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Running a successful business online is actually pretty challenging – once you have your website up and running, why is it you don’t always start getting sales or leads straight away? Many website owners may not understand if there’s any underlying issues with a website until an expert has analysed the code and on-site factors. Any hidden problems can really affect  how well your website ranks on Google – potentially making it much harder for your customers to find you!

If you’re wondering whether your website is currently communicating with search engines in an effective manner, please use the contact form to submit a request where an SEO Moves consultant, for free, can run a detailed analysis of your website.  Our free SEO analysis will look into lots of different areas of your website, including how your competition are looking compared to your site, alongside the strengths and weaknesses of your current set up, inlcuding content, links and customer experience.

Free Website Report

This is where our free SEO analysis comes in! Our online report will perform a full website audit taking into account many deep-level SEO elements. This will then be emailed to you via PDF format with a number of areas to improve on. We also include a quote for our SEO works to be undertaken, should you decide that you want to go ahead and make the recommended improvements to your SEO with one of our customised SEO packages.

  • Manual Review by a Google Partner Certified Consultant (No automated tools)

  • Independent and tailored advice to each individual website backed by 11+ years experience

  • Bespoke prices tailored for individual requirements on a per website basis.

  • Proven results. Real live client data. Strict and cohesive SEO plans.

You may be wondering why we offer a completely free SEO analysis and audit – after all, we are “just another SEO company”?  Not true! SEO Moves are a rare breed in SEO because we cut through the nonsense, stick with the facts and most importantly, work hard to ensure our clients get the best results possible to get them ranking higher on Google.

Our free website report allows you to get a glimpse at the key factors which are likely to be preventing your site from achieving it’s potential.  We don’t pressure you into choosing to work with us, but offer you the option to take up our great value service either through a ready planned complete SEO package or through a tailored approach which is customised to suit your precise business needs and goals.

Search Engine Optimisation is a field sadly tainted with a great deal of bad practice, and we see a huge number of people come to us saying they have had SEO work performed in the past and it hasn’t worked thanks to dubious “experts” and bad techniques!  You can read more about SEO myths and truths on our site to get a better idea of our expertise on the matter!

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Our tailored UK SEO Packages can be customised to bring you exactly what your business requires. Starting from £149.99 p/m, this cost effective method of improving search rankings for your website couldn’t be better.
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Real and proven business results for small and large companies. No hot air here…
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We actively secure 1000’s of No.1 Google Rankings for our clients.
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We don’t say goodbye after a new design – We partner with our clients to continually improve their SEO rankings.
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A fully established Web Design & Development agency without the London price tag.

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