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Rooflights & Skylights

SEO Moves is excited to showcase our transformative work with Rooflights & Skylights, a leading rooflight and skylight provider in the UK. Our collaboration has led to spectacular results, including a 360% increase in revenue month on month and a 280% increase in website visitors, now close to 10,000 per month. Rooflights & Skylights ranks #1 organically for the keyword 'Rooflights,' and their custom Ecommerce system has dramatically improved efficiency. In this case study, we delve into the innovative SEO methodologies we've employed to unlock Rooflights & Skylights' full potential.

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Case Study

Strategic and Technical Factors:

The below information and content breaks down in detail the various SEO techniques and strategies we have used on Rooflights & Skylights.

Custom Ecommerce System

To drive Rooflights & Skylights' success, we built a custom-made Ecommerce system that enhanced their online store capabilities. This multi-channel system automatically lists products on eBay and Amazon, expanding their market reach. The system also features a fully customised basket to maximise conversions and automation to reduce admin time. This streamlined online store contributed significantly to their impressive revenue growth.

Google Page Speed Optimization

A crucial aspect of our SEO strategy for Rooflights & Skylights involved achieving exceptional Google Page Speed scores—90+ for all scores. To do this, we optimized images, leveraged browser caching, minified resources, and implemented additional best practices to improve load times. Faster loading times not only offer a better user experience but can also lead to improved search engine rankings.

Targeted Keyword Strategy

Ranking #1 organically for "Rooflights" was no small feat. It required thorough keyword research to identify high-traffic and low-competition search terms that were relevant to their products and services. We then strategically incorporated these keywords into the website content, such as product pages, blog posts, and meta information, resulting in higher search engine rankings.

Increased Visitor Traffic and Revenue

Using our comprehensive SEO methodologies, we increased website visitors to Rooflights & Skylights by an impressive 280%, nearing 10,000 per month. This directly impacted their revenue, with a 360% increase month on month, thanks to their improved online visibility, strategic keyword targeting, and the custom Ecommerce system.


SEO Moves' holistic and data-driven approach has played a significant role in the exceptional results Rooflights & Skylights has experienced. Our targeted SEO strategies, including a custom Ecommerce system, Google Page Speed optimization, and a carefully planned keyword strategy, have contributed to their remarkable online growth. These efforts have directly led to the following:

  • A 360% increase in revenue month on month.
  • An increase in website visitors by 280%, now close to 10,000 per month.
  • Achieving the #1 organic ranking for 'Rooflights.'
  • Streamlining operations with an automated Ecommerce system.
  • A customised basket system to improve conversion rates.

As a top-to-bottom SEO agency, SEO Moves takes pride in delivering tangible, transformative results for our clients. We are honored to have been a driving force in Rooflights & Skylights' success and look forward to supporting them in their ongoing growth in the market.

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Rooflights & Skylights

Rooflights & Skylights is a leading provider of high-quality rooflights and skylights in the UK. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and superior products, they offer a wide range of solutions, from bespoke designs to energy-efficient options.

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Summary of Results

Our collaboration with Rooflights & Skylights has led to tremendous growth, including a 360% increase in revenue month on month and a 280% rise in website visitors, now close to 10,000 per month. Rooflights & Skylights ranks #1 organically for the keyword 'Rooflights,' and their custom Ecommerce system has significantly improved efficiency.


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Customer Reviews

Some of the positive reviews we've received over the years:


Jon Arch

We have worked with SEO Moves for over 7 years now and in simple terms unlike other SEO agencies THEY DELIVER RESULTS. After nearly 30 years in marketing it is a real pleasure to deal with the BEST OF THE BEST. Our clients results have been amazing, complete transparency with honest ideas sharing. Jason and the team have become an extension of our team. We are proud to be able to work with them. Highly recommend!


Oli Wells

I have been working with SEO Moves now for over a year and can happily and genuinely attest to the skill and knowledge that the team possess. They are my go-to agency for backlink building, content creation and many other SEO/digital services. All work is to the highest quality and at the forefront of developments in the world of SEO. Can say with confidence that I will continue to use SEO Moves services for a long time to come!



We have been using SEO Moves for about 2 years now for our SEO and Social Media activity. They are an excellent, professional and helpful team to work with and have helped increase traffic to our website and improve ranking of key searches for us. Would definitely recommend.


Jorrin Massingham

After many years of worrying and disappointing use of SEO agencies finding SEO Moves has been a whole new experience. Treated as an individual and not just another account, the team at SEO Moves have been continuingly providing an excellent service for over 12 months for us. Month after month of excellent results and account management is why we continue to trust our business with this agency. Highly recommended for SEO services.


Shaun Preece

SEO Moves are the real deal, I have worked with many SEO Agencies over the years and I can honestly say these guys are on another level. Their reporting is incredible and the team are fantastic to work with, the websites I have been working on with SEO moves have gone from strength to strength in search engine positioning due to the teams efforts. I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you're already on the fence.

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Google Accredited & Qualified

Prepare for your online presence to soar with Rooflights & Skylights! At SEO Moves, our team of dedicated specialists brings over 40 years of combined industry experience and top-notch accreditations straight from the industry leader - Google. As Google Partners, we stay on top of the latest advances in digital marketing and SEO, including technical SEO and international SEO for expansive websites.

Our steadfast commitment to following Google's Webmaster Guidelines, along with our exceptional proficiency and dedication to delivering outstanding results, has gained us recognition as an award-winning digital agency. Experience your website scaling new heights with improved rankings and a consistent flow of new clients under the guidance of our skillful experts. Seize this remarkable opportunity to join our satisfied clients and witness the expertise of SEO Moves in enhancing Rooflights & Skylights' online presence.

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