It can be frustrating when you have a passion for something but don’t have the right words to express what you want to say. Maybe your eBook could make you a tonne of cash if you released it, or maybe it could help a group of people solve a particular problem? Whatever you could offer the world, it’s useless unless you put your ideas down on paper.

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SEO Moves can produce your eBook

At SEO Moves, we write the words that you can’t, or the words that you don’t have the time to write. As the ebook market has grown monumentally thanks to e-readers, Amazon Kindle and the increase in tablets, there’s never been a better time to release your written product.

People nowadays crave information, so investing in a product that gives information to those who demand it is likely to return you a profit. The money you’re able to make by doing this will increase dramatically if your particular knowledge base is one that’s in high demand.

We’ll Do the Research, Writing, and Copy Editing

Our eBook writing service is so comprehensive, we’ll take care of the whole process for you. We’ll not only write your eBook, but we’ll also do thorough research before writing it, and copy edit the whole thing afterwards to make sure it’s of a professional standard.

You’ll be able to receive all the plaudits, without having to do any of the hard work. Our writers have penned so many successful eBooks we know you’ll receive a finished product that you’ll love. Our expertise not only includes writing ability, but also extends to knowing how to create an eBook your readers will find captivating.

You can sell your eBook on Amazon Kindle, or use it to increase lead generation or as part of a promotional campaign. The choice really is yours. Just let us know the purpose of your eBook and we’ll create one that’s tailor-made to meet your goals.

Why create an eBook?

According to The Guardian newspaper, the market for self-published resources grew by 79% in 2013. Amazon are largely to thank for this growth, as the online company has been at the forefront of this movement.

Since the Kindle platform was launched, it became even easier to release your resource to the world. All that’s needed to release your ideas/facts/knowledge is a formatted book, an ISBN number, and an Amazon account. Customers will then come to you in search of entertainment or answers to a particular problem.

Of course, now the market has grown to such a level, even Kindle is no longer needed. They serve purposes away from making direct revenue. Some can be given away in order to secure contact details from a potential buyer. Others can be filled with your business’s details and offered for free in order to increase your exposure. The possibilities really are close to limitless.

Whatever you choose to do with your eBook though, it needs to be well written by an expert content marketing consultant. That’s why people choose SEO Moves when they need someone else to write their eBook for them. Our top-class service is guaranteed to provide you with a product where people will gladly read and even pay money for.

Why Use Our Service?

Just because the market has increased in size and competition, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to create a successful product that everyone will love and enjoy. In fact, it’s actually harder than ever before. Take a look around Amazon and you’ll see countless resources that just aren’t selling. Many of them are making their authors a loss, as they aren’t going to recuperate the cost of production or compensate the author for the hours spent writing the book.

It takes a special kind of writer to create a product people read and appreciate. Boring titles, uninspiring text, and spelling mistakes will all reduce the appeal and value of any textual product.

With our writing service from SEO Moves, you get none of that unprofessional stuff. Instead, you get a book with a well thought-out title, slick prose and pages of valuable information.

Once your eBook is finished, we’ll even send it to you in the format most appropriate for its use. There’s a reason why countless professionals choose us to write their eBooks. Our track record for success speaks volumes.

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