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Search Engine Optimisation is a complex and constantly changing arena. It is one of the most effective (in ROI) marketing techniques used in the digital age in improving bottom line figures. An SEO (Search Engine Optimiser) helps improve a websites visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for a given number of target keywords normally related to the products and services you offer.

Our team of experts have been operating in this field from early 2005 and since then, the scope, tactics and methodologies to improve search engine rankings of a website have drastically changed. Gone are the days where stuffing <meta keywords> saw significant increases on a websites ranking. Our SEO services include a number of key elements that form the foundations of what SEO is today. These include linking strategies, content optimisation, on-site HTML improvements and more. We continuously monitor and work to Google’s guidelines, ensuring the websites we build and optimise work to position themselves on Google’s first result page.

Our SEO service spans across a variety of industries, marketplaces and business types including, travel SEO, eCommerce SEO, small business SEO and many more. Whether your a hairdresser, plumber, builder, national blue chip company or looking to break into the international markets, our decades of experience interlinks between markets so we can help whatever the situation.

You may even be a digital marketing agency? If so, we offer a tailored and bespoke solution under our White Label SEO.

What does it cost to get to no.1 of Google?

No-one can guarantee your website reaching number 1 via Organic search, not even Google themselves due to algorithmic nature of the search engine. Understandably that’s not the answer you’d like to hear, so here’s our own examples. Local based keyword phrases and competition typically see’s good results on a budget of £350+ p/m whilst UK wide keyword phrases can range from £500+ to £4,000+. Contact Us for an accurate quotation.

Common SEO Downfalls

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing was a viable SEO tactic 10 years ago. Now-a-days it can end you up in a sticky situation with Google with the potential of receiving a manual action penalty that could de-index your website from Google. Content should be quality, written by experts and make logical sense.

Unoptimised Title / H1 Tags

Your <title> tag and <h1> tag are the most important on-site SEO elements. These two tags help define exactly what the page is talking about and is typically what Google’s robot reads first before crawling the page. If these aren’t optimised to your service / product, or you’re including multiple <titles> or <h1>’s in your source code, then your website isn’t search engine friendly.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can cause a real problem for website owners, especially if you’re already paying a large sum in SEO services and not getting anywhere on the search engine rankings. There are two main issues with duplicate content;

1) Google doesn’t like it. Depending on the severity, it could lead to a manual action penalty.

2) Most web owners forget to spot it. Filters / categories are the worst offenders, potentially offering up 1,000’s of duplicated content pages.

Missing Robots

Some argue that a Robots.txt file isn’t required (this file gives implicit instructions to Google on pages to ignore / crawl on a website). A Robot’s.txt file IS required and is clearly stated by Google themselves. Even if you setup no instructions within the text file, you still need to give Google the go-ahead to index a website using the /allow command.

URL Structure

If you notice on your URL’s that they include ?’s or ! or even a random set of numbers for a product, service or any other type of page on a website, then your URL’s are SEO unfriendly. A hierarchical structure and a clean path to a product within a URL is one of Google’s algorithmic factors. This doesn’t apply to websites that are as strong (PageRank wise) as the likes of Amazon, because they are super authoritative in Google’s search algorithm.

More links the better

A common misconception with SEO is the belief by many so called experts is the more links your website has pointing to it, the better you’ll perform in the search engines. Whilst links are still a major part of Google’s algorithm, it has certainly lost the a proportion of it’s weighting over the years as relevancy and content algorithms have moved in place. We expect this trend to continue as many webmasters continue to adopt black-hat techniques.

What is SEO?

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Specialist SEO Services for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Finding an SEO agency with proven results who provide a meaningful benefit to your business can be difficult task, especially when the industry is saturated with organisations promising Google Top 1 rankings and a beach, Hollywood set lifestyle.

In reality, no-one can promise position 1 rankings on any search engine. Therefore we can’t promise top 1 rankings, but check out our success page which talks about the fantastic results we have achieved for our clients. We have turned small local retailers into national competing organisations. Our SEO strategies have continously beaten larger, more well known brands in the industry (such as Amazon / Ebay / Wickes / B&Q) With improved conversion rates and an increase in visitors, we have truly given business owners the time to make their next move.

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What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation?

