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SEO Moves is a technically lead SEO agency providing nationwide and local UK online digital marketing growth programmes to clients. Our key SEO Services UK include:

  • Technical SEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • Backlink Acquisition
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Planning
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Ecommerce Optimisation
  • Voice Search Optimisation

We utilise our own founding knowledge of search in the UK that has been and tried and tested to help businesses small and large in maximising their lead generation and growth online by helping them rank highly on Google.



List of UK Services

SEO Growth

How does an SEO Agency Work?

Specialist search engine strategies work to improve and optimise a website to see ranking gains on search engines which should lead to increases in organic traffic.

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

The task of optimising your online presence on search engines to receive more organic traffic and business from local organic searches.

White Label SEO

What is White Label SEO?

The process of allowing someone else to resell SEO services in their branding and name typically taking a % cut of the fee.

SEO Packages

What's an SEO Package?

A monthly subscription service focused on an SEO strategy of improving rankings over a period of time.

SEO Consultancy

The best SEO comes fom consultants who have historical know how of Google's Organic algorithm. We have over 60 combined years experience.

Link Building

Reputable link building service helping you to build links from other sites to yours to further improve organic visits to your site.

Our SEO Marketing Processes

Don't be fooled by any other SEO company - a lot of them perform very similar surface-level services, but we go above and beyond with our leading SEO services. Our research phase is second to none: it looks at your business and brand identity, current customers, target audience, and competitors in order to ensure our seo strategy, services and SEO solutions are individually tailored for you in this competitive UK industry. This is why we're able to illustrate our excellent results over on our case studies page. Additionally, our link building services, SEO packages, and content marketing strategies further set us apart from the competition, ultimately providing comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking to improve their online presence.

  • Technical Website Analysis: evaluating website structure, URLs, mobile responsiveness, site speed, and other technical factors that impact rankings.
  • On-page Optimisation Analysis: evaluating content quality, keyword usage, meta tags, header tags, and other elements that affect search engine visibility.
  • Backlink Analysis: evaluating the quality and quantity of your website's incoming links and identifying opportunities to improve your link profile.
  • Keyword Research: identifying target keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business and have high search volume and low competition. Learn more about our International SEO and Local SEO services.

Our SEO agency is dedicated to providing a bespoke plan and SEO strategy tailored entirely to your individual needs. We carefully assess what works and what doesn't in order to develop the most successful approach possible for your SEO campaign. Our technical audit also examines how we can upgrade your current website, as well as its conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Allow us help you reach more customers through our proven SEO strategies!

Searching for top-notch SEO? Let SEO Moves take the reins and provide you with a detailed audit! With us on your side, experiencing premier quality of UK SEO has never been easier. Check out our wide range of services including blog management, PPC Services, and web design to further enhance your online presence.

Free SEO Audit

SEO Content Marketing

Our SEO services agency is here to help you reach the heights of success with our innovative content strategy. Our UK-based company will research relevant keywords and analyse target users, then create campaigns tailored specifically for your brand! With this approach, we guarantee that your search rankings have never looked so good.

Content Auditing for UK SEO

For this reason, it must be captivating and speak to the intended target audience while inspiring trustworthiness in your brand and persuading them to purchase whatever products or services you wish to offer. Our SEO offers limitless opportunities to elevate your online presence and make an impact on potential customers. From evergreen content that endures as you establish yourself a reliable expert in the industry, to blog posts and guest postings showcasing your wisdom - our team can do it all! We also specialise in creating specific sales copy for promotional campaigns or even just for regular website development pages. With us, you are bound to increase conversions significantly. If you're looking for quality SEO UK content, our UK Company is here to answer the call. Boost your website's performance and get more visitors with us today.

Searching for top-notch SEO UK? Let SEO Moves take the reins and provide you with a detailed audit! With us on your side, experiencing premier quality of UK SEO has never been easier.

