Blogs are proving ever more popular with organisations in all types of fields. Not only can a blog define you as an industry-leading expert, but it can also drive traffic to your website. Blogs have been used by businesses for over a decade now to draw in potential clients and turn passive website viewers into active readers.

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Why are blogs required?

Blogs are a valuable asset to any company for one simple reason. They convert. Blogs convert visitors into readers. Readers into buyers. And buyers into clients.

Search engines love a good blog, and so too do your readers. Google itself is now advising businesses of all sizes to embrace the humble blog as a way of connecting with their customers and improving their search ranking. But there’s one thing you need to be aware of when creating a blog. It’s not as easy to do as it looks.

The Challenges of Running a Successful Blog

Creating a followable blog that has your competition looking on in awe takes time. It also requires a lot of expertise. Not only do you need to know a lot about the subject you’re talking about, you also need to find great writers to write your content. Then you need great editors to edit it. Your content needs to be solid. It needs to be engaging. You can’t just write something on your lunch break, upload it to your blog and expert it to suffice.

Your content needs to be able to gain traction. It needs to be able to net you followers, social media shares and possibly sales. If it can’t, your blog is nothing more than a drain on your web host’s data allowance.

It is possible to create an awesome blog though. You just need to know how. You need to know where to look for the right type of writers, and the most talented of editors. You also need to know what kind of content your audience is craving.

You Can Have the Perfect Blog

At SEO Moves, we know you’ve got better things to do than fuss around trying to create a good blog. We know you probably weren’t trained in creative writing, and if you were, you probably don’t want to spend hundreds of hours looking through internet statistics and choosing topics.

That’s why our team are here to help. We’ll take care of the whole process for you, leaving you to enjoy the benefits. Content that really converts doesn’t have to seem like a pipe dream, nor does it have to be something you’ll need to invest heaps of time into creating.

Our blog management packages are custom-made to suit your organisation’s needs. While we’ll chat to you first to understand your company and industry better, here are just some of the things an SEO Moves Blog Management Package is likely to contain.

We’ll work side by side with these writers to create content (content marketing) for your blog that search engines and your visitors will love. Your content will be optimised and will be written to an extremely high standard. We’ll also take care of the editing process. We’ll have the work professionally proofread and edited to ensure it’s of the highest quality.

Once your content is created, we’ll import your new blog posts into your WordPress site, add an image, and handle all of the subtle on-site SEO details. This will help you get the most out of your money, and save you from doing the awkward stuff yourself.

We’ll then create a schedule for you that will allow you to ensure you have a flow of quality blog posts coming. We’ll analyse your niche and decide on a frequency that works best. We’ll help you promote your posts and track your progress.

To get a quote for our comprehensive blog management service, simply get in touch with us today.

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