There are a number of benefits of being at the top of a search engine. In our own experience, our clients have grown from small local regional distributors to nationally recognised brands for obtaining 1st page rankings for only a select few keywords. This doesn’t come easy however and the path to success isn’t always as easy as you may think due to the time frame it now takes to obtain results from organic means.

  • Find New Customers
  • Explore New Markets
  • Achieve Better Conversion Rates
  • Bypass Competition
  • Open Business 24*7
  • Increase Traffic
  • Higher ROI (Return on Investment)
  • 94% Ignore Page 2 of Google
  • Multiply Sales

Travel SEO

Offering online SEO Services, Content Auditing, HTML Improvements for the Travel & Holiday Industries.

Small Business SEO

SEO Services and Packages for small businesses. Perfect for sole traders, parternships, limited companies and start-ups.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO services and consultations for improving online product sales, reducing bounce rate and improve repeat purchase value.


Offering online SEO Services for Business 2 Business (B2B) marketplaces and industries online.

Retail SEO

Search Engine Optimisation services and consultation for online shops. Perfect for all types of products.

SEO for All Industries

SEO Moves, unlike a generic agency, partners with their clients whilst regularly investing our time and resources to ensure the success of each and every individual campaign. We embrace Google’s changes, and continually to work within their guidelines to deliver the best results.

By following these guidelines we have become renowned for search engine optimisation services throughout a variety of different industries and marketplaces. From healthcare training programs to oak doors, the fundamental and core aspects of search engine optimisation differs only marginally across each industry and by partnering with our clients we form a formidable team to work along your customer behaviours and expectations, delivering their requirements.

Each service differs slightly, but the core goals remain. Deliver more quality visitors, leads and sales to (and through) the website. To achieve this, content optimisation, HTML improvements and link building are all necessary to improve rankings thus leading to more of the above. Without these core fundamental aspects, and about 200 other algorithmic tactics we employ, achieving high Google rankings would be extremely difficult.

If your industry or marketplace isn’t listed that doesn’t mean we don’t cover it! It would be near impossible to list every type of SEO marketplace and industry and we’d end up with a pretty hefty and long page! Contact Us today for a free consultation with an SEO Expert.

  • We use dedicated resources
  • Our Team Achieves No1 Rankings
  • We are a ‘One-Stop-Shop’
SEO for all Business Types

Photography SEO

SEO Service designed and optimised solely for photographers on a local and national scale.

Estate Agent SEO

Compete with larger competitors in this competitive field whilst selling houses quickly and efficiently.

Accountancy SEO

Boost your online presence in a competitive and challenging industry. Become known locally and nationwide.

Restaurant SEO

List your restaurant on Google Maps and become known for high quality, 10 star food in your local area.

Why Organic SEO?

If carried out in an effective manner, search engine optimisation can significantly increase the traffic to your website and grow your business by way of high search engine rankings or alternative techniques that bring on good returns (ROI). SEO Moves will analyse a website, liaise with clients to understand the history (if any) and put forward a plan of action on how we can best optimise your website. This may use a number of methods such as link building, content marketing, social media or pay per click. Normally this takes a few weeks for us to fully understand your business and marketplace. But by doing this, we automatically put ourselves light years ahead of our field as we fully immerse ourselves into your industry.

The SEO Moves search engines optimisers team has over 11+ years combined experience and have been working in this marketplace since Google’s algorithm began, meaning we have a direct understanding of how the system has developed over time and where we believe Google will continue to take their plans in the future. This is crucial to ensure that your website and business stays ahead of the game and continues to follow Google’s guidelines outlined in their webmasters section.

As a result, we have seen our clients start off small, but ending up as national leaders in their sectors solely down to their visibility on Google and by the work that SEO Moves have carried out for them over the years. Our business grows once your business, so really, we adopt a strategic and long term partnership with our clientele. Our UK SEO Packages are a great way to boost your websites ranking from the off.

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Finer SEO Details

On-site optimisation is the process of making your website appeal to both search engines and visitors. SEO Moves reviews, improves and implements positively impactful changes to enhance both the public face of your website and the coding / technical set-up which search engines can crawl.

Google’s search engine will evaluate a website differently to that of a human visitor. For example, Google’s bot can’t evaluate how nicely your website is designed or the true value of your product of service. See our Web Development Leicester page for more information.

