Our Mission

To deliver a first class digital marketing service which provides a sustainable and reliable platform for our clients in supporting and improving their web presence online in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Core Goals

  • Monitor Google’s guidelines to SEO

  • To act as a one-stop-shop in Web Marketing

  • Continue to illustrate impressive growth for our clients.

  • Continue to be a reliable source for SEO

  • Maintain a healthy work/life balance

Our Experience

Web Programming - 11 years
Search Engine Optimisation - 9 years
Pay Per Click - 7 years
Web Design - 6 years

About Us

SEO Moves is an upcoming online marketing agency based on the outskirts of Leicester. We have 11 full-time in-house digital experts who are spread across various aspects of the digital mix. Our combined digital marketing experience is over 30+ years and we have all worked for agencies in the past.

By gaining experience in this manner, we are able to turn many of the common pitfalls and weaknesses of agencies into real strengths and have developed our own systems to communicate effectively with our clients.

Our Staff

We have a great team of people who have, over the years, learnt first hand and via educational based courses the various techniques required in that particular digital sector; whether that be web design, programming, PPC or SEO. See below some of the qualifications gained;

Our Qualifications

PPC (Pay Per Click Exams)

  • AdWords Fundamentals (Pass)
  • Search Advertising (Pass)
  • Display Advertising (Pass)
  • Video Advertising (Pass)
  • Shopping Advertising (Pass)

Web Design (Courses)

  • Stonebridge Associate Colleges (Pass)

Web Development (Courses/Experience)

  • Alison Diploma in C Programming (Pass)
  • 30+ Years Combined PHP Programming
  • Bespoke Software Development

Digital Marketing Support…

SEO Moves have continued to expand their team of dedicated professionals to provide an all encompassing web marketing service. We have all seen the pitfalls of other marketing agencies and have turned these into our own strengths by investing significantly in our own internal systems, improving process efficiency.

This has enabled us to focus on delivering a quality and profound service to our clients, one which is highly recommended.

Our tailored UK SEO Packages can be customised to bring you exactly what your business requires. Starting from £149.99 p/m, this cost effective method of improving search rankings for your website couldn’t be better.
Successful Track Record
Real and proven business results for small and large companies. No hot air here…
No.1 Google Rankings
We actively secure 1000’s of No.1 Google Rankings for our clients.
An Online Partner
We don’t say goodbye after a new design – We partner with our clients to continually improve their SEO rankings.
Start-Up Business Support
Actively investing in new businesses that grow into national market leaders.
Superior Value for Money
A fully established Web Design & Development agency without the London price tag.

Your Reliable Source For SEO

Headquartered in the UK, SEO Moves serves small to medium sized businesses throughout the local areas of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire. Our mission is to deliver a service which provides a sustainable and reliable platform for our clients while supporting and improving their web presence online in a cost effective and efficient manner. In short, we make you more successful.

Our team of talented marketing professionals strive to provide a higher level of service and support that our clients just won’t find anywhere else. With over 30 years in the marketing agency environment, our team has the experience to provide a leading service partnership for all of our clients.

SEO Moves eliminates many of the issues normally associated with marketing agencies and provide concise, reliable service that our clients can depend on. No smoke, no mirrors; just real results that your business can see and feel. Partner with SEO Moves today and experience the difference true professionalism makes; our team is standing by to serve your business’ needs today.

Why Choose Us?

We currently manage hundreds of successful websites in the UK. Why are our clients so successful? After we build their websites, we invest in various SEO techniques to truly improve their sales, increase visitors and gain more leads. Our dedicated support service involves a team that is experienced in every field of web marketing that can offer true one-stop shopping and new levels of success for your company or brand.

Build Business Online

For the effective digital and online marketing services your business needs to survive in today’s competitive markets, choose the one digital marketing agency with over 30 years of experience helping business just like yours succeed; choose SEO Moves today. We are your one-stop wen marketing shop offering impressive levels of growth and sustainability that will solidify your business as the leader in your market niche.

Our Philosophy

SEO Moves believes that your company’s internet presence is an essential part of your overall marketing and branding strategies and our focus is to help you find the most effective solution to meet those needs. If real world brand messaging and long term success are important to you, trust the experts at SEO Moves; let us show what we can do for your business.