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Get interactions with your audience by using our content marketing strategies. Variation of content is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. With methods such as blogs, infographics and video tutorials; you stand a much greater chance of a successful strategy. SEO Moves can handle all of your content marketing.
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Understand Modern-Day Content Marketing

Traditional marketing insights have seen their heyday and no longer work effectively. Given that everything around us has changed and continues to change, this perhaps is understandable. The buzz word today that’s doing rounds is the world of Content Marketing – a new way to attract customers and to build rapport and brand equity.

Let’s take a minute off to understand this concept better. As the words suggest, a content marketing strategy is about bringing relevant, valuable content to the notice of consumers, guides their attention, making them stop, think, understand and act—in short interacting with customers and prospects without actually selling products or services. The aim of creating such content is to whet their appetites by delivering information in such a way that they’re tempted to probe further; sharing their experience.

How do I make content work for me?
That will happen only if the right message goes to the right person at the right time– types of content is the key that will ultimately unlock customers’ minds and drive them to do business with you. The customer feels intelligent when he/she buys products after analyzing terms & information that is on topics they find interesting, enlightening and entertaining and is more likely to share such content with their social networks. These are more likely to be read than others because readers will be thinking how they they have been sent by trusted peers, where he/she doesn't have to be worried about authenticity.

Why SEO Moves?

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SEO Moves, unlike a generic agency, partners with their clients whilst regularly investing our free time and resources to ensure the success of each and every individual campaign. We embrace Google’s changes, and continually to work within their guidelines to deliver the best results. We are a company that doesn't leave a client after success, we improve.

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Blog Management

Each article focused on careers, advertising, the companies market and more. These are just some of the examples of effective advertising strategies for your blog. Having a blog will be building the trust of advertising and gives you analytics data on what is effctive. Let our content experts take full control over your blog to deliver you results today.

Marketing Cohesion

Bringing all of your web marketing under one Umbrella can work wonders for cohesion. Doing so do will give access to a set of conversion tactics that the you may not haven aware of. This can vary from custom context writing to trends research. A good start could be to conntect a youtube video to the page, opening yourself up for people to subscribe; giving yourself a new massive audience.

Website Marketing

Not just a case of putting lipstick on a pig: It’s way more than that. Speak to an expert today.


Why Content Marketing?

How Is Content Marketing Going To Help Your Business?

There are many ways to drive content—marketers, infographics and client case studies, weekly blogs, video tutorials and interactive tools to sustain the interest of the consumer and lure them to their websites. Once people enter and look at what you have to say, they shouldn’t want to go away in a hurry.

If the topics of content are right, it impacts traffic and search engine rankings positively, resulting in shared content and increased validation. Content marketing makes it easier for people to find websites, it's a powerful brand promoter and a tool that can change “prospects into customers and customers into longer-term buyers.” A good bit of content can give the user some insight on what data to expect companies across their sites.

A solid content marketing process and successful social media go hand in hand. Coupled with our unique UK SEO Packages, we are able to provide clients with a one-stop-shop approach to online activities. Blogs, articles and websites are important for content marketing, and content (in the form of articles, images and podcasts) when made to work across social channels help influence deals.

There’s a world of difference between just putting content on your website and content marketing. In order to succeed you should have a content plan in place, adequate resources to do so and the ability to provide new, engaging content that will keep prospects and consumers interested. Blogs, e-books, Web pages, interesting case studies, videos, and podcasts are all ways to ignite the customer and keep those fires burning.

Although we do find that 90 percent of businesses are already using these networks to promote content, they don’t have a marketing strategy in place. Remember a social media strategy works well only if marketers have a consistent and updated presence on the social platform. That’s the difference between simply putting content on your website, and content marketing. Social media is a platform to drive visibility and distribute content, while content is what drives social media. Remember, having your content distributed by trusted sources is a vital part of any content strategy.