By carrying out various on-site optimisation techniques such as;

  • Adding keywords to URLs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions
  • Ensuring each page has unique and descriptive content
  • Improving content to better content on competing websites
  • Remove or merge duplicate pages
  • And many more

You begin to enhance your website and allow it to communicate more effectively with a search engine crawler bot. However, there are cases of over-optimisation which can lead to an algorithmic penalty. If you think you may be under penalty, have an SEO Moves consultant contact you.

Opposite to on-site optimisation, off-site optimisation is the process of promoting and enhancing your website across the web by building link popularity, social mentions and current referring content. The purpose to do this is to build brand awareness and votes which help in improving rankings in search engines whilst attracting visitors from other sources.

It’s a long slog and results won’t appear overnight. Typically it can take up to 6 or more months to see substantial improvement in rankings due to Google’s sandbox period.

Typically off-site optimisation will include many of the following elements;

  • Content Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Outreach – Forums / Blogs
  • Directories
  • Video Marketing

Many websites typically don’t have the link popularity to be appropriately ranked on Google. With our off-site optimisation services we have helped businesses rank in the competitive holiday, photography and furniture markets. Coupled with our expert Leicester social media team our service is industry leading.

These elements of a website are generally overlooked via many agencies with the belief of not being important. With over 7 years of continued research, we have proven countless number of times that meta tags (excluding meta keywords), HTML improvements and structure have played a significant part in a websites ranking.

Google is aiming to deliver fresh, relevant and appropriate websites. If Google’s crawler bot identifies non W3C validated code or identifies no presence of a CSS then it will typically apply a watermark and/or de-rank a website.

If you believe your website isn’t performing to how you’d like it to, then contact an SEO Moves consultant to identify areas for improvement.

Local search engine optimisation is part of the service that clients will receive once they’re on board with the SEO Moves team. Many businesses originally target national level keywords or super-generic phrases like ‘cheap tyres’ or ‘kitchenware’. Phrases like these take a long time to see your website ranking on the first page, especially when there’s website such as John Lewis, Argos, Boots and other major retails with a link popularity 3 times the size of yours. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done and we have a number of clients regularly beating these types of competitors.

In light of that, targeting locally can be a good start for many small to medium sized organisations. You’re generally better known in the local area and this can work well for local search phrases. Do you come up on Google maps or Google search results when you type in ‘#town #service/product’?

If not, then it’s time to get in touch. Use one of the links below to find our about SEO Services in your local area (we do offer nationwide SEO):

SEO Corby
Kettering SEO
SEO Coventry
SEO Worcester
SEO Company Kidderminster
SEO Agency London
SEO Bedford
Peterborough SEO

Every SEO campaign must start off with effective and reliably sourced keyword research. Targeting the wrong keywords can be extremely costly, especially if there has been little improvement in sales and visitors.

For example; If you’re a product designer do you target the phrase ‘product design’? – Well actually, you don’t. Period. The language and search behaviour of potential visitors online is very much different to that of what you would expect in the day-to-day world. Product design the keyword is mostly searched by college students who are looking to explore higher education opportunities. If an organisation targeted this phrase then you won’t be exposing your website to the right audience and even though you would expect website visitor’s statistics to increase, so would your bounce rate. In this instance the more suitable keyword to target would be ‘product design consultants’ or ‘product design company’.

Allow us to carry out effective keyword research and begin your SEO journey today with SEO Moves.

One of our ways of improving your websites ranking is to write, update and liaise with our clients on the works that have been completed and planned for the month ahead via our continued development reports. These reports which are sub-categorised into a number of sections include the SEO related works required to be completed on your website. We actively teach our clients the fundamentals on SEO, so when the time comes to adding a new service or product the implementation meets ours and Google search engine standards.

This also helps keep our clients actively engaged with their website, something which many small business owners fail to take a true grasp of either because it hasn’t delivered them any results or they’ve given up on the idea.

If you find yourself in this situation then you should re-invigorate your approach to web marketing with SEO Moves, who will be able to deliver sustainable and continuous results.

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

What is SEO?

To be put simply, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s (Google) algorithm. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the rank a website is on Google (Page 1) the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

The SEO Moves search engine optimiser team partners with small to medium sized organisations to help improve their websites ranking on Google.

How long does it take to get to number 1 on Google?

