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If you’re hoping to rank higher on Google UK, you may be aware of the fact this is not always easily achieved. For small to medium sized businesses, it can often be a difficult task. In fact, you’ll be in competition with countless other businesses in Milton Keynes, meaning you may not find yourself on the first page of a Google search at all, let alone in the top few results.

This can be disappointing, especially when you have a great looking site set up, ready to entice your clients.  Instead, your business may be taken by competitors who have taken the steps to ensure their site is highly ranked.

Digital Marketing Services in Milton Keynes

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to compete, you’re in the right place.  Over the past 7 years, our internet marketing consultants in Milton Keynes have liaised with clients in order to train website owners to increase their Google rankings and educate them on the benefits of SEO.

As an online marketing company driven by results, we aim to actively invest both time and money into your website marketing campaign, leading to effective results at no extra cost to you.

Become Known On Google

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Free SEO Health Check

Offering a free website Health Check report to your website (normally worth £85)!

Our tailored UK SEO Packages can be customised to bring you exactly what your business requires. Starting from £149.99 p/m, this cost effective method of improving search rankings for your website couldn’t be better.

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National multi-site, multi-user eCommerce systems using a bespoke content management system to basis brochure websites using WordPress – Our range of expertise spans across two ends of the web development spectrum.

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Marketing & PR
Bespoke Marketing resources available online via digital means. Press releases, newsletters or affiliate marketing services available through SEO Moves partnering websites. Enquire today to discover a way to market your business online.

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Allow us to create a true masterpiece with our set of expert in-house website designers. CSS, HTML5, Java; we are able to create truly stunning websites using a variety of styling languages for a fraction of the cost (compared to London prices).

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Created customised admin areas, programs and software that enables your organisation to carry out tasks more effectively. One of the many methods our team of programmers can help businesses streamline their processes throughout the UK.

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SEO Moves works to actively increase your websites visibility on Google and other search engines. 87% of searchers don’t bother navigating onto the 2nd page of Google – It’s time for your website to deservedly rank on the first page.

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Introducing Search Engine Optimisation

How does Digital Marketing work?

You’re likely wondering how exactly your site rankings can be boosted.  The simple answer is SEO.

Many business owners in Milton Keynes are unfamiliar with SEO, yet it’s a niche that can guarantee improved rankings and get you noticed by consumers.

When ranking your website, Google searches for anchor text and votes, while analysing the relevancy and regularity of your content. There are strict guidelines in place to prevent marketers from abusing the system and using poor techniques such as ‘keyword stuffing’ to achieve higher results. Unfortunately, many SEO companies use these methods, which could have negative effects on your site.

By selecting a reputable company to guide your promotion, you’ll notice sustainable progress as time goes on. After ensuring your advertisement campaign is optimised for SEO, you’ll see a significant improvement in your Google position.

Additionally, our methods involve content marketing – a new method of online advertising with the ability to attract customers, build ongoing relationships and develop brand equity.

Essentially, the concept consists of marketing valuable content to your potential consumers, making them more likely to interact with your site.

This method will only prove to be effective when promoted to the right people at the right time, making the content work for you in the process.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the appearance and functionality of your site. Our e-Commerce web design service will provide a stunning site at an affordable cost, ensuring you’re viewed in a professional manner by visitors.

What SEO Moves does

The arena of digital marketing is dynamic and challenging. For any company to show up on the first page of Google results there is a foremost need of strategic and planned SEO. At SEO Moves, we build comprehensive plans for getting more traffic, generate more leads and create more business. It requires extensive research and in depth analysis of the client’s business and industry. We are results driven and clients focused and therefore offer efficient solutions.

SEO Moves Strategic Digital Marketing Tactics –

Example client backgrounds include:

  • Marketing high-end products and services.
  • Established businesses with industry experience.
  • An existing, thriving consumer base.

If you have no idea how the marketing process works but believe it could work for you, getting in touch could be all you need to get your site on the right track. Simply fill out the contact us form below for a no obligation discussion regarding your marketing needs.

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