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Running a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign can be very challenging. Google's organic algorithms have advanced with complex equations. Our custom SEO Packages are there to provide an overview on the typical costed digital marketing programmes we deliver. Cost effective and custom marketing for all.

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Effective digital marketing campaigns including technical SEO can be a real challenge for most business owners in Powys. To really achieve in knowing how to rank higher on Google, you need to be involved in it daily. The micro-alogrithmic adjustments that Google releases daily go unnoticed by the majority even for businesses in Powys, however it is crucial for the updates that do take effect, that you action detailed changes on your website. Ensuring that your business has an SEO Agency who can help carry out improvements to your website, such as;
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • HTML Improvements
  • Link Building
  • Heading Tag Analysis
  • Content Analysis & Improvements
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Mobile Optimisations
Is critical in ensuring your website remains highly positioned at the top of Google Search Results (SERPS).

Search Engine Optimisation Key Facts

Just some of the achievements generated by SEO Moves

eCommerce SEO


boost in monthly revenue with a custom eCommerce SEO programme, ranking no.1 organically for many phrases.

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Local SEO Campaign


Local brand awareness measured with organic visitors and search impressions now saturating the local area on Google search.

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National SEO Campaign


boost per month of sales via a nationwide SEO and PPC campaign spending as little as £0.10p per click for competitive phrases.

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Local SEO Campaign


New customer enquiries received on a monthly basis, meaning the business has employed 2 new installation teams to keep up with demand.

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Our Digital Services

SEO Consultant Powys

SEO Services

Our Search Engine Optimising specialists are widely used by many businesses in Powys area as a way to help expand sales within the local field. Ranking highly on Google can easily outperform any sales person as long as the audience online is present.

SEO Packages

Cost measured SEO Packages with high return on investment for small and medium sized businesses in Powys allow us to begin work on your website immediately. Prices start from as little as £229.99p/m suited for any small business in the local area.

SEO Consultancy

Senior qualified Search Engine Consultants with minimum of 10 years of industry experience further bolster our effective SEO programmes backed by scientific and mathematical investigation into Google's organic search algorithm since 2001.

Rank in Position 1

Ranking highly on Google doesn't happen by magic. A business would've employed the qualified services of an SEO agency to boost various SEO metrics of a website. Your digital market programme should feature ranking in no.1 position as highest priority.

White Label SEO

Don't have the time or the resource to learn SEO in detail? Then if you're an agency in Powys looking for a qualified agency involved in this field, we can help. Our white label seo services include custom branded reports, technical SEO, link building and much more.

SEO Costs

What is the cost of SEO? For your business prices can range from £229.99p/m into the thousands. Our first recommended step is for us to learn about your website, your competitors website, the competition in the online sphere among many other SEO metrics we look into as part of the Free SEO Analysis we offer.

Our Digital Services

Local SEO

Google Search accounts for over 90% market saturation within the search industry. Our organisation is focused on ensuring we keep up to date with the latest patches Google release for their organic ranking algorithm which allows us to remain continuously competitive.

It is imperative that your business remains high up in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). A qualified agency such as SEO Moves services over 60+ clients throughout the UK and the world.

To determine exactly what you need to do with your website, we suggest first starting off with a Free SEO Analysis. Our team of qualified consultants will be able to pinpoint key areas of improvement alongside determining also what your competitors are up to.


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Frequently Asked Questions


To see what kind of starting point we are at, we start all new SEO campaigns off with a quick SEO analysis, which is a bit like a health check for your site. It doesn't really matter if you have never done any or have done some other things in the past. SEO is now a highly complex field so we will work with whatever you already have. In reality, to get the most out of Search Engine Optimisation you need to be actively and regularly working in the industry day in day out. No longer can you do 'one off boosts' given the sheer amount of algorithm updates Google push out per day. 

We have staff Google Certified in paid search (Google Ads) in house who are experts at creating effective campaigns. We look at a range of things, such as the competitiveness of your market to set the right budget. We optimise the campaign to make sure the budget is being used effectively and making a good return on investment.

