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SEO Moves have been operating in the digital marketing agency for a number of years and we are an upcoming recognised industry expert providing small and medium sized businesses fantastic value in expert advice and services within the digital environment. This has led to our company helping our clients in all matters of different marketplaces and industries rank above their competitors, whether that includes the big websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Unfortunately the digital marketing industry is tainted with a mass of apparent ‘experts’ who believe that they truly add value to businesses marketing portfolio. Within SEO, also know as Search Engine Optimisation, the amount of ‘dud’ 1 man band organisations that have sprung up continues to amaze us as budding businesses are continually searching for the quick fix in ranking number 1 on Google UK (which, if you were asking, doesn’t happen overnight – nor in less than 6 months). Our team have been operating in this industry for 3 decades and with our combined experience, we have come from all manners of backgrounds.

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