The importance of blog posting and e-books cannot be emphasized enough; blog posts are a way of showing people that you know your stuff and are willing to part with information in order to help them. A short post can do wonders—it just nudges readers gently, awakens their interest and instigates them to move further through the connected links that offer deeper content.

Specific Content Marketing Details

Methods To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Any marketing professional will be aware of the benefits of content marketing, including how it is often considered the most cost-effective way to reach out to prospective clients and boost your consumer base. It’s also relatively affordable when compared to pricey ad campaigns, making it an ideal choice for up and coming businesses.

If you’ve made the decision to use a content marketing based strategy, you’ll need to take several points into consideration when developing your plan of action.

Creating a solid content strategy can be crucial in establishing yourself as a brand and ensuring you stand out against the competition in your industry.

The content you post will often be the first thing people read with regard to your company. A good first impression can make all the difference when a user has the option to either keep reading or close the tab. Providing an intriguing read will also keep visitors coming back for more, leading to increased traffic and authority within your industry.

In addition to writing excellent content, you’ll need to integrate your social media platforms for maximum growth potential. By syncing your posts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, you’ll reach a wider audience, encouraging more users around the web to engage with your links.

Providing you’ve created quality content that’s shareable, posting directly to social media will give users the opportunity to share the content with their contacts, giving you an even larger exposure.

Content is key for SEO. Each post you publish to your blog or website should feature relevant keywords that relate to your business strategy and service.

As your content becomes viewed more frequently and shared around the web, you’ll develop a higher ranking for queries relating to your keywords. As the traffic increases organically, search engines will view your site as high-quality and trustworthy, putting you closer to the top results.

Content can also help to generate leads. You may wish to create content that can only be accessed through your site, such as e-books, PDF downloads or webinars. Request that users provide their email address in order to download the content and you’ll build a collection of leads directly from your demographic.

If you post quality content, visitors will keep coming back – but the trick is keeping them. You will need to ensure you consistently post content that your viewers will want to see.

As they return over time, they will become more and more familiar with your product and may be converted from prospective viewers into paying customers.

By putting the effort into your content marketing strategy, you’ll be placing yourself in a good light in the eyes of online prospective clients.

Posting great content will lead to a boost in shares and SEO rankings, making you far more discoverable than before. There’s never been a better reason to take advantage of the web and turn your follower base into loyal consumers.

Why Bother With Content Marketing?

Several small blogs authentically and honestly written will whip up an appetite and have prospects and customers thirsting for more. Use real pictures and not stock photos to attract attention as these will have more credibility. Content that’s well written and documented gets linked to- helping to climb the search engine ranking ladder . The key to successful content marketing is to optimize customer engagement and show related content easily and in a phased manner. Don’t give them more than they can chew in one sitting. So in essence, while content creation is as important as distribution, Web content management is actually the foundation for content marketing. It should be easy to create and publish content, which should be easily accessible to marketing teams. Content should mash well with marketing tools so that effectiveness can be measured. It’s pretty obvious then that content marketing works best when people receive value without having to do anything in order to view it. Content is there to be shared freely and this augurs for a great beginning – it helps them relate with your brand. That being so, it’s imperative that content should be tested and improved upon constantly.

Is Content Marketing Worth the time it takes?

While testing accelerates performance and boosts the learning process, content should be published in the form that delivers a holistic experience to its visitors. It shouldn’t be dull and lifeless; it should have some zip and zing in it to make people want to continue reading. Have it small but tweak it in such a way that the post reads great. It pays to put out creative content that attracts readers and makes them want to share. Content Marketing may not have immediate results but as it seeps into people, it sows seeds that later bear fruit. It’s just that these seeds have to be watered carefully, tended to, and nurtured the right way to yield the right results. This is where content marketing strategies are important. If the customer is always King, then he/she deserves royal treatment and what better way can there be than giving them just what they want, when they want in the form they want and the amount they want. There’s nothing like good content to create brand loyalty and longer-term associations, and in today’s digital age, marketers have everything going for them. All they need is to focus on the persona and create content that suits it. The conversions will automatically follow.



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