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We’re an arm to the The Moves Group, a large enterprise categorised into different functions and areas of digital marketing and Marketing. SEO Moves provides a wide range of Marketing services for Shotts, Lanarkshire businesses. Whether you’re looking for a trustworthy company in website development / web design or can’t understand why your good looking website isn’t generating near enough sales than you had anticipated (SEO / Conversion rate optimisation) then get in touch with a Marketing consultant today. Our head office is based in the middle of the UK, but we service the UK nationwide, especially in areas such as Shotts.

Businesses in Lanarkshire similar to yours have benefited greatly from having SEO Moves as a strategic business partner. We not only provide the latest cutting edge technology, programming code and SEO services which will make most curl, but we actually pass over business knowledge and ideas that truly will make a great business, the best one in Shotts.

What can we offer that others can’t?

Let’s face it – there are thousands of competing digital marketing agencies spanning throughout the UK and in Shotts. Why should you go with SEO Moves for your next online marketing project?

Well, this company was formed by a group of digital marketing and Marketing experts, spanning in their individual digital field (Web Design, Development / Programming, SEO, Content Writing, Social Media). We have all worked for Marketing agencies in the past and learnt the common pitfalls and weaknesses as seen from a clients perspective. We’ve taken those experiences and knowledge away and have come up with a new innovative method in delivery quality digital marketing services to businesses in Shotts, Lanarkshire. By developing a content management system that works to exactly how we want we are able to deliver the majority of the services above effortlessly and at a considerably lower price.

Marketing Services in Shotts, Lanarkshire

Why look elsewhere for a Marketing agency in Shotts, Lanarkshire? SEO Moves has an abundance of experienced resources ready and waiting at our disposal to provide you with how you want you business to appear, look, read and feel like online.

Don’t fall foul of agencies promising Google Top 1 rankings – in reality, no-one can’t. Even Google themselves penalised themselves (when Google Chrome launched) due to the sheer volume of inbound links that the website had generated in such a short period of time. Time to find an ethical, long-term relationship with a digital marketing agency servicing clients in Shotts, Lanarkshire.

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Our Services

Digital Marketing Services in Shotts

See yourself from a consumers perspective in Shotts. Why not search for your product / service and Lanarkshire on Google, Bing or Yahoo and see where you appear. Is your business or website near the top of the search listings? If not, then it’s time to get in touch as you’re potentially missing out on hundreds, if not thousands of potential local Shotts, Lanarkshire enquiries.


  • Lost opportunity for new business
  • Giving away market share
  • Loss of brand awareness

Our Marketing services and knowledge help small to medium sized businesses compete against national UK competitors online by ranking them higher up on search engines for keywords that directly relate to your service and product (or even solution).


PPC Management Service

Test new products, services and trial new locations with Pay Per Click services such as Google AdWords & Bing Ads for customers in Shotts, Lanarkshire.


Web Designers UK

Website design is a fiddly task. Appeal to your local Shotts, Lanarkshire area today with a design that is built to your customers requirements.

SEO Social Media

Social Media Plans

Is your Shotts business on Social Media? Find that no-one in Lanarkshire really pays attention to you? Start a Social Media Plan today with SEO Moves.

Web Development

Web Development & Program

Stop working around your system but instead have your web system work around you, allowing you more time to focus on you Shotts customers.


Search Engine Optimisation

Google, Bing & Yahoo rankings – The three main search engines your local Shotts customers are using. Do you list high enough for the Lanarkshire area?

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Creation & Auditing

Allow us to create meaningful and engaging content for your Lanarkshire customers, clients or consumers. Don’t fall short on content – it’s what sells you!

What is your next step in digital marketing?

So you have a website and probably a few social media accounts but do they work for customers in your Shotts and surrounding Lanarkshire area? Let us take a look at your entire digital marketing portfolio, from social media to content to how well you website appears on Google. Typically we see small businesses on a budget of £250+ p/m (depending on what you want to achieve) and the majority have seen at-least double sales whilst larger businesses tend to be drastically well on £450+ – However, if these costs are out of the question for you because you’re a startup of simply just don’t have the cash in the bank, need not worry. We offer startup business Marketing support for smaller costs with the general proviso that when an agreed level of sales have been achieved in your Shotts, Lanarkshire area we start to begin in clawing back some of those costs.

Likewise if you need help with kick starting your Marketing campaign and you need a digital marketing agency to really get thinks off the grown in order to become known in your Shotts, then contact us today for a free consultation. Our digital marketing services in Shotts and around Lanarkshire span for small, medium and larger businesses and via our digital media marketing tactics, we can achieve a great level of success on a relatively small budget.

SEO Service

Social Media Service

Content Marketing Service

Web Design Service

Secured 1,000's of Google 1 Keywords

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Digital Media Services at your disposal

SEO Services starting from £149.99p/m

Digital Media Marketing Services for Shotts, Lanarkshire

Our employee’s have been operating within the Marketing scene for some time now. With a combined experience spanning over 30+ years, we have ensured that all channels to market are explored and thoroughly developed, and it all depends on what you would like to achieve.

If you have an idea and/or a startup that would take the Lanarkshire market by storm, we would recommend going down a paid advertising route, using PPC (pay per click) via either Google AdWords or Bing Ads to really connect with the local Shotts audience. You’ll hold key positions on search engines for a given set criteria of keywords that you want your business to appear for. Whilst this is on-going, a well formed, long-term strategic SEO plan would also be underway, so come 6-8 months later down the line, you won’t need to be investing in costly paid advertising and you’ll be high up on the search rankings for keywords related to you Shotts and Lanarkshire catchment areas.

This is just a basic plan, but there should always be a strategy behind a digital marketing investment. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Bing Accredited & Google Partner in Shotts, Lanarkshire

SEO Moves Google Partner

By supplying digital marketing services through Shotts, Lanarkshire, The Web Moves Group has become renowned to be the one stop-shop in digital marketing. If you want to take full advantage of the humongous digital arena in Shotts, which is currently at your feet, then you’ll need to create a strategic and adapted marketing strategy with SMART objectives and goals.

SEO Moves are a one-stop shop for businesses operating in Shotts who are wanting to take the next step in their digital plans. With experienced and dedicated account managers and consultants in each arm of the digital marketing mix, we help small, medium and large sized businesses in Shotts become more known not just locally, but nationally.

Our online results for businesses servicing areas in Shotts speak for themselves, many of whom had started off as small sole traders but becoming national sellers. There are a huge number of marketing elements to make businesses in Lanarkshire a success, it’s just about applying the right ones at the right time in the right budgetary constraints.

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