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Extensive Reporting

And Web Analysis

Our initial SEO analysis is insightful, easy to understand, and more than a fluffy overview. We use an armada of cutting edge industry tools, plus years of experience, to dig deep.

Market Competition

and Competitive Analysis

Each market is unique. Consideration of your vertical, and awareness of your competition's SEO efforts is imperative.

Website architecture

Web Structure Analysis

Beyond the basics, we evaluate the entire site structure and find oft overlooked issues affecting indexing and search engine ranking.

Keyword Development

In Depth Keyword Research

Step one in any project: The right keyword list means more conversions. We spend time on keyword research to determine keywords that will increase sales at a lower cost, evaluating and fine tuning our clients keyword lists over time.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing in the modern age

We keep our clients connected to their clients, and know the ins and outs of marketing tools that are often neglected: video, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, press releases, Digg, and so on.

International SEO

Think Globally.

Expand into untapped markets by marketing to users in their native language, and ranking on search engines other than Google.

SEO Consulting

and Business Expertise

By limiting the number of clients we handle, you are assured to work closely with us. As long time ecommerce veterans, we share general and specific business experience continuously. You work with the principals of the company, not a random 'account manager'.

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Pay Per Click Management Software

About SEO Moves

We are a full service, comprehensive SEO company

We love internet marketing. Picture us just as excited as you watching your results climb. Picture our SEO experts � not working from an entry level SEO checklist � but manually delving into your website and developing a comprehensive plan to increase search rankings, increase traffic. Most of our clients have done all of the search engine optimization they know to do. Some know what to do, but never have the time at the end of the day to tackle their own SEO. Many have hired an SEO company with mixed results, conflicting advice, lukewarm improvements. Many clients know enough about search engine marketing to be dangerous, but understand that they need experts working with them to handle their SEO so they can focus on how to handle the increased business. Our approach is very personalized, tackling your site as a whole, as a unique entity; there is no cookie cutter SEO plan. Effective search engine optimization means creating the perfect storm: putting all of your puzzle pieces together to achieve the desired results. Search engine marketing is complicated and time consuming, but getting higher search engine rankings is undeniably important. And SEO is ever changing. Our team stays current with the latest techniques, even developing our own techniques, by continuing education, attending conferences, constant reading in forums and blogs � we can't help it, we love internet marketing.

SEO Moves Behind The Scenes

seo moves focus OUR FOCUS
Personalized SEO Plan

A top notch SEO company does not use a cookie cutter checklist. Not every business has the same needs. Each site is in a different stage of development. Not every client will need every service. Our plan is geared to YOU.

Comprehensive Approach

We look at your big picture and find things that others overlook. We look at the components of your site from an SEO persective, strengths and weakness, and make it work as whole.

Focus On Increasing Traffic

Let's delve deeper into finding you the traffic that will bring you the most profit. Let's build the most readily achievable traffic first, and then focus on pushing further.

Expert Link Building

Everyone wants more incoming links, few have the time to manage it well. We can get them for you and help you build a site worth linking to.

Real Life SEO Experience

We've been involved in ecommerce and internet marketing since 1998 with our own companies. We've been in the trenches just like you.

Adapting to a Changing Market

Search engine marketing is morphing. What was effective one year ago is less effective today. Stay one step ahead with SEO Moves.

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