At SEO Moves we offer a variety of content marketing services catered to helping you improve the quality of your content. Sometimes, the problem isn’t that your content isn’t well written, it’s just that it isn’t as relevant to your audience as it could be.

As there is so much competition on the web, if you don’t provide the kind of information your visitors are looking for, they’ll quickly go elsewhere. If your visitors aren’t sticking around, you’ll not only have to deal with lower conversion rates, but also a worsened search engine ranking. As bounce rate affects the way several of the major search engines rank you, you’ll need this number to be as favourable as possible.

You do this by working on a content strategy to help you manage this important marketing tool. What is a content strategy? Find out below.

Understanding Content Strategies

Before you can create an effective strategy, you’ll need to understand your market, and the current state of your content. If you don’t, you’ll be shooting in the dark regarding which direction to take. To do this, SEO Moves offers a content auditing to start off the process. An auditing is simple, yet it makes a big difference to the overall outcome of a content strategy. It’s important to understand what your customers needs are, and know whether or not you’re meeting these needs. An audit will take a sample of what is on your site already, then give you feedback on what’s found.

If you need a content inventory taken, we’d be happy to do that too as part of the service. A content inventory just means taking stock of what you have on your site so far, registering where it all is, and finding out who is responsible for it.

Gaps in the Market

To create a successful content strategy for you that enhances your users’ experience when visiting your site, we’ll do market gap analysis to determine if there’s an angle or two within your market that you’re neglecting to cater for. Having a unique selling point is a massive advantage, even when it comes to online marketing. If your visitors are desiring a certain type of content but can’t find it anywhere, you could secure loyal followers or even customers by providing them with this content that satisfies a gap in your market.

We analyse your market by comparing the content you give us during an audit to what your desired state should look like. Any discrepancies we find usually indicate a potential for improvement. This comparison is called a gap analysis, and is something every website should think about doing at one point or another. After a gap analysis, our team at SEO Moves will be able to let you know if your content is inadequate or whether there is something missing from it. Having done a gap analysis for countless companies, we can’t overstate the value of having one done for yourself.

Your Content Strategy

With all of the information we’ll have collected from you, we’ll be able to create a content strategy based solely on your website’s needs whilst taking into account the necessary SEO tactics alongside delivery quality content to your audience. This content strategy will look to provide you with in depth information about what type of content you should be creating and how you should be marketing it.

We’ll give you all of the info you’ll need to be able to improve your site, and help it evolve along to the next level. When your content is of a certain quality, you’ll naturally start to attract more users and a better search ranking. This quality content isn’t as easy to create as it may seem, which is why going through this thorough process and having a content strategy created for you is usually the smartest choice.

Great content can and will pay dividends, so don’t neglect it thinking average is good enough. Unfortunately, only great content will help you become a web success these days, so make sure that’s what you’re working towards.

If you’d like to talk more to SEO Moves about the content strategy creation process, we’d be happy to hear from you. You could also request a quote if you’d like to get the process started sooner rather than later.

Ranking High with Quality Content

Google loves Content and they love to show how much they adore it. If you’re finding yourself not performing particularly well in organic search results, you may be under the downfall of having thin, spammy content in Google’s eyes.

This will negatively effect your rankings, particularly if you have received a manual action penalty. If you have noticed the above on your website, it’s time to get in touch with an expert.

Short-term and Long-term Training

If you’d just like an audit, something that will identify areas you need to improve in, then we can certainly do that.

What we’ll also do is train you long-term too, should you need it. You’re welcome to start off with an audit and move into more in depth training later, or you can start off with in depth training. It’s up to you.

Either way we’ll pass on the knowledge that will be most valuable to you and your SEO business. Rather than just run a structured training program, we’ll make an individual one for you that will help you progress.

To find more about our SEO knowledge, contact us today using the contact details on our site. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our work and our previous experience. We’ll also be able to give you a quote for our consultancy. You’ll find it’ll be extremely reasonable.

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