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SEO Moves: A Specialist Search Engine Optimisation Agency

SEO Moves are a fully fledge Search Engine Optimisation agency providing a broad range of services for businesses in Fareham and surrounding Hampshire areas. Our team are made up of Search Engine Optimisation consultants, SEO engineers and strategists to provide clients with a fully bespoke Search Engine Optimisation plan in driving revenue, sales and enquiries through online mediums.

As many customers, clients and people in Fareham and Hampshire come more accustomed to searching for services and products via online means, it’s critical for businesses in Fareham appearing high up on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo for their product or keyword phrase. More importantly, broadening the reach of a website for search phrases involving further afield areas such as Hampshire are also important for capturing a larger marketplace.

So how does search engine optimisation work?

We’ll be using Google as a main source; Over 80% of people in Fareham and Hampshire will be using Google as their primary search engine, so this is typically the Search Engine Optimisation strategy we base our main service on.

Google works predominantly on IBL’s (Inbound Links). Take our democratic voting system and use an example in Hampshire. The more votes the local Fareham councillor receives, he or she has a higher chance of entering into power. It’s a similar stance, not quite an exact science with Google; the more links you have pointing to your website from other external and more importantly Fareham based websites, the better chances you have of achieving first page rankings. This is a part of Search Engine Optimisation and it really is only the very start of what’s involved in SEO not only nationwide but also for locations in and around Hampshire. With over 200 algorithmic calculations it’s important that our Search Engine Optimisation service keeps up to date with the micro-algorithmic changes Google makes to it’s algorithm.

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SEO is full of a lot of hot air. Some of our competitors who operate in Fareham and surrounding Hampshire areas will promise the world to you. No-one can guarantee Google position 1 rankings, not even Google themselves! To keep everything black and white, our Search Engine Optimisation service for improving your position online, on Google, comes in three main areas;

Link Building

Links form the fundamental aspect of Search Engine Optimisation. Google see’s them as votes. In a simple world, the more votes you have, the higher up the search ranking you go. Operating in the Hampshire industry which is niche or not often talked about for a particular subject means you’ll find it difficult to bring in those necessary in-bound links.

Continuous Development

Continuous Development is a set amount of hours per month used to improve the overall Search Engine Optimisation appeal and strategy for your Hampshire website. It can include minor design changes, content updates, landing page creation and a lot more. We document all of our changes, ensuring each step or alteration is measured appropriately to help convert your local Fareham based (or nationwide) visitors.

Web Reporting and Management

We provide a detailed report each month, which can monitoring up to 1,000 keywords, including locally based Fareham search phrases, on any search engine, in any country.

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Search Engine Optimisation Services in Fareham, Hampshire

SEO Moves are a one-stop shop when it comes with anything to do with Search Engine Optimisation. Our consultants have operated in this industry since 2005, giving over 10 years worth of experience, helping businesses in Fareham and around the local Hampshire vicinity.

We get to understand your Fareham business, the way that you may already carry out Search Engine Optimisation strategies and formulate a dedicated Search Engine Optimisation plan to truly start making your organisation work online, on Google. Ranking high on Google is one strategy out of many that’s going to work for the people of Hampshire. We explore these for you, ensuring that your business remains at the fore-front of your customers eyes utilising our Search Engine Optimisation plan.

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Measuring Search Engine Optimisation Campaign Effectiveness

Finding the right campaign to work along your Hampshire customers can sometimes be a challenging feat. Whether paid advertising methods such as PPC or via organic SEO means is truly something no-one knows until you try it out. Your potential customers based in Fareham will react differently to those who are based around the surrounding Hampshire areas, typically meaning businesses have to go for a multi-pronged attack utilising Search Engine Optimisation services to gain customers from these further areas.

However, all our of Search Engine Optimisation campaigns that are formulated for a client are measured, allowing us the ability to analyse how well that banner advertisement performed, or a new style of design on your website for example. By carrying out this crucial analysis of our Search Engine Optimisation serivce, we begin to tailor the marketing campaign towards your Hampshire clients and nationwide customer requirements, reducing cost whilst improving return on investment.

Many organisations in Fareham fail to measure the basic expenditure of their marketing, resulting in repetitive Search Engine Optimisation mistakes or worst, potentially penalising themselves from Google’s search engine. If you and your Hampshire organisation requires help with your Search Engine Optimisation plan, then call or email us today.

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Search Engine Optimisation Services in Fareham

Our head SEO Leicester office allows us to provide Search Engine Optimisation services across the entire United Kingdom. We have clients who come to us from international countries due to the on-going recommendations we receive in regards to the quality of our Search Engine Optimisation service and securing both nationwide and local Hampshire Google top 1 rankings.

We provide on-going monthly Search Engine Optimisation reports, monitoring up to 1,000 keywords on Google, providing you with a true horizon level platform of how well your Search Engine Optimisation campaign in Fareham and nationwide is really performing. This sets us miles apart from our competition in Hampshire, who will typically monitor only 30 – 100 keywords at a time.

We don’t only provide Search Engine Optimisation services. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to digital marketing, allowing us to strategically partner with businesses based in Fareham and surrounding Hampshire locations. By combining your industry knowledge and our know-how of Google’s algorithm, we can form a unique team.

retail seo

Fareham Retail SEO

Finding that your Hampshire retail website not selling to the people of Fareham? Our Search Engine Optimisation engineers can help diagnose and resolve your online issue.

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Small Business SEO

We provide a unique Search Engine Optimisation service for small businesses, boosting them up the search rankings allowing more time to focus on other important aspects.


Fareham B2B SEO

Our Hampshire B2B Search Engine Optimisation service is a great way to get your B2B website fast off the ground and in front of the faces of Fareham customers and clients.

SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy

Confident you know a lot about SEO? Our consultants review Google’s algorithm to a scientific and mathematical level. Book an SEO Consultant today.

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eCommerce SEO

Low conversion % on your Fareham eCommerce website? Our Search Engine Optimisation experts can review your website and make changes to improve conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO in Fareham

Finding your Fareham website isn’t bringing any enquiries or visitors? SEO that is combined with a unique Search Engine Optimisation plan is a great way to start building a presence.

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Search Engine Optimisation Plans

It is proven that 87% of users who use Google, don’t navigate past the first page of search results. This will also apply to the people of Fareham and the surrounding Hampshire locations. If you don’t have a dedicated and bespoke Search Engine Optimisation plan to boost your visibility online, then you’re allowing your competitors an instant advantage.

Wanting to try and sell to the nationwide market and move away from just the Hampshire based areas? Search Engine Optimisation and combined digital marketing services provided by us can help you achieve this goal. Whether you’re looking to trial new products or services, testing the waters via online means is your best method and keeps the costs super low.

If you’re looking to step up your Search Engine Optimisation plans and beat your competition to that the first page on Google, then give us a call or email today and we can discuss the best options open to you.