In short, yes. Though content, as great as it can be for teaching and gaining knowledge from others, needs to be implemented in a manner of which Google believes to be relevant and unique. We carry out Latent Semantic Indexing analysis, which determines keywords that are relevant and related to a specific topic, or so, in Google’s eyes. For example, if you take ‘Leicester SEO Agency’ as a topic, you’d be making good progress if you included sub-permutations such as ‘Digital Marketing Agency Leicester’ or ‘Search Engine Optimisation Leicester’ as two examples within your content to improve Google’s belief of how relevant you are to the main search phrase.

Keyword density is another metric which you may have heard of. Keyword stuffing! These are outdated and useless SEO tactics. Content flows naturally and density really isn’t a metric you should be focusing on, but instead, quality content that answers and provides a solution to a queries search. For example, do you find yourself not writing about how much your service costs? You’re actively going against what Google are trying to devote to each and every search on their algorithm. Sure, in some industries it’s difficult to come up with a price instantaneously but you can at-least provide examples. This quite nicely goes onto how much does SEO cost?

When we carry out the technical SEO analysis for your [adj business] in [tag city], we also look at your competitors and determine how much of the algorithmic on-site and off-site metrics they currently have in place to determine a monthly, on-going budget to deliver the results that you seek. We rank on the 1st page nationwide for ‘SEO Packages’ throughout the UK which has taken time and activity to achieve this. A good indication and outline of anticipated SEO costs is with our packages:

Our packages range from £229p/m to £1,400+p/m depending on the industry and level of competition in [tag county] area. This budget is split down into three main sections;

  • Link Building Activities
  • Improvements / Developments and On-Site Work
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis

Without these 3 core fundamental areas, we wouldn’t be able to provide the excellent results that we're renowned for.

This is an internet marketing question that we are asked all of the time here at SEO Moves. Search Engine Optimisation takes a considerable amount of time to get right, whether that’s looking at the keywords we’ve chosen for you at the start of the process or determining which search engine is best suited for your audience (most of the time Google), once you’re on board with us, we will ensure that all of the necessary long tail phrases and content marketing processes we have in place are done on time to ultimately improve traffic to the website.

You may have heard that it takes between 3-6 months to rank well for a broad range of phrases. It ultimately depends on the industry and competitiveness within your market place. Our case studies will give you a good example of how we rank for a broad range of industries. Search engines are clever systems and they are continuously updated each and every day to ensure a web site is playing by webmaster guidelines and rules set out by the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Link building is just one area which occurs on a regular, on-going and monthly basis. As an SEO agency in Leicester, we need to ensure that your website remains on top form and in the top first 5 positions of Google, for a broad range of phrases that are pertinent to your business. As Google operates a vote based linking algorithm, we ensure that links that are built to your website are of white-hat origins and are quality, related to your specific industry and business. Given that link anchor text diversity is an area which many search engine robots are continuing to focus in on, we provide all of the safety barriers and nets to ensure that your website has very little risk of your website being penalised.

To be put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s (Google) algorithm. A [adj business] in [tag city] will be utilising these technical digital strategies to help [tag increase] visibility and organic traffic. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the rank a website is on Google (Page 1) the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

The SEO UK Moves search engine optimiser team partners with small to medium sized organisations to help improve their websites ranking on Google.

Unfortunately, it truly depends on about 40+ current ranking factors. These includes the likes of;

  • How competitive is your marketplace?
  • How well established your website is on Google?
  • What is the current state of affair of your website?
  • What’s the history of your website? (Past Penalty?
  • How well is your on-site optimisation?

And many more. Typically it takes a number of months to see substantial increases in both sales and visitors. Organic search engine optimisation is a lengthy process, so be prepared to be in it for the long run. Fortunately, the benefits outweigh the investment and we have seen businesses quadruple in size and become market leaders, purely on ranking number 1 on one keyword alone.

On the other hand, appropriate on-site optimisation can significantly improve your website ranking and it incorporates both our Leicester Web Development and Web Design services.

There are over 200 ranking factors that Google looks at. Their algorithm takes these factors into account and decides where to rank your website. The system is continuously updated each day and Google tends to keep webmasters on their toes in aid of delivering

Search Engine Optimisers like SEO Moves understand the way that algorithm’s work and can begin working to ensure that your website has the best possible chance in ranking above your competitors.

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Speak to an SEO Consultant for a free 30 minute discussion on how we can help you rank highly on Google.

Speak to a member of our team at a time suited to you.