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Most of us look to the internet when we want to find out information about services or products, with many of us choosing to do all our purchasing this way. It makes sense that businesses want their websites to work as effectively as possible, for both looks and user experience. SEO Moves is an award-winning complete digital agency, providing a wide range of online services including Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design, Content Marketing, Social Media and more. We also set up and manage effective Paid Search Campaigns on Bing Ads and Google AdWords and are accredited via the Google Partners award programme.




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Search Engine Optimisation Key Facts

Just some of the achievements generated by SEO Moves

eCommerce SEO


Increase in monthly sales with custom eCommerce technical SEO programme, ranking no.1 organically for many phrases.

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Local SEO Campaign


Local visibility measured with organic visitors and impressions now dominating the local area on Google.

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National SEO Campaign


Impveoment per month of sales via a nationwide SEO campaign utilising bespoke web development and locations module.

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Local SEO Campaign


Enquiries received per month, meaning the company has had to employ two further installation teams to keep up with demand.

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Our Services


Wouldn’t it be great if all our programs and workplace systems worked exactly how we wanted them to? Make this dream a reality with our clever web programming and custom software solutions.


Show off your business in Northumberland with a fresh new look for your website! Our talented team of programmers and designers can offer their exciting website design flair to bring you something awesome.


Social Media is everything right now, with many people constantly on their profiles throughout the day. Reach out to more customers and business with our great Social Media services and start converting your followers more effectively.


The content is a major part of your website, so it makes sense to ensure yours means something, is effective and totally unique! Our range of Content Marketing services can help you to achieve great things with the content of your website.


Perfect for testing the local Northumberland market and seeing fast results for sales, enquires and conversions, our PPC (Pay Per Click and Google AdWords advertising services could be just the ticket for your business.


Our SEO service is widely recognised by businesses in Northumberland and the wider Northumberland area as a fantastic way to become more visible and seen online.

Reach New Customers Online

SEO Company Northumberland

Search Engine Optimisation in Northumberland can be used alongside strategies to maximise online reach. If you go to a search engine and type in your main service + location, do you appear high up in the search results? If not, then customers can’t easily find you. Speak to an award-winning SEO consultant today.

  • You're losing out on new business.
  • You're giving competitors the upper hand.
  • You're losing brand awareness online.

Our services really do help smaller firms to compete against their larger rivals, who have often been involved in search engines from the very beginning of Google. You too can gain that much-needed market share via effective technical SEO strategies.

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Choose the Right Agency

SEO Services Northumberland

SEO Moves are a results driven, conversion rate focused agency working for a wide range of clients in Northumberland. With our proven results, we can deliver measurable benefits for your company through improvements to your website and online presence.

Sadly, our industry is totally saturated with organisations, all promising top Google rankings and increased sales / visitors. In reality, no-one can promise position 1 rankings on any search engine. However, navigate to our success page to see the types of results we have achieved for our clients, including securing over 500 top 5 Google search phrases. With improved conversion rates, reduction in cost of sale on PPC and complex programs to make day to day running of a business easier, these are just some of the many areas we help Northumberland organisations stay competitive.

FREE Marketing Consultation

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When selecting a digital marketing agency to take a look at your business, you should expect to see examples of growth and gains for their current clients. Feel free to speak to a member of our team today, who can walk you through just some of the results we’ve generated for our current clients via our case studies.


Frequently Asked Questions


We can help you with all aspects of social media, from initial set up through to planning appropriate posts, handling user engagement and sponsored postings.  Have a chat with our team today to find out more.

We are always honest with our clients – no SEO company in [tag city] can guarantee their results as none of us are able to control search engines! The regular changes to search algorithms mean your [tag city] company could rank at number 1 one day, but then drop down a few spots the next day.  We work to ensure that your site has the best possible chance of obtaining and holding on to the top ranking spots through a combination of strategies both onsite and offsite.  Ongoing SEO work is the only way to get the good results you are looking for from your site.

To see what kind of starting point we are at, we start all new SEO campaigns off with a quick SEO analysis, which is a bit like a health check for your site. It doesn’t really matter if you have never done any SEO, or have done some other things in the past. SEO is now a highly complex field so we will work with whatever you already have.

SEO for short, is a process in which a webmaster, typically a digital expert positively effects the visibility of a web page or domain within a search engine, such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. As Google holds over 95% of the search market within the UK, this is the obvious choice for many businesses to market themselves on. When you initiate a search on Google, you are querying a large database of domains. These domains are positioned within the search engines results pages in numerical order (1 being 1st position, 10 being bottom of first page) of which Google ascertains to be most pertinent and relevant to a user’s search term.

This is where our Leicester SEO Agency team can assist and determine ranking factors that Google considers when ranking your website. Once you’ve started to hit those webmaster quality guidelines that we assist and help over 70+ clients throughout the UK, your web traffic, more customers and rankings from searches start to increase.

In short, yes. Though content, as great as it can be for teaching and gaining knowledge from others, needs to be implemented in a manner of which Google believes to be relevant and unique. We carry out Latent Semantic Indexing analysis, which determines keywords that are relevant and related to a specific topic, or so, in Google’s eyes. For example, if you take ‘Leicester SEO Agency’ as a topic, you’d be making good progress if you included sub-permutations such as ‘Digital Marketing Agency Leicester’ or ‘Search Engine Optimisation Leicester’ as two examples within your content to improve Google’s belief of how relevant you are to the main search phrase.

Keyword density is another metric which you may have heard of. Keyword stuffing! These are outdated and useless SEO tactics. Content flows naturally and density really isn’t a metric you should be focusing on, but instead, quality content that answers and provides a solution to a queries search. For example, do you find yourself not writing about how much your service costs? You’re actively going against what Google are trying to devote to each and every search on their algorithm. Sure, in some industries it’s difficult to come up with a price instantaneously but you can at-least provide examples. This quite nicely goes onto how much does SEO cost?

When we carry out the technical SEO analysis for your [adj business] in [tag city], we also look at your competitors and determine how much of the algorithmic on-site and off-site metrics they currently have in place to determine a monthly, on-going budget to deliver the results that you seek. We rank on the 1st page nationwide for ‘SEO Packages’ throughout the UK which has taken time and activity to achieve this. A good indication and outline of anticipated SEO costs is with our packages:

Our packages range from £229p/m to £1,400+p/m depending on the industry and level of competition in [tag county] area. This budget is split down into three main sections;

  • Link Building Activities
  • Improvements / Developments and On-Site Work
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis

Without these 3 core fundamental areas, we wouldn’t be able to provide the excellent results that we're renowned for.

We can. However, it is important to note that ranking for a particular keyword is not something that occurs in a blink of an eye, but instead, a prolonged and concentrated effort to aid in increasing rankings in search engines.

SEO Moves adopts a scientific approach to the algorithm and by doing so, we are able to monitor results of key individual website alterations. Due to daily Google algorithm updates, it’s our job to continually adapt and cater for your visitors whilst growing your rankings in the search engine alongside Google’s guidelines.

Pay Per Click ad positions, particularly on Google are located in the top bar (underneath the search field) and in the sidebar. These business owners are actively paying Google each time their advert is clicked.

On the other hand, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of gaining ‘organic’ (natural) positions in the rest of Google’s search engine result page. Search Engine optimisation techniques are used to help improve these organic rankings such as improving the quality of a websites content, natural link building and many more.

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Speak to an SEO Consultant for a free 30 minute discussion on how we can help you rank highly on Google.

Speak to a member of our team at a time suited to you.