Unfortunately, it truly depends on about 40+ current ranking factors. These includes the likes of;

  • How competitive is your marketplace?
  • How well established your website is on Google?
  • What is the current state of affair of your website?
  • What’s the history of your website? (Past Penalty?)
  • How well is your on-site optimisation?

And many more. Typically it takes a number of months to see substantial increases in both sales and visitors. Organic search engine optimisation is a lengthy process, so be prepared to be in it for the long run. Fortunately, the benefits outweigh the investment and we have seen businesses quadruple in size and become market leaders, purely on ranking number 1 on one keyword alone.

On the other hand, appropriate on-site optimisation can significantly improve your website ranking and it incorporates both our Leicester Web Development and Web Design services.

Should I start with Pay Per Click Advertising?

Each industry is different, but typically on average in the UK, advertisers spend between £750 – £1500 p/m on Google AdWords. You want to gain enough data to be able to tweak your adverts and landing pages to lower cost per click (CPC) and increase quality score.

Google AdWords can bring out results immediately. There’s not right or wrong answer, but a full assessment of your marketplace, level of authority on Google (organic search) and budget would need to be carried out before making an answer. Our team of Leicester PPC Service experts can help you reduce cost per sale whilst increasing conversions.

If their’s grass on the field, play ball.

Why is my competitor ranking above me in Google Search?

There are over 200 ranking factors that Google looks at. Their algorithm takes these factors into account and decides where to rank your website. The system is continuously updated each day and Google tends to keep webmasters on their toes in aid of delivering

Search Engine Optimisers like SEO Moves understand the way that algorithm’s work and can begin working to ensure that your website has the best possible chance in ranking above your competitors.

Can you rank me for this keyword?

We can. However, it is important to note that ranking for a particular keyword is not something that occurs in a blink of an eye, but instead, a prolonged and concentrated effort to aid in increasing rankings in search engines.

SEO Moves adopts a scientific approach to the algorithm and by doing so, we are able to monitor results of key individual website alterations. Due to daily Google algorithm updates, it’s our job to continually adapt and cater for your visitors whilst growing your rankings in the search engine alongside Google’s guidelines.

Is on-site optimisation worth it?

Typically, detailed analysis and recommended on-site optimisation processes and missed out by many search engine optimisers. The belief that little ranking change will result by altering heading tags <heading>, checking keyword densities or implementing schema is a common occurrence.

To put things into perspective; would you consider the foundations a crucial element to ensure a house stands up? The same applies to a website. If a search engine crawler bot can’t effectively scan and read your website’s content in an effective manner, then you’re losing out on further increased ranking opportunity.

Get in Contact with an SEO Moves Consultant

Have your website on the first page of Google with our team of SEO Optimisers

  • Very pleased with the work produced. Over 70% of new enquiries originate from Organic visitor channels. We look forward to continuing to see a prosperous future and improvement in rankings.

    Last Updated on

    Digital Marketing Client
    Sam Dudley
    Director: Eden Tree Specialists
  • Really pleased with the work so far. Even though we’re at the beginning of our campaign, the work, extra effort and dedication Jason and his team have gone to ensure we’re on the right track is phenomenal. Very impressed.

    Last Updated on

    Digital Marketing Client
    Mark Pelowe
    Director: Mark Pelowe
  • We employed SEO Moves Ltd approximately 6 months ago and have seen very positive improvements on searching our company on Google. They have always been quick to respond to any queries and continue to improve our on-line presence. We have recently renewed their commission and will continue to use. Would highly recommend.

    Last Updated on

    Digital Marketing Client
    Peter Munns
    Director: Consult Construct
  • Chuffed with the excellent SEO services that have been provided along with the advice and work which has led to a significant improvement in sales. We noticed this positive change only 6 weeks into the campaign.

    Last Updated on

    Digital Marketing Client
    Richard Sneath
    Marketing Manager: UK Oak Doors
  • Currently working on a new large scale website project for Slim Thinkers Ltd and have enjoy the company. So far, the project is on schedule and the expertise really shines through on both development / programming and on-site optimisation.

    Last Updated on

    Paul Knight
    Director of Slim Thinkers
  • Absolutely spot on, forget anyone else for Google Rankings – If you value your business and want quality link building with un-rivalled reporting these are the guys to use!

    Last Updated on

    Shaun Preece
    Director - Watches of Wales
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