Content Marketing



SEO Auditing Reports

Auditing of Content, Backlinking, Technical Onsite and PageSpeed

There are several different types auditing practices that UK SEO agencies utilise:

SEO - Content Auditing

Content auditing is quite the task to break down into actionable points. We first take a look at the overall site structure to determine the breakdown of pages, silos (categories), and content. We then assign researched keywords that have a mixture of different intents, specifically to groups of content (normally categories) called 'silos'. We can then, from an over-arching point of view, determine an outline figure of how many people your website is appealing to. This process ticks off many of the typical content auditing tasks that are needed such as; content inventory which reviews a list of all content pieces, keyword analysis which looks at the sorts of traffic you're looking to obtain with our SEO Packages, and audience analysis which allows us to draw a line in determining what your current site is currently doing (and serving) and work on from there with our Digital Marketing and SEO agency expertise. This is just the very start of the process, and our comprehensive SEO are designed to help you achieve your desired results.

We utilise a broad range of tools to determine your backlink profile from Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, and SpyGlass to give us the most accurate, detailed, and cross-analyzed view of your domain. Backlinks have been part of search since the early 1990's and are still one of the predominant weighted factors in ranking highly on search engines like Google. Our in-house SEO team will review your domain's statistics, reporting on the various technical datasets that exist within a backlink. Factors such as penalty risk, DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), link placement, link type, dofollow and nofollow links, and many more factors that are looked at are all vital factors in determining the overall idea of where you sit in comparison to your competitors. With our well-rounded SEO Packages and White Label SEO offerings, we can help you reach your desired position in the online marketplace.

Technical SEO Onsite Auditing

It is a hard task to break down all of the complexities that are involved in our technical onsite auditing. A technical SEO audit is a systematic evaluation of a website's technical aspects which helps to identify issues that could hinder the websites search visibility and search engine performance. Normally when we carry out a technical onsite audit, we first begin with crawling the basic factors like Heading Tags (H1 - H6) and URL structure along with some basic server errors such as 404's, 410's, 301's. However, once this first layer of basic onsite SEO elements have been identified and reported back, we then can then begin to look at further factors such as core web vitals, determining TTFB (time to first byte) and breaking down how your server performs in relation to SEO load speed. With any technical audit, it's important that the audit addresses the specific issues of a site and not just a 'blanket' report that may investigate lots of issues, but in no real detail.

Website PageSpeed Auditing

A fast loading website is a needed necessity in today's SEO landscape given just how widely viewed the web is now on different devices and screen sizes. With more and more Google searches now coming from mobile based devices, it's imperative for websites to now be mobile-first led. This is where PageSpeed Auditing comes in to such a key effect. Knowing your Google PageSpeed score is the first step in determining what improvements can be done to your website. Once those factors have been determined, which most of the time normally relates to JS / CSS render blocking resources, it's then focusing on what development changes are needed to put those issues right. You can test your website speed on Google PageSpeed Insights which gives a succint breakdown of the various technical factors that are needing further changes. This is just the very starting part of our PageSpeed Auditing service, finding out exactly what is needing to be improved and then determining the steps from therein.


Maximise Revenue & Rankings Online

SEO Moves is a technical SEO UK Company providing nationwide UK online digital marketing growth programmes and SEO to organisations operating in a wide range of industries. We utilise our own founding knowledge and tried and tested digital marketing expertise to help businesses small and large in maximising their leads and potential online growth by helping them discover new online customers.

SEO Moves is trusted by over 110 clients, maximising Rankings via our award-winning SEO Packages and Digital Marketing growth plans. Our competitively-priced technical SEO services start from as little as £329.99p/m +VAT focusing on delivering transparency, trust and return on investment in an industry which continues to see over-promising and under-delivering outcomes.

Monitoring over 650,000+ search phrases search results allows us to gain a fully and highly detailed understanding of organic algorithm updates and fluctuations that are made by Google's Central Webmasters Team on a regular basis. We have the competitive edge over our competitors allowing us to provide a leading industry service by continuously monitoring algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, BERT and many more. Focusing on use of data to establish ambitious objectives, monitoring current progress and delivering on meaningful milestones; statistical improvments have led to a 98% client retention rate over a 5 year operating period.

