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SEO Moves is a nationally recognised search engine optimisation agency which services clients throughout the UK providing a wide variety of online marketing services in aid of boosting a websites visibility, ranking on Google, sales and brand awareness. We typically see big results with our clients from 6 months and onwards, which illustrates the long term, strategic partner which SEO Moves adopts to help small and medium sized businesses become known on Google UK.

SEO is not a straight forward process and it isn’t a science. SEO is an art because no-one really knows exactly how Google’s algorithm truly works – we only know so much. Therefore this means it can’t be a science, with a ground that is always changing. This is why many digital agencies operating in the UK have tended to opt in for more factual hard facts such as PPC (Pay per Click), a service offered by Google where organisations pay a small fee each time your advert is clicked. Typically though, we see on average, a 130% better conversion rate which swings towards organic visitors to that of PPC visitors.

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