook ads’ as they browse the web or as they search online.

Dynamic remarketing is the next level up, which shows dynamic ads to past visitors with products and services they have recently viewed on your website, as they browse Display Network websites.

Having a specialist PPC management consultant review your AdWords / Bing Ads campaign is a step in the right direction. If you’re lost in the lingo or simply aren’t able to supply enough time to develop and optimise your campaign, then it is highly recommended you consult a Pay Per Click Management firm to help deliver better return on investment.

Specific PCC Details

Vital PPC on-site elements

Without the foundations of a good keyword research plan, any AdWords campaign will operate in-efficiently no matter how complex or well constructed the ad copy or bid management is set. Choosing the best keywords to focus any investment on is crucial, ensuring that the phrases selected are most likely to result in clicks and conversions. This is a process that all SEO & PPC specialists should begin with and combine this information with knowledge expressed by the client on their customers and marketplace. This way we can construct effective ads that show up at the right time and in the right place.

SEO Moves walks through, step by step each part of the process ensuring we are maximising the effectiveness of all of our PPC campaigns. Truth be told, we don’t understand every single marketplace out their or specific customer behaviors, but with the combined effort of a business owners knowledge and SEO Move’s insight into searching online, all of our campaigns have improved conversion rate by at least 35% which resulted in a reduction in cost by an average of 66%.

Keyword grouping is a top level strategy adopted by organised PPC specialists who want to achieve budget effectiveness across the entire campaign level. By keyword grouping into specific campaigns and ad groups, you begin to work on a process called Latent Semantic Indexing, identifying sub-related keywords to a chosen subject. Identifying ‘LSI’ keywords and placing them into specific ad groups, you begin to bolster and strengthen that particular ad.

By doing this, you are able to improve quality score and therefore increase the budget effectiveness of your campaign (by paying a lower cost per click).

When it comes to campaign and ad group structure, keyword grouping and latent semantic indexing, then the SEO Moves PPC specialist team are here to help in identifying these groups.

To be it simply, you have 2 lines of ad copy text to convince a potential visitor to click on your paid advert. This is hard, especially if you operate in a saturated PPC marketplace and have maximised all avenues of ad extensions. However, with SEO Moves AdWords qualified specialists, we are able to carry out effective A/B testing on your ad copy, ensuring that we understand the thinking patterns behind certain keyword phrases; these are known as customer choice factors (CCF’s).

Is it the cheapest price you’re customer is looking for? Free delivery? 24/7 support? Whichever marketplace you operate in, there’ll be a list of CCF’s that will help bolster your advertising campaign.

Our team of content marketing specialists work with our partners to create targeted and effective ad copy, maximising budget effectiveness and click through rates.

The use of tailored and effectively constructed landing pages in Pay Per Click channels can significantly increase conversion rates whilst lower cost per click. The overall goal is to create a closely conjoined relationship between the ad and the content of the specific landing page, thus, increasing quality score and the message match for humans and Google’s AdWords algorithm.

However, many organisations fail to do this and point adverts at pages that aren’t tailored to a specific keyword group. This then leads to a reduced quality score, a reduced conversion rate thereby increasing the chance of the campaign not converting. This can then lead to the belief that the keyword group is no longer worth targeting and in many cases, the opportunity is then missed.

SEO Moves PPC experts can create tailored landing pages (also known as squeeze pages in certain types of industries) which effectively correlate and match between a users search query and exactly what the Google AdWords algorithm are both looking for.

Quality Score is term thrown round by many Pay Per Click specialists. To put it simply, Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. The use of quality score it to determine your cost per click (CPC) which is multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank in the ad auction process. Therefore if you have a low quality score, then to improve your ad rank, you will naturally have to bid higher than what is expected. On the other hand, if you have a high quality score, your CPC can be lowered whilst still resulting in same ad rank position.

The quality score metric can be improved via a number of processes. It is calculated by analysing your ad copy and comparing it to the content specific within the page that the ad is linked to. Therefore, if you sell ‘blue cars’ and you link to a page which sells ‘red cars’ then your quality score will naturally be lower than that of linking to a specifically related page.

The key to improving quality score is structure and understanding how Google’s Pay Per Click algorithm system operates, something which SEO Moves understands and have been regularly working with over the last 7 years.

Managing your pay per click advertisement, no matter how small, should always have a few hours of management each month. The benefits of having an SEO Moves PPC Consultant monitor and optimise on a monthly basis outweighs the cost if you didn’t, whilst improving ad rank, click through and conversion rates.

If you would like to specifically talk to an SEO Moves PPC consultant then please use the contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

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