Professional Certifications

Continuously keeping up to date...


Case Studies

Key Results Delivered by SEO Moves


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Keywords in
Google Top 5


Organic Visitors
(Per Month)


Year on Year
Visitor Improvement

Hawes Skip Hire ranks number one for 'Skip Hire Oxford', their main target phrase. When we first began the campaign, the average ranking of the most important 17 phrases the client asked us to look at was position 59.


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Local Enquiry
Increase (P/M)


Keywords in
Position 1 (Google)


Organic Visitors

Eden Tree Specialists came to us spending close to £2,000 per month on Google AdWords. The quality of leads and enquiries was very questionable and they believed that they were wasting money.


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Bounce Rate


Enquiries Increase
(Forms Filled In)

Moving Costs Calculator started as a brand new domain and client to SEO Moves back in 2017. We built the website from scratch on our Zeus based content management zeus, a PHP / Laravel system.

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Industry Leading Digital Expertise

Successful Track Record

Did you find us organically? Real and proven business results for small and large companies. No hot air here. We utilise data to backup our decisions online which allows us to deliver leading results and not lead by opinion.

A True Online Partner

We don’t say goodbye after a new website design, unlike many other agencies. We actively partner with our clients, for the long term, to continually improve their rankings online providing them with knowledge of how search works.

Superior Value for Money

Compared to paid search marketing (Google AdWords - PPC) which increases in cost year on year, optimising for organic search provides superior value for money upon achieving 1st page rankings for targeted keywords.

Achieved Over 10,000 No.1 Rankings

Over 10,000+ No.1 Competitive Keyword Rankings secured for our clients in the local, national and international sphere. We quote on a bespoke basis meaning each search marketing plan is there to deliver a set of KPI's.

Start-Up Business Support

Achieving 1st position rankings can truly transform businesses into national market leaders due to the volume of searches per month. Actively helping small / startup businesses by securing local presence first before targeting nationwide.

Real Business Understanding

Not only focusing on Google's regular updates, our team of business consultants can discuss tactics to take your company to the next level. Our software development team can develop programs to improve business efficiency.


Search Engine Marketing by Specialists

Search Engine Optimisation is a competitive market and features companies who advertise that they are truly the best at what they do. We focus on strategies that we know, and have tested in the past, which are of course backed up by real life business success. Ultimately, optimising a website is focused around attention to detail, relevancy and link building. This short video explains the very basics of just two website factors - keywords and links. In-fact, there are hundreds of other factors that require investigating (Google Panda, Penguin, BERT, Hummingbird, Caffeine, Mobile 1st Index etc) but as part of our service we break down this complicated terminology into more manageable blocks providing you with insider knowledge.

Digital Marketing Specialisms

Broad spectrum marketing services

Our wide range of online marketing services covers a broad spectrum in the digital mix, which makes it easy for clients to access cost-effective solutions for their business. Being a small and agile team, we are able to offer a one-stop-shop for SME's. Whether that requirement sits with creating new websites, redesigns and improvements, PPC Management, SEO, Content Marketing or anything else related to the Digital Marketing mix, rest assured that communication between you and our team will be seamless every step of the way.

Here are some of our sub-specialisms:

UK SEO Packages

Our tailored UK wide and local SEO can be customised to align to your exacting business requirements. Whether you require 1 lead a day, or perhaps looking to achieve a 20% growth on turnover, we can align SEO with your business goals. Starting from £329.99 p/m, SEO packages are a great way to see your business introduced to organic search and reaping the rewards of the many benefits of ranking highly on Google.

