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SEO Moves provides exceptional Digital Marketing services including SEO, PPC, Website Design, Social Media and Content Marketing for businesses throughout Buckie who want more leads, enquiries and conversions.  To skip straight to the good stuff, simply send off our Free SEO Analysis request form!

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Request a free audit of your website today, performed by one of our expert team.  No sales talk, just the technical advice and recommendations for future optimisation of your site.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing

The content is the backbone of your site, so it is important yours makes sense, is meaningful and engaging for your customers! Our content marketing services really do help to increase your conversion rate.


Pay Per Click Management

Try out new products or services with instant results for increased sales and enquiries with PPC (Pay Per Click) paid search campaigns.


SEO Services

Choose our multi award-winning SEO services for businesses just like yours!  A great way to see your company in Buckie get more interest through your website and ultimately, more sales.

SEO Social Media

Social Media Services

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunities found with good social media management.  Increase your online presence and attract more customers with similar interests throughout Buckie.


Web Design

Freshen up your website design with our expert team, to really show off your business in the right light.

Web Development

Web Programming

Use custom programming to develop a web system which works for your business.  No more time wasted through unnecessary admin work with a bespoke solution from our team!


Exceptional Digital Marketing Services Buckie

Your business in Buckie probably relies on you having a good website which is easily found through searches on popular search engines.  We can learn all about your business, to help get you those positions in front of the right customers who are actively searching for products and services you provide!

For customers to buy your products or services, they need to know you actually exist.  The greatest way for businesses to get themselves noticed on the internet is through good quality digital marketing.  Our solutions are not only customisable to suit your specific needs, but are expertly developed by our team.  With consultants in Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Web Design and more, we are a one stop shop for all things digital marketing!


Digital Marketing Services in Buckie

SEO Moves are a specialist Digital Marketing agency. This area can be difficult for many business owners to get the hang of, as it is highly technical and requires a lot of time learning the different techniques and tools. This is why we offer businesses our Digital Marketing services to assist with; Ranking Improvements, Better Cost Per Aquisition, Increased Conversion Rates, Interactive Websites and Diversifying Visitor Channels. Using our specialised program of digital marketing tools, we can achieve all of the above!

How would we go about searching for a Digital Marketing agency in Buckie? A great place to start searching for the perfect agency is by looking at real-life customer reviews.  Here at SEO Moves, we have a great number of 5* reviews to show you, along with testimonials, case studies and demonstrable evidence that we are the real deal.

FREE Digital Marketing Consultancy

SEO Moves are always happy to talk you through our processes, show you our success with other clients, and demonstrate our extensive knowledge to you.  Have a chat with one of our team today, and discover how we could help you to evolve your online business.

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The Complete Digital Agency

More and more people choose to head to the internet when researching, finding information and shopping for the goods and services they require.  It makes sense that you would want your business in Buckie to have a great looking website, which not only works for potential customers but works well technically too.  SEO Moves doesn’t just provide SEO services!  We are a complete digital agency, offering a wide range of marketing tools and services to our clients.  From search engine optimisation to web design, content marketing and social media to name a few.

As there is such a wide range of practices available to use as part of a digital marketing campaign, it can be a bit confusing to know where to start.  A good point, to begin with, is taking up the offer of our Free SEO Analysis.  This provides a broad overview of your website to show you the main areas your site is performing well, or not so well on.

Take a look at some of our helpful videos to see a selection of our services;

SEO Services

Social Media Services

Content Marketing Service

Web Design Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions about Digital Marketing services

Does it matter what kind of website I have for digital marketing to work?

We can work our dedicated Digital Marketing expertise on virtually all websites! We work with a wide range of CMS platforms such as WordPress and Magento as well as other systems.  It doesn’t matter if your website is a basic information site, or a complicated online shop – as long as we have admin rights to access the site, we can work our magic!

How do I know if my website has good SEO?

To see what kind of starting point we are at, we start all new SEO campaigns off with a quick SEO analysis, which is a bit like a health check for your site. It doesn’t really matter if you have never done any SEO, or have done some other things in the past. SEO is now a highly complex field so we will work with whatever you already have

Do you stick to the search engine webmaster guidelines?

Yes! Here at SEO Moves we are always careful to work within the guidelines of search engines and always follow best practice. We do not employ any ‘black hat’ techniques, as we know these are likely to be counterproductive in the long run and are more likely to land you with a penalty from the search engines.

Do you guarantee that my website will get onto page one of the search engines?

No SEO company can guarantee number one rankings or specific placings on the search results pages, because we do not control the search engines! Thanks to regular algorithmic changes by the search engines, your company in Buckie could rank highly one day and then not the next. We work to ensure your site has the best possible chance of ranking consistently well through a combination of onsite and offsite works. Ongoing SEO work part of our Digital Marketing package is the best way to keep your rankings on search engines.

Will I need to use PPC paid search to get results?

Paid advertising campaigns are not always necessary. Some clients find that a short term PPC campaign can give them a boost, especially when launching a new product for example. On the whole, we try to avoid paid adverts as they are not an effective long-term strategy with Google AdWords.

How do you work out the budget for PPC campaigns?

We have staff Google Certified in paid search (Google Ads) in house who are experts at creating effective campaigns. We look at a range of things, such as the competitiveness of your market to set the right budget. We optimise the campaign to make sure the budget is being used effectively and making a good return on investment.

We use Facebook and Twitter for our business. Can we run social media campaigns at the same time as other digital marketing strategies?

Of course! It is widely thought that social media can be a helpful tool for SEO, as social signals are considered as a ranking factor. We can help you get your social media accounts in order if needed, and help you to use the sponsored social media tools to your best advantage.

Commonly Asked SEO Questions

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Digital Marketing Agency: Expert services for Buckie, Banffshire
Multi Award-Winning Digital Agency…

The internet is made up of billions of websites, with many of them offering services and goods to customers.  A major stumbling block many businesses have in Buckie is understanding how to get people to notice their website in amongst the sea of others!

SEO Moves are the perfect partner to help get your business seen online.  With our expert team specialising in a wide range of digital marketing areas, we can use all sorts of Digital Marketing strategies to get your site noticed.  We help clients in Buckie by:

  • Increasing the visibility of our client’s website in the popular search engines
  • Increasing qualified traffic on our client’s website
  • Enhancing keyword rankings

With our Digital Marketing services you can display your website in front of as many people as possible not only in Banffshire, but also nationwide. We believe in offering lasting results rather than a quick and temporary increase in the page rankings.

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Customised Digital Marketing Packages & Services
Providing bespoke Digital Marketing & SEO Packages online…

Our customisable Buckie Digital Marketing packages are the perfect solution for small businesses in this area, helping them to rank for localised search phrases.  The customers in your area are likely to want to find local companies to buy from, so it is important to focus your marketing efforts in to targeting these audiences.

One of the reasons larger corporations attract more customers online is simply down to having a better online presence.  Having a larger reach means their website is found more often through search engine queries and often social media.  The good news is, even small businesses can successfully take on the giants in their industry, by using the right tools and tactics.

Check out our UK SEO Packages that could be the perfect for your business needs.

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