Fully Bespoke Websites

Our small team of experts have a combined industry experience of 45 years. Everyday they are deploying brand new websites and systems for our clients. With our primary code base being PHP under the framework of Laravel, our web development team can help and assist small businesses in turning their website into a tool to carry out business administration tasks. From automated invoicing, to custom admin dashboards, to automatic lead follow ups, our CMS system we've built in-house called 'Zeus' does exactly that and much more.

eCommerce Web Design

Being outside of London, we're able to deploy cost effective, high quality website designs. Building predominantly on all PHP systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel and many more, our CSS, HTML5 and JS is second to none, encompassing AI technologies to help and assist with web builds along the way. No longer will you have to worry about Theme or Plugin updates, our websites come with that built in, removing any complication or issues that arise from these third-party extensions.

Local & National SEO Company

SEO Moves works to actively increase your website's visibility on Google by adopting white hat strategies to conform to Google's policies. 87% of searchers don’t bother navigating onto the 2nd page of Google – It’s time for your website to deservedly rank on the first page. This used to be a relatively simple feat pre 2010, but since then Google's organic algorithm has expanded and improved during that time and ranking in position 1 requires a specialist agency, like us.

seomoves-squares-690 (1)-1

SEO for short, is a process in which a webmaster, typically a digital expert positively effects the visibility of a web page or domain within a search engine, such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. As Google holds over 95% of the search market within the UK, this is the obvious choice for many businesses to market themselves on. When you initiate a search on Google, you are querying a large database of domains. These domains are positioned within the search engines results pages in numerical order (1 being 1st position, 10 being bottom of first page) of which Google ascertains to be most pertinent and relevant to a user’s search term.

This is where our Leicester SEO Agency team can assist and determine ranking factors that Google considers when ranking your website. Once you’ve started to hit those webmaster quality guidelines that we assist and help over 70+ clients throughout the UK, your web traffic, more customers and rankings from searches start to increase.

SEO or formerly known as Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of implementing work to ensure a website can be found on a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) when potential customers try and find you using keywords that are related.

The end result of ranking highly on search engines is increased visibility in the form of visitors to your website. 

The average costs of an SEO programme can vary depending on how quickly you're looking to achieve results. Cheap SEO starts from £50 per month, medium level SEO is around £500 - £1,500 and top tier SEO which is bespoke is priced at £5,000+ per project. We prefer to price our services based on a Free SEO Analysis and specifically determine the level of activities that we need to do for your website (onsite, HTML, heading tags, title tags and content improvements). Pricing on a bespoke basis has been proven to be the best approach to businesses looking to engage with an SEO programme.

Many agencies have their own way to deploy their SEO services. We adopt the KISS principle in ensuring the end result (conversions and sales) are maximised. However our programmes go:

  1. Free Website Analysis
  2. Competitor Visibility Analysis
  3. On-Page Optimisation (HTML)
  4. Technical Improvements (Heading Tags)
  5. Additional Landing Pages
  6. Content Optimisation (TF-IDF Analysis)
  7. Image Alt Tag Optimisation
  8. Link Equity and Backlink Creation
  9. Improvements in Conversions and CTR
  10. Increased Visibility Online


Hiring a in results quickly compared to traditional types of marketing efforts. 


Truth About SEO Agencies in UK

It can be a real challenge to find a transparent and trustworthy SEO & Digital Marketing services agency in the UK, as many simply highlight and boast of their incredible results that seem too good to be true. Most of the time, this is unfortunately the real truth. The industry is regrettably saturated with such claims, guarantees, promises and targets which are simply unobtainable and are there to convince you of simply signing up to a long term contract.

It's important to note that no one can guarantee a top ranking on any search engine - not even Google themselves, given the complexities of different teams operating at Google Search. There have been instances where even they have, temporarily, penalised their own sub-domain for excessive inbound links within a short span of time upon the launch of Google Chrome (web browser).

Whilst we cannot promise you page 1 rankings through our bespoke service, we can show you the many achievements and results that we have obtained for our clients over the years. Some of these results have been achieved in less than three weeks' worth of work, helping to reduce the cost of sales whilst simultaneously increasing website visitor statistics. Others have required more of a long term SEO strategy but we will always be transparent about what we would expect to say in your industry.

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Speak to an SEO Consultant for a free 30 minute discussion on how we can help you rank highly on Google.

Speak to a member of our team at a time suited to you.